The Ascension is Really a Descension of Spirit

And so we see in the Age if Aquarius, that the ascension in consciousness continues for humanity. Part of ascension means that more and more is being revealed to us so we can process and incorporate new ideas and information. For humanity this means all the walls of limitations are slowly (or fastly) coming down. We are now learning about “true reality“, which CREATED, physical reality. The Spirit world, and how Spirits have no gender. Spirit is BOTH. God is both. Male and female, or masculine and feminine energy, is the idea of splinting spirit into 2 polarities; so spirit could experience what it is from outside of what it is. This in itself was a tremendous achievement. :-)

The Ascension is really a decension of Spirit, into the Human experience. This awakens a connection to our true nature. These souls who incarnated and are demonstrating this FIRST are extremely brave. Bruce Jenner is a very brave soul who is here to help herald in the idea that all forms of separation are ending and are slowly going away.

We wrote about this earlier in another article here. So this is just the Universe bringing this information to the awareness of what we call “mass consciousness“, on a very large scale. Meaning, creation has decided its time for all of humanity to become aware of the idea that we are not our bodies, we are more than our bodies. We are spirits and spirits are non-physical, therefore eternal. As Yeshua(The being humanity calls Jesus) promised.

And what better way to reveal this to humanity than by demonstrating that consciousness is what determines the levels of masculinity and femininity one is, and not the body. Once this lesson is understood, then humanity can be exposed to the ideas that “hmmmm, if I am not my body… and my body dies, then maybe this means that I do not die with it!” That will be the granddaddy revelation of them all once that hits mass consciousness also will it not? :-) There is much evidence that the consciousness lives on in the book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton.

Whats up next? As I was writing this I was guided to the idea that we will soon be shown the idea that our minds are actually one. That we are all telempathic(humans say telepathy). That is what all the social media is about. Facebook and twitter and We are learning the basics of telempathy, through our sharing of information faster and quicker. This ability to know what each other is experiencing will increase and in the future lead to a point of singularity. A merging of the minds of humanity. Which is how it really is in the spirit world.

I predict the interviews and talk about Bruce Jenner revealing who she knows herself to be, will be replaced by interviews and talks from people who claim they are connected and know each others thoughts. And yes, like with Bruce Jenner, many will doubt and judge, not seeing that the judgement comes from a fear of change, and fear of the one thing that we were always taught was impossible; that we are made in the image of our Creator, and we all come out of this unified oneness. We will only discover more of what we truly are.

Don’t blink or you will miss the Ascension of humanity through the Decension of Spirit, into the human form. Which simply means that you and I are becoming more of our higher selves. We congratulate Bruce Jenner for sharing with the world who she really is. All pain comes from resisting our true selves. Blessings.


A great resource on actual Transgender people is

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