The Unification Of Earth Under One Government

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This is an idea that is coming. It is predicted by the Angels and many 5th dimensional and higher beings like Bashar and Adronis that the Earth will be asked to join what is called “The Association of Worlds.” A benevolent Extraterrestrial organizing body consisting of various beings from various planets and dimensions throughout our Galaxy. This association consists of about 250 planets throughout the infinite Universe. Their main purpose in regards to Earth is to:

  1. Ensure the integrity of the quarantine that was in effect in regards to outside races of beings interfering with Earth. The quarantine ended December 12, 2012 so this is mute.
  2. Ensure that humans do not engage in heavy use of nuclear technology to destroy their planet or interfere with other dimension by said usage. I.e. a nuclear bomb detonation will tear the fabric of dimensional space and effect life in other dimensions. This is not allowed. This is why you have not seen this happen yet.
  3. Welcome Earth into the Association Of Worlds (AOW), when they display a unified planetary ruddiness to do so.

But as a prerequisite to our being asked to join, it is required that Earth humans must first live in peace as a unified planet itself. It cannot expect to join an organization of peaceful planets when it is itself not a peaceful planet. Something that has not yet been accomplished at the time of this writing, but it will happen soon.

Why is Earth Unification A Prerequisite?

Because this Association of worlds (AOW) is made up of peaceful benevolent beings that have ended their infighting on their individual planets or realms. Most of them have little experience of such negativity themselves as they have advanced past such things.

Earth is known as one of the more negatively orientated planets in this part of the galaxy. This comes from our lack of understanding of our true nature. We believe, for now, that we are separate from each other and our Creator. Our consciousness has been severely limited by our Earth History and we are just now beginning to understand that we have much better options.

Since it has been more or less guaranteed that we will be asked to join the AOW, beings from all over the Galaxy are watching and waiting to see how humanity will accomplish the unification of our planet Earth. It will happen, but how?

Maybe into something called the United Nations of Earth(UNE). Or maybe the Unified Countries of Earth(UCE) or something similar. Our favorite is the Unified Federation Of Earth. The idea is that it is time to end our own infighting and wars and much of the selfish ways in which we treat each other now.

Are Humans Capable of Unifying Planet Earth?

I now believe the answer is a 100% yes. It is just a matter of when. This article is here to help in the discussion of how. To help find a conscious solution to how we humans can accomplish a planetary unification under one organizational body.

There have been 2 attempts to form a unified governing body for the Earth:

  1. The League of Nations
  2. The United Nations


The League of Nations failed miserably and the United Nations has only been minimally effective. We will go more into why these two have failed a little later.


Case Study, The United States Democratic Model. Pros & Cons

This suggestion is exactly the same as the one discussed in The Conversation With God series, book II. We will use the best example we have of this already being done, the United States, to accomplish our common good planetary unification.

Winston Churchill once said:

“Democracy is the worst form of government on Earth, except for every other form on Earth.”

The United states is arguably the greatest country on the planet. But it is paradoxical. It has the most successful basis of government so far, a quasi-democracy, yet it’s a complete failure.


How The United States Model Has Failed

In America, the majority can decide to violate the human rights of the minority, like telling a woman what she can do with her body. The majority can decide what plants a person can ingest and make others illegal for them. The majority can force the minority to do anything it wanted. The majority can change ANYTHING, even the constitution, so there are no GUARENTEED human rights, as you can have in a Republic.

For planet Earth to unify as a planet under one governing body, there has to be a way to provide for the common good of all. The United States has to be dragged kicking and screaming to the ground every time common good is mentioned.

Every time common good is mentioned in America, there are the cries of “communism!”.

In the United States if the good of the many does not provide profit for someone, the good of the many is ignored. In the United States we try to provide for the common good by using laws and regulations. This has failed miserably.

Of the nations that are among the richest and most powerful on the Earth, The United States has the highest infant mortality rates. Why? Because the poor in America cannot afford prenatal and postnatal infant care. This is because the United Sates is a nation driven by profits.

The fact that American babies are dying at a higher rate than of most other developed nations on Earth should be something that bothers us. Alas, it does not because we have seen no laws or regulations to provide and ensure for this common good of prenatal and postnatal care for poor people, by the United States Government.

This says volume as to where our priorities are as a society here in the United States. We do however provide for the rich and wealth, the influential and well placed by subsidizing many of them.

According the U.S. Census Bureau 14.5% of America or 45.3 million people lived in poverty in 2013. It is common that most people on low income use the emergency room as their family doctor. Seeking health care under only the most dire of circumstances. Because there is no profit in those that have little to spend. They have worn out their usefulness.

As a proportion of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), America provides much less for foreign aid than most other countries. What about the world around us? If this is the best we can do for the less fortunate, we have much to learn?

