Bruce Jenner from the 70's

The Ascension is Really a Descension of Spirit

And so we see in the Age if Aquarius, that the ascension in consciousness continues for humanity. Part of ascension means that more and more is being revealed to us so we can process and incorporate […]

Heliocentric orbit of the planets

The Planetary Orbit Of Our Solar System Is A Heliocentrical Vortex!

Humans are taught via ancient text book and information, that the planets circle the sun in an elliptical orbit, as depicted above. This is incorrect. It makes no clear statements on the fact that the Sun […]

The Whitehouse Knows about extraterrestrials

The White House Knows About Extraterrestrials

Obama’s advisor Podesta’s “biggest regret” was keeping the UFO issue secret.  Dr. Steven Greer is now confirming for the very first time that it was John Podesta to whom he provided the extensive briefing on UFOs […]


Planetary Predictions for 2015, 2016 And Beyond

In December of 2014 Bashar, the Extraterrestrial being channeled by Darryl Anka made some profound predictions. They emphasized great changes ahead for humanity and our planet Earth starting in 2015 to 2016 and beyond. It first […]

The Unified Federation of Earth Logo - a clean blue illustration of Earth surrounded by the circular words Unified federation of Earth

The Unification Of Earth Under One Government

This is an idea that is coming. It is predicted by the Angels and many 5th dimensional and higher beings like Bashar and Adronis that the Earth will be asked to join what is called “The […]

Prime Radiant, has consciousness, indivisible element, is existence itself
The Prime Radiant
The Prime Radiant is a phrase that explains creation. It explains the nature of what we humans call God. How life, creat ...
Robyn O'Brien
TED TALK – GMO Foods Overview
I just discovered this video. I can not believe I had never seen it. She gave this talk 3 years ago. This should be requ ...
Philippe Petit performs High-Wire walk between the Twin Towers in 1974
Non VIolent Movie #2: Man On Wire
Non-Violent Movie #2 What a marvelously exciting time in our lives. A time of the unknown, but you can just feel greatne ...