The Truth Behind Being Gay

The truth behind being gay

I feel compelled to share some of the wisdom I’ve acquired about souls and how they relate to the issue of people being labeled as gay. This is some of the metaphysics behind the truths I have found which explain and finally brings to light what being gay really is.

This is a polarizing topic to say the least, with strong opinions on each side of the topic. Some people are against what is referred to as homosexuality and believe that there is something wrong with people who fall into that category. Gay people in our society have been persecuted for their nature and although over time the public appears to be getting more and more tolerant of these peoples choices, there still remains a lot of sick psychotic opposition to gay people having rights and being treated like any other human being.


gay_teenagers_hanged in Iran
Gay Teenagers being hanged in Iran. This is Humanity fearing it’s true nature.

If you look at the trend, it’s just a matter of time when people laugh at the fact that at one time in our history homosexuality was considered a bad thing. It will soon be common place and something that is normal and acceptable in the near future, just look at the way homosexuals are obtaining more and more tolerance and acceptability from society. Well except for the middle east where man’s immature consciousness is very slow in awakening from its fear of what it sees in the mirror.

Opposite of Love is Fear

So what were all the intolerance, anger and non acceptance about in the first place? Well fear of course. If god is love, then the polarity of that which is the darkest things that men do derives from its opposite, which is fear. The opposite of love is fear, not hate. Hate is a byproduct of fear and man’s fear always precedes his hate.

Our world, or society, is on a constant expansion of consciousness, is constantly maturing. We are growing up in more ways than one. And at each maturation level we are exposed to more and more truths and we have to process it and be OK with it. Our first response when faced with new and different occurrences is to react in fear. To say no, to fight against the change be it people or information.

A famous and obvious example is of the so called colored people in our society. How did society, the haves, deal with the influx of other people who had not? At first they reacted sternly with no! And as time went on, we now have a black president.

This is the way of the world, of human nature since the fall of man. Be it people from Africa being labeled slaves, or people from Mexico being labeled as illegals, or people who are just being true to their nature being called homosexuals. We tend to react in fear and say no, then eventually we seem to accept what is. Eckhart Tolle and Buddha both say:

“all suffering comes from not accepting what is”.

Now that we have had this little walk down memory lane on how society tends to react with “no”; at new and different information. Here is something else that eventually will be accepted for the truth that it is.

What causes someone to be Gay?

We are not humans having spiritual experiences; we are spirits having a human experience. The true nature of a spirit is androgynous, neither male nor female. There is no gender in the spirit world which is the true nature of our existence. Gender is something that is experienced in physical reality, which is a creation of the spirit world.

Spirits created our world, our universe in order to play in it to have experiences. Why? Because they can. In truth there is only one spirit and all other spirits are copies of this source spirit. See the prime radiant for more info.

Spirits incarnate into our physical world in human form and live their lives as us in an ever evolving, never ending story that is the totality of our worlds and universes. In the game being played out on Earth there are about 300 million individual souls playing the part of the over 7 billion people on the planet. This includes every man woman and child that has ever lived and will live also. We have come before and we shall come again. Each soul can have up to 12 concurrent lives here on Earth. The number (theme) of our universe is 12. 12 deciles, 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes, a dozen, all related to number 12. These concurrent lives may be of male or female or a mixture of both.

Everything in the Universe spins, as movement is the nature of life. We are alive because our blood cells circulate our bodies once every 30 seconds. The Earth, which is a living being, spins on its axis once every 24 hours. The moon spins around the Earth. The Earth spins around the Sun, and unbeknownst to most people who exit society’s public school system, the Sun also moves in a circle around our galaxy and its central sun Alcyone (all see one). This is the aforementioned long cycle of 25,900 years. There are even larger cycles above this where our galaxy spins around larger objects. This goes on never ending to infinity. But the human mind has difficulty understanding infinity and things this large and amazing. It brings up the fear response mentioned above and this is why we don’t teach, acknowledge or even believe this when we hear it. It’s much too scary.

