Tunisia’s New Constitution More Progressive than The United States

Tunisia has new Constitution

This past Sunday the Tunisian National Assembly voted to approve the most progressive constitutions in the region, with only 12 members of the 216-member legislative body voting against. Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki and outgoing Assembly chief Mustapha Ben Jaafar signed the document on Monday morning, bringing it into effect.

This has allowed Tunisia, the country that started the wide mass protests across Western Asia, to become even more progrressive and compassionate to its citizens, that even The United States.

Their constitution has a section entitled rights and Liberties, which dictates and guarantees much like a republic’s constitution, distinct rights that are afforded to all equally and can never be changed.  That is why a Republic is considered better than a democracy. In a democracy a minority can control the majority and limit its freedom and rights, much less the majority.  In a republic, even a majority can not remove the guaranteed rights and liberties. Look for the rest of the world to follow suit and abandon the word democracy for the more progressive republic constitutional guarantees.

Chapter 2 of the new Tunisian constitution, a section whose title translates to “Rights and Liberties” , lays out 29 areas that the Tunisian state must provide for the betterment of the people — both now and in the future.


These rights and liberties focus around relevant areas like:

  1. Climate change
  2. Health care
  3. Women’s rights
  4. Workers’ rights


All areas the The United States still struggle to provide fairly to its citizens, somehow Tunisia has managed to guarantee the availability and equal availability of these to its citizens.

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