What Mr. Robot Is Reflecting To Humanity

What Mr. Robot Is Reflecting To Humanity

Greetings dear ones,

I have long realized or became more aware of the fact that Physical Reality is an illusion.  A mere reflection of what we are putting out and what the Collective Mass Consciousness of all humans is putting out.  Our vibrational frequencies.  And just like when we look into the mirror and see our reflection, humanity also sees our collective mass consciousness vibrational energy being reflected back.  In many ways.  More than most of us may be aware of.   

Like in the “Breaking News” stories and the headlines news the world sees.  

At the higher levels of power and control there is a “Civil War” going on right now and we see that being reflected in the title of one of the biggest movies in a long time; Marvel’s Avengers Movie.  Were you aware of that reflection?   The word’s civil war was also in the October 12th headline on CNN.com as they tried to describe what is going on with Senate majority leader Paul Ryan and Donald Trump.  

Movies are used a lot to reflect things to humanity.  One of the biggest ones, and one of the first movies that I became aware of that was reflecting or illuminating truths about our society was the movie “The Matrix.”  That movie, if you were paying attention, showed us how much of humanity was asleep.  Unconscious to how our reality truly is.  How it is on one level a democracy and all is well and lawful. Yet also on another level, we were “enslaved”.  That our government was really just pretending to work for us.  Also, that our society was an “illusion.” Which it is, on an even higher level of understanding.  Yeah, The Matrix movie was a huge reflection of, and to, the collective mass consciousness.  

I could reference more and more movies, and what they were reflecting to us, and maybe I will in another piece I can write later; but for now just know that what Bashar said is true: “All of your fiction are true in some way.

This piece however is about the reflection I just realized (real eyes) that is being shown to us, via the hit TV show Mr. Robot. Yes, there are the obvious things like the whole “Bankers and corporations are greedy” ideas being reflected.  That we need to stand up and fight them etc.  But what came to my attention just now, along with an irresistible urge to sit and write about it, was the dual personality aspect of Mr.  Robot.  How the main character is both a normal young man and at the same time was also this super, larger than life character who has these uncanny, ideas, abilities and genius way of looking at the world.  

Mr.  Robot is here on a mission.  Mr.  Robot is here, unapologetically,  to change the world.  Mr Robot is certain, capable, powerful, and strong.  Mr. Robot is charismatic and confident.  Mr. Robot is here to do only 3 things:

  1. Kick ass
  2. Change the world
  3. And chew bubble gum

And the thing is. . . he is all out of bubble gum.   :-)

Since all our fiction is real in some way.  And this is especially true for our most popular shows that have a wide viewing, then we were surely meant to see Mr.  Robot.  There is a deep reflection here for humanity.  Again, yes the obvious ideas of how bankers and corporation have rooted financial corruption in our democratic society.  We all know this, even though it is more obvious to some than others, but most of us are already aware of this vibrational aspect of our society.  But what I was just able to see is the higher reflection that is showing us that we are all starting  to have a Mr.  Robot of our very own.  

Mr.  Robot is a reflection of the fact that we all have a Higher Self.  A version of us that is a bad ass like Mr.  Robot.  And we are all, slowly but surely, incorporating that higher perspective of ourselves.  Our consciousness is merging more and more with that higher version of our self.  

This is what The Ascension of consciousness is all about.  The Ascension of consciousness is actually a descension of consciousness, down into our bodies.  We are not going to heaven, we are growing to it.  This is how it works.  

This is what is responsible for all the changes we have seen in the world.  It is the catalyst behind all the “madness” we have seen in this bizarre, bombastic, and beautiful year of 2016. Think about it for a minute; it is not the world that is changing, it is us.  Remember outside is just an illusion.  There is just inside and a reflection of what is inside. As we have become more loving, the mirror HAS to change to reflect what we are putting out.  Do you see?   So all this tremendous change we have seen in 2016 actually occurred in US first.  How cool is that?   Just look at how much you and I, we, have changed in just one year.  

And now we know that this change has come from our higher selves.  The version of us that is more loving, more conscious, more aware.  We are no longer allowing things that insult our soul.  We are now creating less unconsciously, and are now creating more in full awareness of what we are doing.  This is huge.  We are no longer fooled by lies of crooked politicians because our eyes are now wide open to them.  And we will continue to see these changes because our vibration will continue to rise, and our eyes will continue to open even more.  And as we see something that is out of alignment, we will change it.  

The main impetus for this descension of higher consciousness into our bodies came from our central Sun Alcyone, which is located in the Pleiades constellation.  Our Sun, Sol, orbits Alcyone and receives instruction from it.  Sol then sends these new vibratory instructions to us on a regular basis via what we refer to as geometric storms or coronal mass ejections (CME’s). I have noticed that 1-2 days after any major CME from Sol, that we have some Breaking News headlines for us all to see.  This of course is just physical reality, the mirror, reflecting back to us our new vibratory alignment. This is just physics.  This is how the nature of our reality works.  What we put out, we get back.  

We won’t go into how humanity is going from 3rd density consciousness to the higher 4th density consciousness, just know that it is because of the influx of these higher vibratory frequencies from our sun that each of us is now able to “hold” more of our higher selves.  We are become more like Mr.  Robot.  

One final thing I have noticed about becoming more like Mr.  Robot;  like Mr.  Robot, one day, one moment I may be my normal alter ego version of myself, but in the next moment, I can be this higher conscious variation of myself.  And this new version is much smarter, more confident, more loving and wise.  It is something that is coming and going, like Mr.  Robot.  One day I will chose to do something as I have always done it and out of the blue I will have a totally new perspective on the idea that is much better than the old perspective.  So I have just noticed that I have my own Mr.  Robot.  And he is a bad ass.  I have grown to love and appreciate this higher aspect of myself more and more, especially as I have seen that it simply just makes everything better.  My Mr.  Robot is of course my higher self.  

So my intention here is to share with everyone that the show Mr.  Robot, among other things, is also reflecting to humanity that we may be noticing changes in ourselves.  That we may exhibit split personality tendencies here and there, but it is OK.  Nothing to worry about.  It is just our higher selves changing us a bit.  Making things a lot better.  Making us more aware, more certain, more capable, more loving, more compassionate, more engaged and yes more of a bad ass.  And that more than anything else we only want to do 3 things:

  1. Kick ass
  2. Change the world
  3. And chew bubble gum

And I for one am completely out of bubble gum.  :-)


Norman Bird is a writer on things Metaphysics, Spirituality, and the Nature of Reality.  You are welcomed to share this info on any website as long as you do not change a word and you give credit to the author and provide a link to his website normanbird.com. Otherwise you must obtain written permission. 

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