Uriel’s Message — Command Your Mastery

The family of humanity chose the energies of karma and fear to experience duality, separation and polarity. Each lifetime has been an exercise in reconnection, in rekindling the flame of divinity within each of you and its potential within the earth’s energy. The human energy, without Spirit, has no power and exists in the energy of fear. It is an example of the lowest vibrations when completely separated from Spirit. The separation between human and divine was intentional, as is the path of reconnection. It is all part of the Divine Plan for your ascension into your mastery. Each of you has power and dominion over the third dimensional energy and your partnership in this transformation reminds you of your power to command your mastery.

You are all masters and how you command your mastery into being is shown by your words and thoughts. The limitless potential of the Universe is yours to command, to create your reality-not that of another.  You know your power and yet you feel powerless in the face of others’ choices. You know your strength and yet you feel weak when your lessons involve overcoming. You can beckon the powers of heaven and yet you remain silent, even though all of heaven is waiting for you to command your mastery.

Your mastery lies in your acceptance of your power and how you use it in your reality. You have mastery over the illusion of fear and yet who among you is not afraid? Each word and thought carries immeasurable power to bring your mastery into being, which is the triumph of light over darkness and of love over fear in your life. Each of you is ascending into your mastery, becoming the light in your own world and for the world. Even the earth holds the energy of polarity and you assist in her ascension when you command your mastery. The earth needs your mastery to create  peace, joy and love within its energy fields. This is your domain, you have dominion over the earth which is participating in the journey of reconnection and ascension along with you.

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