Gay marriage opponent Leonard Gendron, a local pastor, holds a sign reading “Homosexuals are Possessed by Demons” outside the Massachusetts State House in Boston March 11, 2004

That was the Macro version as things get bigger. Life also does the same cycles and maturation on the microscopic levels. That same blood cell which circles the body every 30 seconds is made of things we call atoms, which contain things like a nucleolus, which looks and acts like a sun because things we call protons and electrons go around it in a circle. Things actually get smaller and smaller without end to infinity also.

This is how amazingly powerful the world we live in is, just imagine how beyond our understanding the spirit world which created all this is? Do not try to understand it with your mind, you will likely just be in fear and choose not to believe what is. It is simple easier for society, up until now to simply say, we do not know, and ignore all possibilities.

But like the Africans and the Mexicans and the Gays, eventually the truth of accepting what IS works its way into the mind and consciousness of society and as humanity accepts these truths, it grows in consciousness.

So now we are being told that spirits incarnate into humanity over and over, that we have all had many lives here on Earth, that at the soul level we are truly immortal, that there is really no devil or hell, this was simply once again man using fear to shift the blame from himself. It was better to say that the devil made me do it. Everyone really goes back to the spirit world which is more like heaven than anything else, and that the true nature of reality is based on love, and that everything else is really just an illusion.



Part of the illusion of Earth existence is duality, plurality. Everything on Earth has an opposite and everything is defined by its opposite. This is all to set up the fact that we can choose to see, do and believe this or that. In truth, in the spirit world there is just oneness and everyone knows peace and joy. Worlds like Earth were created so that spirits would have a place to experience polarized versions of the spirit world. We could now be this thing called male or female. Believe it or not there are worlds where there are 3 of everything, even 3 genders. Those are in trinary systems. Here we are in a binary system and so there are 2 of everything. Now you know why everything you see created by our computers is based on the binary system. It is the base system of this universe we are playing in. The spirits playfully introduce this info everywhere like in the episode of Fringe called “there is two of everything”.

So now you have a slightly better understanding of how there are 2 genders for us to play with. And as we incarnate from lifetime to lifetime we sometimes live lives as male and others as female. We even go through cycles that are masculine and famine. We are actually now coming out of a patriarchal cycle or age here on Earth. Which means that the focus was on the masculine nature of our existence? As you can see it has been out of balance and far too masculine. This has led to much war, strife and suffering.

Before that though we were in a more matriarchal cycle where there were talks of the divine feminine. Where woman were more appreciated and respected and there was more peace and caring and a nurturing way of things, which is the way of the feminine. Think about the Native American and how they saw the Earth as a mother. How some faiths center on Jesus and yet with others, the main focus is on his mother Mary.

Now you understand the true meaning of the Yin and Yang as it applies to cycles in creation. Our world is based on duality and polarity and the many choices we get to experience due to these aspects of its nature.

The soul as it incarnates into physical reality tends to seek balance as it gathers experiences and grows as a soul. It does not spend every life here as male or vice versa. It tends to balances itself over time. One of the things happening now on Earth is that we are at the end of a great cycle and that is what all the 2012 stuff is about. We are also leaving a patriarchal cycle and trying to bring that into balance to where it is both male and female equally. This balance of masculine and feminine is more on a larger scale energetically where we are dealing with the nature of these energies, and not so much as on the sexual aspects, which is what society mostly sees. Consider that there are indeed grander aspects of being masculine and feminine at play here than just our sexual parts and who we want to sleep with.

You are not your body

When you see someone who is say… a gay woman for example, what you have is a soul whose last lives or past lives left it with a more masculine nature. And since souls are immortal they retain the thoughts, likes, dislikes, urges, needs, traits from their accumulative existences. This means that this is a soul whose nature is more masculine in nature and now it has chosen to incarnate in a female body.

Now the reasons for choosing to incarnate in a female body can be many. The obvious reason is to balance its energies which may be well overdue. Some souls like to be male all the time and some choose to be female. It is just a free choice preference that we are allowed to make. But over time, their true nature is androgynous so when it is all said and done, to actually graduate from Earth school, with honors, one tends to have to be balanced. So the reason for choosing a female body this life time can be simply just to balance.

