Walking in the pouring rain, and not getting wet

walking in the pouring rain and not getting wet

Today  I was floating on cloud nine after meditating and I went to the post office. I mean I was simple beaming. It noticed it was about to rain as I went in. As I was in the office I heard people saying how it was raining outside. As I was leaving I could see that it was pouring. People were literally standing by the door not wanting to go out and get soaked. I walked by some people as I went out the door, but I was feeling great and I looked forward to being in the rain and just feeling it on my body.

As I walked out, waiting for the rain to hit me, I could see rain still falling in front of me and around me but I wasn’t getting wet. After a few steps I noticed it and wondered why im not getting wet. It was then I felt one drop on my forehead, then another, and then as I walked closer to my car there was no more rain drops. It just stopped. And not stopped like slowed down or some drizzling, there was absolutely nothing coming down, and I could swear that I could still see it rain around me, but as I focused on the rain it just seemed to have vanished. I walked out into the pouring rain and I only felt 2 drops. As I was walking out the door I could see the rain pouring down in buckets. People were standing at the door afraid to go outside.

I don’t believe it was manifestation per se, because I wanted to get wet. Not only was there no fear of the rain, I was looking forward to it in a way, like a child would. That’s where my head was at. I just think it was one of the quickest form of synchronicity I have ever experienced. I have never ever experienced anything like that. First of all it started raining the minute I went in the post office, not before, and it stopped raining the second I left, and instantly.

I believe it was a case of, you can’t experience what you are not the vibration of. I believe that being wet can feel or give one an experience of being uncomfortable, and I being of the vibration of happy, I’m ok, everything is perfect, and in that moment, without thought, I could experience nothing else. I was in sync with a vibration that physically didnt allow me to experience anything else. What a master lesson in natural physics that was.

Now how is all this possible? The short answer is. Motion itself is an illusion. There is only one moment and we shift the perspective of that moment from one moment to the next and it appears like things are moving. Much like the pictures on a movie screen appear to be moving and you are seeing motion, in actuality we know that it is just one frame at a time moving so fast that it gives the illusion of motion. We are experiencing the same illusion in our reality. We are actually in a “conscious hologram” as my teacher Jim puts it.

In case you are wondering what the shifting speed is that we move at from moment to moment, it is 10 to the -43rd power, or what is known as “Planck’s number” or Planck’s constant. This has been confirmed by Metatron and Archangel Michael in many different channelings.

Planck’s constant measures light or photons. You see we are living light. We are made up of the same thing the stars are made of. There are laws and constants to our reality. 3rd dimensional man (about 80% of the population), is limited to how fast he can go. This limit is the speed of “light”. Einstein says and it is the accepted theory that beyond that speed man, everything in reality, disappears.  It is my opinion that it is proof that everything in our reality is light or a hologram, when nothing in our reality can exist beyond light.

We are often told. Science and spirituality are one and the same. Learn more about one and you see more of the other. Put them together and you have magic, where you can walk out into the pouring rain and not get wet.

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  1. Legna November 5, 2011 at 21:56 · Reply

    I have had this happen too.

  2. Jared October 6, 2017 at 15:57 · Reply

    This exact thing happened to me only I was walking out of Bruegers bagels. It was after the only time I had a direct experience of God. Hasn’t happened since but I remember it like it was yesterday

    • Norman October 6, 2017 at 16:19 · Reply

      awesome. It has happened to you again, both of us. It happens at every given moment. Our vibration determines what our next moment of experience will be like. Its just not as pronounce. There is no REALITY that is continuous. There is only us shifting to the next parallel reality that matches our thoughts beliefs, and vibration.


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