We Are SPIRITS having A Human Experience! And Spirits Have No Gender.

Pictures of a girl as she transforms herself into a boy

The following is MY truth, not THE truth.

I saw someone ask on Reddit, Why do Gay Men talk and act like Girls? I more or less responded:

They sound and act like girls or females , for the same reason females act like females. They are born with that nature. It is a feminine energy thing. Humans have the ability to be of feminine energy, masculine energy, or anything in between including both. Everyone kinda knows this, but what is less known is what a human is.

A human is a Spirit, a Soul, having a human experience.

Once you see this, or realize (real eyes) this. Much opens up. You can now see that a Soul is not male or female, but both. Spirits, Angels, The Creator, are all what we call androgynous, non gender, non physical. Gender is a human quality that is associated with physical reality. In the Spirit realms, there are no physical bodies like here on Earth. The physical body and our physical world is no limiting for the Spirit world, which is far more unlimited.

The creators of the human experience, the Elohim, or creator gods, created our species to exhibit certain qualities of spirit in 2 ways, masculine energy and feminine energy.
The idea was that spirit could experience itself from another perspective, of those 2 polarized energies. The Earth experience is set to highlight 2 of everything. We call this polarity. We have up down, in out, hot cold, positive negative, hard soft, bright dark and of course male and female, just to name a few. The Earth experience is also setup to be duality, which is the idea that one is separate from one’s creator.

And it has been fun. But alas, we are now remembering that WE are not simply our bodies; we are more than that. We are Spirit, we are our Soul. Think of your Soul as an individual copy of The Creator. Your Soul can and has had many many lives. Think of each life you have had as an individual Spirit, where all your knowledge flows back to your Soul. And so it can be said that a human is a triune being, that consists of a body, a mind and a spirit.

When you see someone who is say… a gay woman for example, what you have to understand is that since a soul is immortal they retain the thoughts, likes, dislikes, urges, needs, traits from their accumulative existences. This means that a gay woman is a soul whose nature is more masculine in nature and now it has chosen to incarnate in a female body.

The truth behind being gay

Now the reasons for choosing to incarnate in a female body can be many. The obvious reason is to balance its energies which may be well overdue. Some souls like to be male all the time and some prefer to be female. It is just a free choice preference that we are allowed to make. But over time, their true nature is androgynous so when it is all said and done, to actually graduate from Earth school, with honors, one tends to have to be balanced and have an equal time in each gender. So the reason for choosing a female body this life time can be simply just to balance.

With this attempt to balance itself, society sees a female body that likes other female body. They do not see a masculine energy that is naturally attracted to a being of feminine energy.  And this is the simple truth behind homosexuality. So yes, she was born that way. No one makes you gay; it is from your true nature that has been acquired from our incarnations over time. This is why people find themselves in bodies of a gender that seems to cause a bit of confusion when they apply societal norms, fears and values. In the end, when one has the full picture, we see what we find whenever we take a close look at creation, that there really is no problem, that everything is as it should be. When we accept what IS, there is no confusion. All suffering comes from resistance to our true self.

And in order to remind ourselves of this, during this great awakening, spirit has been incarnating into bodies, as the gender they are comfortable with. And so we see more and more feminine spirits in male bodies. We call this gay. Not too long ago we called it crazy. And before that we called it nasty or witchcraft and all sorts of abominations and we would destroy the idea of it. Man has a history of destroying what he did not understand, but that was because of his limited consciousness. Now as mans consciousness has expanded, he is becoming more accepting of what the Universe is presenting. Humanity is maturing. We are realizing and accepting who we truly are.

It was not too long ago that the Creator Gods sent Yeshua(Jesus) to mankind in order to demonstrate what is possible for man to obtain. That man can be loving, as that is our true nature in spirit. That man can be POWERFUL!! Man can heal itself, man can teleport, man can walk on water by controlling his density etc etc. Man is a spirit, just like its creator. After all we were made in Gods image right? But what did we do when we were faced with our true nature? We had to get rid of it. We were simply not ready.

But today, man is ready for the idea that he is more than his body. He is a spirit also, and the true nature of this spirit is not simply male and female, but both (androgynous). And that the idea of gender is simply this androgynous energy split into too, because the Earth game is about 2 of everything, so we can choose. The Earth game is about polarity, 2 of everything. Everything has an opposite, and everything is defined by its opposite. In a binary star system there is 2 of everything. In a trinary star system there are 3 of everything, believe it or now. Or so I have been told. :-)

The idea of a feminine Spirit, a spirit that prefers the female gender, incarnating in a male body has been happening for quite some time, but those beings had to hide their nature or be killed. As man was too afraid of his nature.

