Victim-Hood Is A Negative Synchronicity Experience

I also, through synchronicity, found these thoughts on victim-hood, which helps define what feeling like a victim is:

All is synchronicity. all is one thing all happening at once, but from different perspectives. All is there for a reason. every crack in the street, every tree on a leaf, every car on the road, we are all drawing it all to us synchronistically.

when we are not conscious of this synchronistic connection, we can experience synchronicity in a negative manner and ask “why did this happen to me?” this negative experience of perfect synchronicity is called “victim consciousness” or victim hood.

When we feel like a victim we are simply not seeing the perfect synchronicity of our lives and how we attract everything to us.

We are not recognizing the power of the illusion being reflected, we are choosing to recognize the illusion of power, or our felt loss of said power.

I paraphrased the above from readings from Bashar. I find it funny how I ran across this as my Alchemy class was exploring victim, persecutor, rescuer. The perfect timing of creation boggles the mind.


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