Trust The Reason

By Jane Adams

I am the spirit of your Soul

and it is time to learn.

You think these lessons
are for only you.
They are for you
because of me.
I am here to teach you.

But there are other souls
that came with me.

They are the souls
that you will meet
who’ll change
your life forever,
the ones that teach you
lessons that you need.

There is a path
that you will take.
Your Soul
will gently guide you.
It knows the thing
that you came back to do.

And all the ones
that come into your life
are for a reason.
Even though at times
it might seem strange.

All the souls
that came with you
back to planet earth,
came with you because
we had a reason.

And now it’s up to you
to follow on the path,
so follow on the path,
and trust the reason.


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