The Planetary Orbit Of Our Solar System Is A Heliocentrical Vortex!

Heliocentric orbit of the planets

Solar System

Humans are taught via ancient text book and information, that the planets circle the sun in an elliptical orbit, as depicted above. This is incorrect. It makes no clear statements on the fact that the Sun is also always moving. We rely on this outdated information because NO ONE is talking about this in an official capacity. None of our various governments, not even NASA, are saying anything new about the planetary orbital paths at all. In fact if you search you will find absolutely no mention of the old elliptical orbits, or the new theories that the orbits are heliocentric in nature.

A animation depicting the heliocentrical movements of the planets in our solar system

The issue many have with this OLD model of our solar system is that it is based on the orbits being flat and that the Sun, our star, is stationary in space. There is no account for its movement. A flat model with a static Sun is 2 dimensional, but when we move the Sun as it truly does, the solar system opens up into a 3 dimensional model. It’s alive! This changes everything! With everything spinning and working in perfect harmony, we see the true divinity of its creation.

We know that this heliocentric, spiraling movement is likely because the Universe favors entropy. Meaning, it likes to create randomness when ever possible. So things are constantly moving instead of being stationary. Everything moves in creation. And the path of movement seems to favor the phi spiral, which is based on the ratio of 1.618. This golden Ratio is built into damn near everything that grows or moves. This is why we see spirals everywhere throughout creation.

Spiral univers - pictures of spirals in creation like plants and the shapes of galaxies

So it is not that far a stretch to insinuate that the planets…. which move…. in a Universe that is growing…. moves and grows in the shape of a spiral based on the golden ratio of 1.61803398875. This is what we like to call:

An observation of the obvious!

And in this New Age of Aquarius, humans are not waiting to be told by their “quiet” governments what is the true nature of things. We are using the power of simple observation to state the obvious. The internet, be it Facebook or Youtube, Twitter or Vine, is filled these days with all kinds of new and wonderful observations blooming to life. And the hottest findings being talked about and shared these days is that the Sun is not stationary; that it moves throughout the galaxy and that the orbit of the planets around it move helical in nature. Pretty much as described described in this video below.

There is absolutely no mention of this on NASA’s website. Not even a discussion of this to bust the myth, if you will, since video’s and theories of planetary helical orbits abound the internet. You would think NASA would write something about planetary orbit on its huge site, given that the mission that the US space agency was given by the US Congress in the NASA Act of 1958 was to foster “the expansion of human knowledge of… space.

What we know is that the Sun IS visible from the North Pole for about 6 months, between March and September. From the vernal equinox to the summer solstice. This is when the North Pole has its 6 months of daylight, while the South Pole has its 6 months of night. It is visa versa when the southern pole has its 6 month of daylight, BUT, there is a but. When the sun can be seen in the southern pole, it only hangs out in the lower parts of the sky close to the horizon. Not rising about about 28 degrees in the sky. This means that the Earth barely passes the Sun at any given time, if it does at all. There is no 90 degree high noon sun in the south pole. The Earth seems to physical spend most of its time behind or along side the Sun. If you study the above video and animated gif, you see the heliocentric model allows for the Sun being low in the southern hemisphere and also a full spectrum in the northern hemisphere. In other words, the heliocentric orbit model fits the physical evidence and is very possible.


Other Thoughts and Observations

This helical model of the moving, spiraling solar system where the planets chase the sun, or more likely simple follow the sun’s gravitational waves, does explain why Alaska and the North Pole have so much sunlight all the time. And why the Earth can complete its daily spin while always being visible and in our line of site; as depicted in this video which shows about 6 days time lapsed.

The Sun, being in front of us and the Earth always following due to being engulfed in the Sun’s gravity waves, would explain why it has been so difficult for us to send probes into the Sun. Besides the heat, the energy required to move an object towards the Sun is far too great and beyond our current abilities. One however is being planned by NASA. I am not seeing how they can even come close since this is equivalent to being on a rock strapped to a bullet that was fired out of a gun, then creating enough force to overcome the gravity waves caused by the bullet. Our gas propelled rockets just wont cut it in my humble opinion. As much as I would love to see it accomplished, we predict that they will fail.

So this is what we, a humble website, present as our truth, or findings to this open discussion. Below is another explanation of the heliocentric orbit idea from the man who started all this heliocentric vortex stuff, the brilliant Nassim Haramein.

In the above video Nassim reveals that “ 1 Earth year, our Sun has traveled 4.7 billion miles through space.”  To me this is interesting stuff. This means that WE have also traveled 4.7 billion miles. For where mama Sun goes, baby Earth and all her brothers and sisters follows. Why are we not talking about this NASA? We may want to thank Nassam, since he is doing the job Congress assigned to NASA when it was created. :-)


Is this even Important?

I mean do we need to know this stuff? Well yeah kinda. We keep hearing about the Earth being attacked by aliens, well how long will we last if we are not aware of how space works and how the planets move. How are we supposed to go to Mars successfully if we can not accurately predict where it is going to be. Seems like NASA either knows or doesn’t know this stuff. If they do know it, they are not sharing it. And if they don’t know it, well I’m not signing up to go to Mars with them anytime soon :P.

And what if we have to leave the planet or something, we are less likely to get lost in space if we are certain of the nature of the movements of the planets. Otherwise we can get lost in space. :-)

Please share any research or your own findings of our heliocentric planetary orbit that you may know of. I will update this article accordingly. NASA is invited to do so as well. After all, this is pretty important stuff right?

This new heliocentric model of the movements of astrological bodies may explain why NASA biggest achievement in space is the ISS, which is only about 250 miles away from sea level. Our astronauts are staying very close and playing it pretty safe. It is not surprising that they make it clear that a trip to Mars is a one way mission.


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