We Have Six Senses Not Five

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When we wake in the mornings, the veil is very thin and we receive much information from our spirit guides. Especially if we are paying attention and expecting this inspiration. Sit on your bed and just breathe and watch the thoughts that come into your head. Speculate on any dreams you had while sleeping that you remember. You will be surprised at what you will know. You will just start to know something. I did that today and this is what came to me.

I put a few things together into one knowing. I remembered (re…membered, or put back together as whole) the fact that yesterday I saw a tweet by @_nealeDWalsch, who is Neale Donald Walsh, the author of the Conversation With God book series, which greatly assisted in my awakening, and it said something like ” You have 6 senses not 5. The 6th sense is knowing”. and I kinda got that. I saw what he was saying. But this morning as I was seeing what would come through the veil, I then started to “know” or recall that there was a rather famous movie called “The 6th Sense”, which the universe wanted all of us to see, and most of us did.

I had a knowing that the movie was really about this 6th sense that ALL of us have. In the movie the underlying idea was that some people were dead and they did not KNOW they were dead, but the boy he KNEW. His 6th sense was his KNOWING. I had never looked at the movie from that perspective until this knowing, I was having.

I also had a knowing that the movie was part of how creation shows us things we need to know all the time because that movie said over 15 years ago, what Neale was tweeting yesterday, that we ALL have 6 senses and not 5 as is proported by our 3rd dimensional scientist. They repeat it and drill this into our brain in our public schooling and we just accept that as the law. But what if the true nature of reality is that we all have a 6th sense which is ‘knowing”. That we can just know stuff. Imagine how profound that is. Imagine when we all start believing in this as the fact that it is. Think of how our day to day lives would change when everyone can just tap into knowing what they need to know when they need to know it.

We all know, (no pun intended) that this is how it is in the spirit world, that angels, and even higher dimensional Extra Terrestrials like the Pleiadians, Sirians and Lirians, are telepathic and therefore just know things. We also know that WE as humans are undergoing an ascension process and that eventually our psychic abilities also will be more pronounced. See how much we know?

I have been finding this to be true more and more that I just tend to know things. One day, about 3 years ago I wrote an article about how human thought can control the weather and how storms are meant to remain out at see, as they are an accumulation of all our negative thoughts and emotions. I wrote that the MAIN reason they come into to land and cause the negativity that they are, is because of how the media via the weather channels are showing these storms to us and they are forecasting the path of the storms into land. We via our thoughts then literally draw the storms into land via our mass collective fear and beliefs. If we simple just ignore them and know they would just stay out at sea, they would. But when we do different, well, you see what has been happening. And you will notice there is a direct proportion to the increase in land based storms, to the rise in the collective media projecting the fearful images to en mass.

Now I had not read that from anywhere, I just had a “knowing”. And this knowing was strong enough for me to go ahead and write this as fact. Later, I read and got confirmation of this from reading one of the Conversation with God books. I believe it was ‘Communion with God”.

This is just one example, but this has happened to me many times, and I find that it is happening more and more. We are remembering a 6th sense or ability that we have always had. We just forgot that we had it. And those that knew we had it, have not been sharing that knowledge with the masses, but have kept that information to themselves. But now in the age of Aquarius, all secrets are coming back to light.

The 6th sense, clairvoyance, clear seeing, psychic abilities, knowing; these are the many ways of saying the same things dear ones.

So know that you have six senses not five. Isn’t that wonderful?  It’s part of our abundance and unconditionally loved package that the creator has endowed all beings with. Take a minute to get in touch with it. Practice it. Know it. The third law of creation stipulates that, “you get more of what you put your attention on”. I suggest upon waking just see what you know. Allow things to come to you. Play with ideas your guides will send you. Look for them, know that they are coming, and they will. Enjoy your new powers, which you had all along. You are great. You are magnificent. You are loved.

Artwork is called inspiration and by a lovely artist who can be found here.

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