We live in a wasteful decadent society. Planned obsolescence is built into everything. Cars cost 3 times as much and only retain about a 3rd of the value that it cost to make them.

There is more and more chemicals in the food to make their shelf life longer. Even if it means Americans will be on the planet shorter.

Sports athletes make up to hundreds of millions of dollars, yet our school teachers average about $45,000 a year and some go begging for money.

We throw away more food daily than it will take to feed the world.

The under privilege everywhere must grovel and fend just to stay alive, while the upper class have golden bathroom fixtures.

Power, or money is not the problem. It just appears that no one seems to have the will in America to see the plight of the less fortunate. We don’t seem to care.

The entire planet has a lack of consciousness. We must decide if we care about each other. We have a limited view of who our family is. We don’t consider ourselves a part of the human family, so the problems of the human family are not our own.

We can eliminate all the pain and suffering on Earth by simply creating a new point of view of the world.


How We Presently See The World

Presently we see the world as a collection of nation states. Each sovereign and separate from each other. A nations internal problems are not considered the problems of the rest of the planet until they affect one of the more powerful nations of the world.

If no one in the larger group has anything to loose, conditions in the smaller groups can go to hell and no one will care. People can pillage, dictators can plunder, murder, and violate human rights and we will do nothing. It’s an internal problem.

But when our investments, our security, our quality of life are at stake, we rally our nation behind us and go where angels fear to dwell. We then claim we are doing it for humanitarian reasons. When the truth is we are simply protecting our own interest. Where we do not have interest, we do not have concern. We operate on self-interest.

When we do change our planets governmental structure to that of a one world government, we will then have to see another’s interest as our own. We will then act as one unified body.

Love Is The Answer

It’s time to wake up and realize (real eyes) that the only problem with humanity is the lack of love. Love brings tolerance and tolerance breeds peace. Love cannot be indifferent, it does not know how. The fastest way to get to a place of love and concern for all human kind is to see all human kind as our family. And the fastest way to accomplish this is to stop separating ourselves. Each of the nation states making up our world has to unite.

The United Nations has been impudent. In order for it to work it has to be completely restructured into the formation of a new world geo-political community; with each nation having an equal say in the worlds affairs and each nation state having an equal proportional share in the worlds resource. It is simply in our best interest to do so.

Why a Planetary Unified Government is in the Best Interest of All?

If you could add billions of dollars a year that could be used to feed the hungry, provide social security to our elderly, house the homeless, and provide a dignified society for all, is that something that sounds good to you? We can do just this by shifting the money we spent on wars and attack weapons to these areas.

In 2012 the world governments spent about 1.7 trillion a year for military purposes. That’s about 1.7 million dollar a minute worldwide. The nations spending the most can redirect the most to the priorities mentioned above.

The only thing preventing this is our fear of being attacked by smaller nations who lack what we have. In the sharing of the total wealth and resources of the planet between all nations, we create an atmosphere where no one lacks anything they need. No lacks, no attacks.

Once we have a unified planet government we will not need to spend the 1.7 trillion a year we spend on our armies for war and attack systems. That is how much we as a planet spend annually on its military, so one country can protect itself from another.

Additionally, by us providing humans all over the planet what they need and ensuring a dignified society for all, we would be removing the cause of crime from the planet.

We could reduce the individual governments because they would have less to do. We would need less police in cities, so cities would be able to drastically reduce their budgets and at the same time reduce or eliminate taxes.

There would be no need to add any new monies as what we save from what we are now spending on defense will pay for everything. So there would be no need for new taxes. Citizens would be glad to send 10% of their earnings to a just world governmental system.

After the restructuring of our world political view, there will be plenty of money saved as we will no longer need to build defense system and attack weapons. Every nation in the world would reduce spending drastically on defense weapons. Internal order will then be the only requirement.

We see countries like Panama and many others, limiting or completely eliminating their armed forces. They have also reaped the financial savings.


How the United States Can Serves as a Good Example for Unification.

The 2 simple ideas needed for a unified planetary government are:

  1. Share everything. (The U.S. sucks at this, granted. )
  2. Create a system for the resolution of differences between independent states. Prevents hostilities. (The U.S. is a great model for this.)

America was the first to take a weak confederation of separate states and successfully unite them into a cohesive group, each submitting to one central authority. The individual states didn’t want to do so at the time, fearing the loss of their individual uniqueness and greatness, and that uniting will not be in their best interest. This is exactly where we are now.

Once these states had joined together there was still no real U.S. government, hence no power to enforce the article of confederation to which the states agreed. They reached agreements on their own with countries abroad and with each other. Some states added tariffs just as they did with goods from abroad. Merchants had no choice but to pay at the harbor if they wanted to buy and sell goods, there being no central authority; although there was a written agreement to prevent such taxes.