With this attempt to balance, society sees a female that likes other females. And this is the truth behind homosexuality. So yes, she was born that way. No one makes you gay; it is from your true nature and your incarnations over time. This is why people find themselves in bodies of a gender that seems to cause a bit of confusion when they apply societal norms, fears and values. In the end, when one has the full picture, we see what we find whenever we take a close look at creation, that there really is no problem, that everything is as it should be. When we accept what IS, there is no suffering.

Creation is Perfect

The creator and therefore creation is perfect, loving, and we are all nurtured and encompassed in unconditional love. Society tends to believe at times that it is not OK, and says no! But it tends to eventually see that this is always (all ways) OK.

So put away the fear of that other version of you who is masculine and now finds itself in a female body or visa versa. When you hate others you hate yourself. Your enemy is your inner me. Remember it is only you playing the Earth game, where you forget who you are and have an experience as someone else on Earth. You have been every race, every gender, every class, the good guy and the bad guy. And all suffering, war, hate or strife came from you choosing to be that way to the other version of you. And when you decide you have had enough, you will stop and have a thousand years of peace, joy and prosperity.

And if you are one of these souls who feel ashamed or regret who you are due to societal limits, know that you are perfect because you exist. You are needed at this time. The creator is flooding our world with feminine energy so that we can bring this masculine age into balance before we enter the Age of Aquarius. This is why there are so many females being born in India at the present time. Remember there are only about 300 million souls playing this game, so many of the masculine inclined souls have chosen to enter as female to support the cause and the creators call. So you are a perfect divine servant of the creator who is here to bring the Earth into balance, even though you knew the price you would pay initially in order to bring about balance. You are perfect. Same goes for men who find themselves being feminine in nature. It accomplishes the same thing; more feminine energy on Earth. These are also more advanced souls who were selected to play the so called “gay” role. Many were called and few were chosen.

So here you have the truth behind homosexuality. Will you accept what is? What say ye?

For more information on the nature of the spirit world, get and read “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton, and “Conversation with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. Both available here on our book page. Also lots of stuff on souls, Angels and the true nature of reality at And if you simply really dig this metaphysical stuff, then go to my Bashar page and enjoy.

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  1. Freazie White June 5, 2013 at 20:36 · Reply

    Hello Norman:

    Truly inspired is all that I can say. You have expressed here what I intuited through my own spiritual practice. Looking forward to reading more of your material. Again, truly inspired work.

    Grace & Peace.

    • Norman June 5, 2013 at 23:15 · Reply

      Thank you Freazie! Always glad to touch anothers truth with my own. You can find more of my personal writing about Metaphysics at as well. Blessings.

  2. Chris Wilson September 24, 2013 at 16:18 · Reply

    Grateful for your efforts and zeal and have enjoyed your writing. Appreciate You, Chris Wilson

    • Norman September 24, 2013 at 21:21 · Reply

      You are most welcome!

  3. Trina June 28, 2015 at 14:34 · Reply

    Well said. Thinking at a soul level which I have always said I fell in love with my partner’s soul, this can sum all of it up. The quote is “I am not this face. I am not this skin. I am the soul that lives within.”

    • Norman June 28, 2015 at 22:59 · Reply

      Thanks for the kind words Trina! I too have heard that quote. The version I heard was “I am not this body, I’m not this skin, I am the soul which lives within.” :-) Blessings.

  4. Bree August 30, 2017 at 20:57 · Reply

    Great writing. Thank you for your light. What might you say to the “As above, so below.” theory where everything that happens at the microcosm, happens at the macro as well. To be a bit more specific, since “God” is the perfect marriage of male and female, earth inhabitants can only ” rightly” be the perfect marriage of male and female, as is the energy needed for creation, as is expressed through our body structure. I am questioning this myself as I am in a same sex relationship where u feel we are balanced in our make and female energies. Although she is a more masculine energy, she is more curvy, wants to bare a child, more feminine that way. I am more feminine energy Even though I have more of a straight body and don’t really care to bare a child. My apologies for the long post. Just looking for another opinion. Thanks!

