Would You Kill If You Had To? Here Is Why I would Not.

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image says its 3Am, someone breaks down your door, would you grab your gun or your phone?

So I am on facebook and I see the above image and the question it asks.  There are many comments along the line of “oh I would grab my gun and defend myself etc.

I chose to reply:

If you envision a negative future, you are asking for it. However, that being said, I would never shoot or harm another human, so another human will never harm me. Its the 4th law of creation, what you put out is what you get back. Blessings.


Someone asks me a very good question:

But what if u put out something in a past life and its now coming back? Plus life can always challenge you in unexpected ways. Norman Bird
Gandhi, MLK, Jesus all put out pretty good vibes, yet all were physically harmed. I agree with the 4th law…however one can never be sure what might happen in duality.


I replied to this:

I understand what you are saying. However, I feel you are missing my point. I like Gandhi and MLK are NOT afraid of being harmed. We trust and accept what is. All suffering comes from not accepting what is happening. So if I am harmed, I am prepared to accept this. Why? I am not my body. I am eternal. And my turning the other cheek, as master Yeshua has recommended, I have no chance of gaining any Karma. So I am Karma less. Karma is a choice. It is most wise to turn the other cheek I assure you. Yeshua did not say that for no reason. It is profound. Let others do as they choose, but I am love, and love causes no harm. I am more than at peace with turning the other cheek. I have mastered this idea, through wisdom, and wisdom is when my choices bring me joy. This will not make sense if one fears death. I have mastered that fear. Blessings.

To further elaborate on my idea, the commentor mentioned duality. It is my feeling that I am no longer in duality with this idea. Because duality is the idea of separation and polarity. Polarity means opposites are in play and you have a choice. Humanity is said to have free choice because it can choose from the polarities available. Faced with an experience, someone in duality can choose to apply a negative label to the experience and react in fear,OR, they can do what I would do and remain calm and choose love, which is never harmful. That is what is available in duality and choice. But when one decides to have no choice BUT love, one is said to be outside of duality and polarity. Here we have no choice. We have to choose the positive. We have to choose love. Yeshua(Jesus) HAD to choose to turn the other cheek. He was now outside of duality. He knows that love is unconditional. There are no conditions to love.

So the circumstance where someone breaks into your home does not change anything. Love is still love. It is still unconditional.

Someone in duality/polarity has a choice to make. But those in oneness with love, have no choice. There is only one choice. This is of course a paradox because one has to choose to have no choice. :-)

So I have decided to always choose love. Same as Gandhi, Yeshua and Martin Luther King.

If you find your self fearing death, consider reading the book “Home with Home With God by Neale Donald Walsh or the book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. The first thing one learns when one dies, is that life continues. Then you are given a choice of going back. If you chose to return, you are then reinserted into a parallel reality that is exactly the same, except you miraculously survive in this new reality, and your life continues.  These books have changed my life and removed any fear of death. Yeshua said “have the faith that is in a mustard seed”.

It is all very beautiful.


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