But now in the great awakening of the Age of Aquarius, we see more and more people who are not afraid to say “this is what I am. I was born this way”. (Lady Gaga’s song was no accident) :-). And now, we are no longer afraid, it is normal to see a “gay person.” It is now much allowed and even understood.

Now you know why “some” gay man talks and act that way. It is a Spirit that has had many lives as a feminine gender and prefers that body and it has chosen this lifetime to incarnate into a masculine body. The idea that there are soooo many beings incarnating into opposite bodies, is reflective also of how humanity is becoming closer to spirit. And that is a pre-requisite if we are to experience heaven on Earth.  And we are. :-)

This should make you curious about what else you may not know about the true nature of your reality. Books I recommend are: Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, Phd. The entire Conversation with God book series, by Neale Donald Walsch. There is even a movie called Conversation with God which is great.

21 Comments on "We Are SPIRITS having A Human Experience! And Spirits Have No Gender."

  1. Truth May 1, 2016 at 00:41 · Reply

    Wow that is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard. So you pretend can I have any idea the Creator God or in his image. You actually as though you know anything of the bible
    Foolish little liar. The bible specifically says homosexuality is disgusting to the lord. I am not perfect. My sins are just as ugly to God. I however am not going to pretend they are ok simply so I can do what I want. An lady Gaga openly worships Satan. Ask her.

    • Donnie Lott September 5, 2016 at 04:18 · Reply

      How do you know which God you serve ? Man made the bible they could put in and take out whatever they wanted. If you follow truth you will find God , Allah , Jesus, Elohem.

      • Norman September 5, 2016 at 07:18 · Reply

        I have learned , as my truth, that:

        1. Everything is not this OR that. Its this AND that. Meaning Creation is made up of paradoxes. Meaning there is more than one truth, and also there is the ultimate one truth. SO there are many gods but there is also the main idea or ultimate truth of there being one God. An area on the planet has their idea or perspective on god and viola! you have Islam. But the basis of Islam comes from the Archangel Gabriel , which brings us back to the same God of Yeshua(Jesus) Mary and Joseph. Same Gabriel. So I now follow the one God, who I call The Creator, the Prime Radiant, Source energy. It is outside om Earthly religions, or any book by man. Many of the gods spoken of in book of man are only Extra Terrestrial beings who came to earth and being more advanced than man, man treated them as gods. But they were only flesh and blood like man.

        2. The idea of serving god to me, is misguided. Comes from the simple consciousness of man, not understanding the amazing abilities of these ET’s that visited earth. So they worshiped them, or was told by some of these out of integrity beings that they should be worshiped. I do not subscribe to the idea that the Creator wants man to worship it or serve it. If you think about it, the true creator created man and is infinite in nature as it created everything, the stars and the cosmos. It knows everything because everything is made up of it. It is the air and the land and the consciousness in which we think. So why would this being NEED us to do anything. If anything it is here to serve us. It is serving us. What could we possible have that it needs? Nothing. So any idea of the creator god wanting us to “serve” it, is from some ET who is out of integrity and desires slaves. And yes there was a few of those and man served with joy. But those ET’s are long gone. The true God gave man free will. And free will means we are free to do what we desire.

        That is the view of most of modern day spirituality. Religion is when we have someone else experience of god. Spirituality is when we have our own experience of the Creator. I dont even like to use the word God because of all the false ideas that come along with it. Ideas of god needing and requiring and wanting to be worshiped. That was man wanting to control man. We see a lot of this today. We are told that god wants and needs our money. :-) that is false. But it is a good way to get free money. :-) Blessings

  2. G.A. May 26, 2016 at 08:26 · Reply

    Very well said. We can’t let the total ignorance of others (Like the other comment, block our journey to be one with our creator. Thank You for your insight. Keep at it.

    • Norman May 26, 2016 at 08:44 · Reply

      Thanks for the support and loving open mind that you hold.

  3. Antfart fantasm October 13, 2016 at 15:38 · Reply

    I’m an atheist .

    • Norman October 13, 2016 at 15:44 · Reply

      No, actually you are a very busy athiest. Cause after telling me, you now have 7.999 Billion more people to tell. :-)

  4. Erema November 17, 2016 at 04:17 · Reply

    I dont belive that, human soul has gender because our astral body has gender. and we have more than one body. Phisical body, astral and there is more and your god is not god at all
    he is hermafrodite alien only a servant to the others

  5. Lorelei April 22, 2017 at 18:00 · Reply

    You speak as is you know and have authority with very little wiggle room for facts. GOD doesn’t make mistakes! The true nature of people, places, and things are corrupted through Satan, his followers and the cabal. So you’re saying it was a mistake that a soul chooses a vehicle that will not fully support its highest purpose? That sounds like hog wash.