    • Norman August 30, 2017 at 21:42 · Reply

      Thanks for the compliment, and for reading. As for your question about “above and below” There is NO this OR that in creation. There is this AND that. SO paradoxically yes as above so below. But not everything. Yes humans have the “potential” to be like angelic beings, who are not playing the physical reality game; at the same time I feel the “game” is designed for free choice and the “ability” to choose a gender and be its totally polarity. That is one of the reasons that we created the 4th dimension, to play in separation consciousness and see what the experience is like. So there is unity consciousness where beings have NO gender at all, not just saying BOTH, but it is more like NONE. It is more like masculine feminine energy at that level, which has NOTHING to do with sex. Its just about their nature. Masculine energy is straight lines, as you said, and a doer, where feminine energy is curved and spirals and more about feeling , and nurturing. One says I want you and the other says I long for you. etc. It is when you get to physical reality in the lower realms where masculine and feminine is more about gender and sex.

      In the macro, the sun is the masculine straight line and the planets spiral around it as it goes through the galaxy. At the same time the Sun is spiraling around the central Sun called Helios, in the Pleiadian star system. Its all intertwined.

      But focusing back here on Earth, in the 4th and now 5th dimension. 4th where we were afraid of a soul vibrating with one gender and being in the body of the opposite gender. But now as we have entered the 5th dimension, that no longer scares us and gay marriage is no big deal anymore. :-)

      I feel therefore that here in physical reality, there is all sorts of possibilities. In fact there are as many choices as there are people. so 8 billion people can choose what gender and how much they want to be. There is no set way. We are becoming unlimited in that regard. So no matter what you ask me about, I say YES! Just follow your excitement and have fun, within your integrity. :-) What is right is what feels right for you. Blessings.

  5. Michelle December 14, 2017 at 18:00 · Reply

    Hello, my true u standing of souls firstly came from reading Dr brain Weiss book, only live is real, through time into healing. From here I studied in depth the subject for many reasons I then read a wonderful book about the whole process of what the soul goes through from death on earth to it’s time back in (heaven). Many questions came to me dying this time including are people whom are gay or transgender people whom can still feel or sense their previous lives gender, such as masculine or feminine, and therefore in the human form, such as in transgender male body but internally feels feminine as a femal body feels. Tonight for some reason, I wanted to search the I Internet for more information, and firstly viewed buddisiam views and what shock to see that they were not being spiritual with their understanding but still question the rights and wrongs of gay sex, very up setting, so I then continued my search and found your understanding, which is what my heart felt is the truth as I believed in the first place. If a person, such as a female feels attractive to another female, and that female feels the conscious if its previous life as a make and therefore, the female in the human form will sexually humanly fancy another female. Or if a gay male feels attracted to another male, both those souls were in female bodies previously. Hope I am making sense. Can I please ask, why does the man that claims to be the dilay lama not understand all this important spiritual facts. Sorry to be rude to another person, but I stand back and think if you were really who you are meant to be Mr lama, then surely you would be firstly crying every second of every day for the horrific things that animals experience. And secondly you would need to try to convince all the world leaders of the wrong that is happening and try to bring about peace. Sorry I was not being rude and neither egotistical. But my soul feels so sad for many things and for a person whom is born into his position and not to enlighten the world on just being kind, considerate and the actual truth is very upsetting. Also please can I ask, your opinion on children born with very serious illness and diseases that makes them so I’ll. are these children angels sent to earth, to teach those how around them to love, as the children draw the love from people. Is it the people’s lesson on how to live unconditionally. Sorry, so many questions but I felt drawn to ask after I found you. Kind regards and peace and light. Michelle

    • Norman December 16, 2017 at 12:41 · Reply

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your opinion. Wow! you ask a lot of neat questions that I might not be able to answer and at the most I can only share MY perspective or my understanding and hopefully you can then decide where you are on the subjects. Everyone just has a POV.

