7 Steps To Manifestation – As Per Bashar

7 steps to manifestation

Our thoughts are things and they can create what we want in life. It is working 100% of the time reflecting what you focus on. Reflecting what you set your intention on, reflecting your strongest belief.

Here are the 7 steps that Bashar is describing in the video below on how to become a master at co-creating your reality. How to manifest what you want. Many are finding that it works when it is done correctly. It is always working, but these steps explain how to make it work it the way you want.

Your reality does not support you, you support your reality. That is a profound difference ~Bashar

  1. Vision (image, picture)
  2. Desire (strong energy & emotion)
  3. Belief (knowing it is possible for you)
  4. Acceptance (totally accept yourself & your new belief as TRUE)
  5. Intention (intend to manifest it – with your focus)
  6. Action (act like you are already in the state of having it – behave as it is present) – grounds it
  7. Detach from the outcome. Unconditionally, let it go. This is the polarity. No expectation that it has to happen at all. This is the balanced state for it to manifest with ease. On some level, it has already happened.

Tip: Ask for the ‘thing’ not the process of how to get the thing.

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