Web 2.0

This has a over 8 million hits on youtube. The myans said creation will speed up and time will come to an end on 12/21/2012.

We certainly are doing more in less time. Some say, like Bashar, that we are “creating less time”. That is a very profound statement.  But whatever is happening, we can all agree something is happening. If you want to know something now, just google it. If you want to learn something, just youtube it.

Creation is giving us the tools to do whatever we want. So what are you wanting to do and what is stopping you?  Just do it.

Don’t believe you can do it yet, need more tools? Not enough time? Well just wait, they are coming. Time is going away.  Everything you will need to make your heaven on Earth is on it’s way.   Just be prepared to do something with it.


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