The First Law of Creation

One of my favorite teachers is Bashar. His main thing is that there are only four laws of creation. Everything in our reality is based on these four laws. Unlike our laws, they can’t be broken because they are unbreakable.

Before you continue reading, make sure you are not among what I call, the Profane or the uninitiated. What I mean is that you are not still, one of the people, as depicted, in Plato’s Cave. The people in Plato’s cave only believe to be true, what everyone else in the cave says is true. New ideas are not allowed.

1st law; You Exist:
You can’t do anything  about that. You always have existed and you always will. We are energy and energy can not be created or destroyed.  Try to destroy something; you can’t. You will find that you can only alter the form it takes, but the energy will always be somewhere in your reality. This is elementary science.

You can not even imagine non existence. Think about that, you can imagine anything and everything under the sun. You can imagine yourself as spider man swinging from building to building in a pink polka dot bikini, but you can not imagine yourself not existing. Go ahead, try.

Everything is also made up of something else until we get down to the basic element that all things are made of. What is this base substance or thing that everything in creation is made of you ask? Well the short answer is very profound. It’s consciousness.

Consciousness is what everything is made up of. It’s all there is. Its the creator, ergo its God, ergo its the stars, ergo its you. Our reality is literally made up of God. God, the creator of all there is, is pure consciousness. It is. It has always existed and always will, just like everything in creation that is made up of it. So creation is a very appropriate word since everything in existence is only being created from this base creator element which is the source consciousness.


Well, that child that is 7 and has never even heard a piano, sits down and starts to play like he has studied for years. There is no other explanation other than he had to learn how to do this. And this had to have occurred in his prior or other existence. His so called past life. There is no other explanation possible.

Why do so many fear that what Yeshua or Jesus promised is true; that life is eternal?

Now this is hard for some people to wrap their head around. It took me a minute to do so when I first heard it believe me.  But even from the beginning I felt it was true. It just made sense. All this time humanity is debating what God is and how is that everything in our reality came into being,  here is the answer. The Prime Radiant.

To be continued..

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  1. Zack October 7, 2019 at 02:43 · Reply

    I clicked on The Prime Radiant and it took me to a blank page. I would love to read that article.

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