How to Respond to Global Tragedy

Matt Khan speaks on how to respond to global tragedy.


Humans are Frugivores – We’re Designed To Eat Mostly Fruit

Guest Writer: Joe Dubs of joedubs.com Humans are designed to eat mostly fruit. We’re frugivores, just like monkeys and chimps. We have the same physiology, the same stomach acidity, the same tooth structure, the same sweat […]

Roxanne Swainhart

Mirror Mirror

Roxanne Swainhart channels Sylvester and Ocyphius as they give a Master Class in Living In the Now, that even Oprah Winfrey and Master Ekhart Tolle would be proud of. Roxanne’s website is Oddesy of Ascension. You […]

Danielle Egnew

2016 Presidential Race Commentary.

Psychic Danielle Egnew makes a point of fact prediction about the 2016 Presidential Elections in the United States. And we here at CreationIsLove could not agree and support her words any more than we do. A […]

Adrienne Goff

Four Crystals to Help with Ascension Symptoms

By Adrienne Goff Have you been feeling out of sorts lately? Ascension symptoms are on the rise again as a result of increasingly intense energies. The good news is that we are integrating these higher frequencies […]