What Causes a Perfect Ecosystem?

David Latimer 1960

A garden in a bottle is a self sufficient, self replenishing and perfect ecosystem.

Here is proof. In 1960 David Latimer planted a garden in a bottle and sealed it up. This is now perhaps the smallest and oldest ecosystems in the world. The now 80-year-old David Latimer, from Cranleigh, Surrey wanted to conduct an experiment to see just how long this self contained ecosystem would survive.

To his and everyone’s amazement, the little world still thrives with recycled air, nutrients and water. The only thing this bottled garden is supplied with externally is light;   without which the plants would not have the energy to produce their own food and grow. Besides the sunlight, it is a completely self-sufficient ecosystem where the plant and the bacteria of the soil work together in perfect harmony.

It makes you think of our Earth and how we are a self contained ecosystem, where the air, waters, bacteria, animal life and plants work together to recycle and replenish. I wonder is the oceans and its great depths with all its life forms and heat from the earths core and its currents also play a huge unknown role in recycling all the waste that is dumped into it, yet it still maintains life for its many inhabitants.

And it makes you think…who put us in our bottle? Is it also a loving experiment? The law of cause and effect said that someone had to cause the glass garden experiment to happen. What caused OUR self contained perfect ecosystem to exist; placing also the needed sunlight? :-)

Is creation love?

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  1. simon troy February 14, 2014 at 00:55 · Reply

    is it TRUE!?

    • Norman February 14, 2014 at 10:15 · Reply

      The truth is relative. Anything you believe to be true is true for you. I believe it to be true for me. :o)

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