States even fought wars with each other. 9 states had their own navies. Don’t tread on me could have been the state flag for most states. Half the states were printing their own money.

In short, the original states, though joined together under confederation, were acting exactly as individuals countries do today.

Although they granted to congress the ability to coin money, it was not working. The submission to a central authority with teeth was not initially present. But in time a few leaders begin to prevail. They educated. They convinced the rank and file that there would be more to gain if they bonded together than they would ever loose.

The states would save because they would not have to worry about each other. They are one family now. The money would be considered to be spent internally, meaning states could save by not taxing goods. They found greater security and prosperity by cooperating rather than fighting with each other.

Are there wars between Oregon and California over water rights? Between Maryland and Virginia over fishing. No. There have been differences yes, but adjoining states voluntarily agreed to share in simple matters that were common to them.

The individual states retained their rights to make their own internal laws. For someone breaking the confederation law, the matter was taken to a central court that was authorized to decide on a satisfactory resolution.

The states sent representatives to a central government to create and decide on any laws or to address any special circumstances that arose. A system of laws, a system of courts empowered by the people to enforce those laws. Backed by armed forces if needed to enforce these laws.

This system has worked for over 200 years. There is no doubt that this system will also work for the over 193 nation states currently a member of the United Nations.

It would mean an end to war. That’s all wars is, a disagreement between separate states. Something we settle in modern America without bloodshed. You unite those states and you end war. There would still be disagreements, but these would be settled by a world court authorized to hear and settle grievances.

Yes it has been tried before. First as the League of Nations and now by its latest incarnation, the United Nations. The League failing and the UN has only been minimally effective. Similar to the 13 states of the United States confederation before they took the unification to heart.

The most powerful on this planet are afraid that they have more to lose than to gain from the confederation of planet Earth. Because those people are more interested in remaining in power than what is best for the whole. When we look at why the UN is failing, we see clearly that it leads back to the rich and powerful not considering what is best for the whole. They hold a position that is more about  service of self rather than being of service to others. This is the single area that has to be overcome for a new plan to work. We have everything else.

The more rich and powerful nations have believed that planetary unification would come at their expense and they are giving up nothing. Their fear however is not justified. It is not true that to give more to those who thirst and hunger and live without shelter, that some will have to give up their golden faucets. You just have to shift the amounts currently being spent on defense and attack weapons, to those in need. This would put the humanity back in humanitarian, and solves any monetary problems without a new penny or from shifting any wealth.

Remember, wars tend to occur between SEPARATE states. Crimea was separate from Russia. The U.S. is separate from Iraq. Israel is separate from Palestine. A geo-political unification of Earth eliminates all these wars because to fight against one state is to fight a losing battle against the entire planet. A world government would have the teeth to enforce the peace. Although all disagreements would likely be handled by the world court. If the U.S. Supreme Court could settle their 2000 presidential election without bloodshed, an equally empowered world court can also settle any disagreements between Israel and Palestine.


War Being Good for Business is an Inconvenient Lie

If those that profit from war and tools of war would be losers from peace, and there are employees, stockholders and others that benefit from war, then maybe our source of abundance is misplaced.

If one has to depend on the world living in strife for others to survive, then maybe, just maybe, this dependence explains why many governments appear to resist any structure for lasting peace.

If you derive your life’s greatest happiness from the outside world, you will never want to give up an ounce of what you have piled up as a person and a nation.

If those who lack also see THEIR things tied to their happiness, they will constantly want what you have and also want more.

But this is not a geo-political problem. The geo-political solution outlined above is solid. This is a spiritual problem and requires a spiritual solution. All of life’s problems are spiritually based and therefore can be spiritually solved.

Wars are caused because somebody has something that somebody else wants. This is the only thing that causes someone to do something that they do not want to do.

All conflict arises from misplaced desire.


In Closing and Summary

Earth will be asked to join its extraterrestrial friends through the organizing body called the “Association of Worlds”. This will not happen until we choose to unify with each other as one first.

We have a system in place that has held the United States under one confederation body for over 200 years. It works.

It pays for itself when we use the 1.7 trillion we currently use to protect ourselves from each other.

We can tweak American democracy in a way that provides and insure human rights for all and these rights can never be removed, not even by the majority.

We share everything and allocate planetary resources proportionally. We establish a world court to hear and settle grievances.

The new planetary government will be empowered by the people and not just an army.  The people can change anything at any time, except remove any human rights outlined in the constitution. These can never be altered.

Welcome to the new United Federation of Earth, where peace reigns. Enjoy peace on Earth, we finally achieve what we all want.

Welcome to the Association of Worlds.

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