The Prime Radiant

Prime Radiant, has consciousness, indivisible element, is existence itself

The Prime Radiant is a phrase that explains creation. It explains the nature of what we humans call God. How life, creation and all consciousness came about. In short it explains existence from the very beginning up to the physical reality we know it to be today in our present dimension.

Humans more or less believe in God, but what is the nature of our Creator? It is said that the creator is everywhere and everything is made up of the creator. The creator is infinite. Can do anything. It is said that “the all is one”, and that “we are all connected”, that “God is omnipresent” but how is this possible? We often hear that understanding the nature of our creator is not possible. I am here to tell you that the nature of our creator is complex but not complicated.

Creation is made up of paradoxes. A paradox is when something is true AND its opposite is true as well.  The first and greatest paradox is:

Nothing happens unless something causes it to happen; except for the first cause which always was, for it is existence itself. That first cause is everything and everything that exist derives from it. The one is all and the all is one.

The Prime Radiant explains all this and more.

The Prime Radiant

To illustrate how all of the above is possible, imagine a particle. A hypothetical particle. An elemental particle. A theoretical particle. An infinitesimal particle that is indivisible into any smaller parts. Now finally, imagine that this particle is conscious of itself. This particle now represents the smallest most basic thing that makes up all matter in our Universe.

There is only this one particle, out of which everything is made. It is not that there is only one KIND of particle, but that there is LITERALLY ONLY one particle out of which everything is made.

This particle has no mass. It moves at infinite speed. There is nothing that can impede it or effect it. There is nothing else in existence BUT this particle. Since there is nothing else in existence but this one particle, when it moves it moves at infinite speeds. Infinite velocity. It can move so fast that it can literally appear to be next to itself. It can be everywhere and anywhere at any given time. It can appear next to itself over and over again appearing as many different particles.

If you realize that there is only one particle and it is the same as every other particle, you can see that all the atoms that make up our cells and our body, the stars and planet, are all made from the same particle and are therefore connected. We are all made of the same thing. This is how everything in creation is connected. We are literally all one. We ARE the stars, we ARE everyone else. Not just energetically, not just theoretically, but physiologically and literally.

This one particle is moving at infinitesimal speeds to make up all the atoms, all the cells of all matter and all life in the Universe at all times. It does this by moving at infinite speed and in various geometrical patterns. (maybe speak on platonic solids)

Any change is a total change

Any changes we make in ourselves, changes the geometric makeup or pattern forming the shape of ourselves. Changes the geometric path of that particle. This means even the smallest movement of our finger or a change in our thoughts or vibration, changes the geometrical path of this one particle, thereby changing the geometrical makeup of the entire Universe.

If one thing changes, EVERYTHING has also literally changed. This is the theory behind the idea that “any change is a TOTAL change.”

This also explains the butterfly effect; how when a butterfly by flapping its wings on one side of the planet, can literally cause a hurricane on the other side of the planet, because everything is literally connected.

This is the nature of the prime radiant. We are all one. This is how impactful we all are. How absolute all our changes really are. That one change in ourselves, changes the Universe and it is truly, with every change, a different Universe; with its own idea of itself, its own definition of itself at any given moment. And unless you choose to make a connection from one moment to the next, one Universe to another, of what was, and what will be, there truly is no actual connection. Each moment is its own separate, complete and individual thing and exist only in the now moment.

So when we desire to change something about our reality, we simply have to change ourselves in order to see it reflected in the Universe around us.

The paradox is that it works the same way for everyone else in creation, from every perspective, every point of view there is, simultaneously. This is the quality of an infinite particle. It is a multi-dimensional reality. There is no conflict. It is a giant orchestration because it is only the one particle. Everything naturally accommodates the actions and movements of everything else.

Everyone is a perspective of the infinite creator itself. Our individuality is important and to be cherished and not lost. Creation is perfect.

This is the idea of the Prime Radiant which explains the nature of God, our creator and creation itself. It explains how the creator is omnipresent and how everything in creation is made from the first cause, which is existence itself.

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  1. Luke Pranay December 22, 2014 at 17:32 · Reply

    Great writing man, but, as I see things, it could be more powerful/integral if You would at least hint something about the source of your inspiration 4 this article (Bashar)..

  2. Norman December 22, 2014 at 18:04 · Reply

    This is such a complex way to think for those that are new to the info that I did not want to add any more ideas like, “Hey I got this information from a guy who channels his higher 5th dimensional self”. :-)

    And those who already know the info, know that this is from Bashar from the start. Like yourself. :-)

    Either way, thanks to you, we are addressing that now in the comment here.

    Bashar has tons of videos on

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