      For me, I have learned to simply just not judge another persons choice. It does not serve me to do so. I am ALWAYS 100% OK with what any and everyone wants to do with their own beliefs and choices. This is part of understanding that love is unconditional. So to me the Dali Lama gets to do or say whatever he chooses. It does not change what I do or say or choose. I will focus on what we agree upon for now. :-)

      And I believe that the gender a soul identifies with can be from lifetime to lifetime, but that its more of a totality over the total length of its incartational existence and the fact that we are remembering more of who we are as a soul when we incarnate, and souls are more balanced or BOTH genders. Angelics are BOTH, masters are BOTH, the Source is BOTH. And so when the soul incarnates it gets to choose from the totality of what it is and that is unlikely to change as we are in this Age of Aquarius which allows more of the totality to who we are. I believe as we go more into 4th density consciousness and the 5th dimension, we will see more people who have even less limitations sexually and will be attracted to BOTH genders when and where and how they choose and feel an attraction to. Change is a constant.

      I did notice that on several occasions you said “sorry to be rude.” :-) Well either you are or you are not, yet you kept saying things that were judgmental of others, which can be considered to be rude. Its like you are being rude unconsciously, then putting it aside by saying sorry? Please note this and decide if you want to be rude or not. I believe you do not want to be rude but are in a transition. Awareness is key in spiritual development. Acceptance and allowance relieves all pain and suffering. I just wanted to point that out. :-)

      You said your “soul feels sad…” for all the children being born with very serious illness. My understanding here is that creation is paradoxical in nature. On one hand the experience of this is real, but on the other hand it is all an illusionary game and not real. These children who appear to be ill and even die, are not really dead and gone, remember? it is just a purposeful illusion, so why focus on the negative part of something that is not real. You and I have seemingly died thousand of times in other lives from all kind of atrocities and illnesses, yet here we are fine and OK. See? I have drowned many times and here I am, alive and well. So I choose to focus on that. We are just consciousness that is aware and in these robot vessels of flesh to have experiences. Just like someone going on a roller coaster at a theme park. The ride passes and then there is only life, only existence. Only love. Creation is love.

      This is just my opinion but I hope it is helpful.


  6. G June 13, 2018 at 07:52 · Reply

    Please stop spreading false information. The Sun completes its orbit around the Sag A black hole in the center of our galaxy in about 250 million years not the 25k years. 25000 years it takes to complete one axis rotation. And the arent 12 universes wtf man. The number of universes is unlimited. There are 7 planes of existance though

    • Norman June 13, 2018 at 12:21 · Reply

      Hi, Thanks for posting. I checked into this and:

      1. I wrote “Each soul can have up to 12 concurrent lives here on Earth. The number of our universe is 12.” Im not saying that there are 2 universes, im saying that the number 12 is special to this universe. its the theme of this universe. Jesus had 12 deciles, 24 hours, 60 seconds, a dozen, all related to the number 12. there are 12 dimensions etc. So maybe english is not your primary language and something was lost in translation.

      2. I did say that the procession of 25,900 years was the time it takes for the sun to orbit the galaxy and that is a mistake. I should have only alluded that to the axial progression as I also stated and you agreed. I have removed that part.

      thanks again


  7. Garet Garbo September 14, 2018 at 21:52 · Reply

    I say masculine females can even get into to a chrimeras body some of which is part male and part female. Even deeper aspect of this whole balance equation.

  8. Inés May 28, 2020 at 01:27 · Reply

    Thanks Norman for these wonderful words. I was thinking about this just recently, as I wanted to understand my own experience better – recently got into a relationship with a woman being a woman. It seems like a miracle I cae across your words today, as they speak to my heart and soul. Intuitively I know that this is true, and I have been having very similar thoughts and conclusions over the past days. But your words made it really clear for me. Keep spreading the Light, Thanks You <3

    • Norman May 28, 2020 at 12:40 · Reply

      Awww, you are so welcome. Thank you for sharing, and keep trusting your intuition, it will show the way. Bless Sings

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