    It’s a known fact (look it up) that there have been shots containing agents that mess with an unborn babies sex hormones IN UTERO! THAT is how people grow up feeling they were “born that way” cuz they ARE…through MAN interfering with the NATURAL order of things.

    Why else do you think all these secret societies, and those selling the soul (for movie and record deals) involve humiliating oneself with homosexual sex acts?? Not because they stem from all-loving God consciousness.

    You’re not helping anyone by promoting this gay agenda here. You’re only confusing them with your utter bs!

    • Norman April 22, 2017 at 18:42 · Reply

      Thank you for your comment and sharing your point of view. That is all I did. There are no false truths, all beliefs are valid and I value your opinion and I love you. Thanks again.

    • Norman August 4, 2017 at 22:36 · Reply

      Thank you.

    • Norman August 19, 2017 at 09:30 · Reply

      Oh Alright. Thank you for reading and sharing your view.

  6. Gyro July 18, 2017 at 12:04 · Reply

    That’s a bit of an anthropocentric perspective saying “we are spirits having a human experience”. In general, I believe it’s logical to think that spirits aren’t just physically incarnated as humans, but also as non-human animals and plants, since those organisms have souls as well. As an individual soul, you could be reborn into either one of those groups of living organisms. You may be a human in this lifetime, but you could have been a horse or a pine tree in your pastlives.

    • Norman July 18, 2017 at 20:06 · Reply

      You are correct and I agree. In fact I do not say anything that contradicts what you are saying. I simply wrote it for humans, saying “We are Spirits…”, because, quite frankly, I do not know of any pine trees or horses that read my humble online magazine. :-)

  7. Jay November 5, 2017 at 15:12 · Reply

    THANK YOU for inspiring souls to embrace our energy as androgynous and accept the vessels we were born into as an opportunity for ultimate expansion in perspective and consciousness.

    • Norman November 5, 2017 at 15:13 · Reply

      :-) thank you for agreeing.

  8. Anonymous August 6, 2018 at 05:43 · Reply

    Very well said.
    It’s sad to believe that in 2018 there are still many people who strictly believe that gender is strictly 2 -male and female.
    Those people are ignoring the mental and spiritual part. They are fundamentally materialists that they consider physical aspects dominates over everything else.
    Apart from the spiritual part, nowadays many doctors and scientists believe that one’s gender is predominantly decided by one’s Brain.
    For example, I remember I strongly disagreed the gender others assigned for me as young as 3.
    I can say I’m a very spiritual person, that I put priority in doing good to others and my spiritual aspects than earthly things such as financial or fame.
    Now I have decided to live a spiritual life. I am gender-less and feel very good to be like this, but problems occur when I meet people. Other people are not OK with this as they can hardly understand the existence of a gender-less person.
    I consider myself a gender-less spiritual being, so I don’t like stating gender or having others calling me Mr./Ms. or he/she (terms that reveal one’s gender). I hope our languages consist more gender-neutral terms like Mx. or “they”. Thank you.

    • Norman August 18, 2018 at 17:32 · Reply

      feeling you are gender-less is a very advanced state of being. Congratulations. Spirits, The Mother Father Creator God, is also gender-less. It is before gender. Gender is its creation.

      What others think about us, is none of our business. :-)


  9. EvoNine August 20, 2018 at 09:48 · Reply

    I don’t normally comment but here goes: I feel like this whole article was written from the perspective of someone who has little to zero understanding of what it is to be incarnated as a same-sex loving person. I also feel that it’s a bit egoic to presume one has the answer to a patently oversimplified question that, realistically, has a complicated answer. The wiser answer would be: 1)Not all people who identify as gay act according to gender “norms.” 2) Conversely, not all people who identify as gay act contrary to gender “norms.” … and the wisest answer would simply be “I just dont have enough experience to answer that question. I don’t know.” I ask your forgiveness if this seems like I’m coming from a place of ego, but reading this felt a bit like the parable of the blind men and the elephant.

    • Norman August 20, 2018 at 10:40 · Reply

      Thank you for commenting and sharing. I have added the following line at the top of the article to make it clearer.

      “The following is MY truth, not THE truth.” :-)

      Again, thanks for sharing, it has made my article better.


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