The Ascension Infinity Portal – Bosom Of Gaia

Earth-Keeper Chronicles
April 22, 2009
Earth-Day Edition
Issue # 30

The Ascension Infinity Portal – Bosom Of Gaia
Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you all in love. And as this week you honor the planet in that you term Earth-Day, we take a moment to commend you for that recognition.

Indeed your Earth is a sentient, fully conscious, and highly advanced spiritual Being. Know that every iota of honor you give her, is returned 10X-fold.

It is the Earth we speak of today, for indeed your planet is the tonal crystal that provides your portal to Divinity.

And so we speak of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. This is truly a land of immense beauty and profound natural expression. It is a micro portrait of all the titanic forces that form your earth. That you term the Divine is abundantly present in this wondrous and sacred Cathedral of the Living Earth. It is a land that offers many unique expressions found only in this area. It is a plethora of life itself. It has always been so, indeed it is a holy land, fully sentient, immaculately conscious and aware of its creative force.

It is a land that has played an enormous part in not only the physical formation of your crustal  landscape, but also in the dimensional architecture above and below. And while it has been duly recognized for the former, it has been largely unaccredited for the latter. In its loin sleeps  the noble and sacred fire-dragon that has fueled the kundalini of the leys of North America, and gently so. Yet in its heart roams the nurturing Buffalo and thru its crown soars the noble White-Eagle. It’s all seeing eye projects the symmetry of the  Golden and Purple Rays that exude mastery from its mystic brow. Upon whose structure walk Saint Germaine and the Ascended Ones of the Council of Light!

And from their unified voices  comes the acknowledgement of its new role, as the day of the prophesies arrive. And it is NOW! This land becomes the clarion of the Ascension. The Etheric City becomes a Nation, and the Nation a World. The World of the Cosmic Council of Light! As such we tell you that this area is vaulted to new brilliance, indeed as has been long awaited and prophesized. It occurs on the Solstice of June 21, 2009, when the two vortexes of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons merge into ONE.  One unprecedented system by Divine design of direct result of that termed the Cosmic Trigger. An Infinity pattern Vesica-Pisces flow is forming in place, combining the once separate vortexes of the Grand Tetons with that of Yellowstone. New grid patterns within the complex are converging, new leylines are articulating into place, and old ones are strengthened. Axialtonal lines are pulsing with renewed vigor.

The dimensional overlay within the Infinity pattern flow of the merged super Vortex-Portal of Yellowstone-Grand Teton has vastly increased since the March Equinox. The Divine Female energies of Yellowstone will blissfully merge into ONENESS with the Divine Masculine of the Grand Tetons on the summer solstice of June 21, 2009. This will be called the Infinity Ascension Portal, home of the Cosmic Council of Light, and it will become one of the five NEW Etheric Centres of North America.


The occurrence of vortex-portal systems is not haphazard or random. There must first be an energetic template in place that emits a ‘scientific’ basis of energetic structure. These base structures are formed by harmonic combinations crystalline mineralogy, tectonics, volcanics, geology, ecology  and geometrics. Combinations of these create energetic matrixes which become self generating batteries, capable of self directing consciousness and geometric evolvement. They attract frequencial ‘light’, refract it and amplify its various energy expressions.

Not all vortexes are portals, and they are not equally embellished. But all portals have vortexial energetic delivery systems, and these can and do dynamically evolve and emit their own living grids. The Earth is not static, and is in a constant state of evolution. The geologic wind beneath the wings of the evolution of the Ascension Infinity Portal is in fact the volcanics of Yellowstone. This energy is not only increasing, but also in a state of refinement. It is an energy that produces a myriad of frequencial sonic and photonic tones, and these have defined the recoding of yr planet. With the knowledge that the super volcano is one of the most powerful electromagnetic generators on the planet, it should not be surprising that it is also a key tool of the Ascension.  Ascension is change! How could it be otherwise!

Yellowstone is factually recognized by your geologist and academics as having the thinnest crust on the planet, the molten magma is only 3000 meters below its caldera surface. The energy below it is immeasurable. Because the spinning of your  planet on its axis receives longitudinal scalar wave patterns , the spinning core of the earth also generates these. In essence these waves are what Nicolas Tesla  (Omeronn) referenced in the zero energy field. They are the mechanism that produces electromagnetic fields. Yellowstone, then is playing a role in balancing the polar energy distribution of your Earth. The mainstream academics continue to embrace only what is termed scientific, and scrutinize and reject integral theories that could advance your understanding. But until mankind embraces the Divine aspects of science, there will not be the full picture or understanding.

As long as positive and negative polarities are evenly expressed, balance prevails on your planet, which is one of the reasons that raising humanity’s consciousness is so critical for the Ascension. You see the Ascension is not just a spiritual event, it is a scientific one, and so it follows a pristine logic that this area takes on a greater role in the full quantum spectrum of both the physical and metaphysical.

As such new portal becomes a crucible of purification and portal of transformation. The unique area of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons are the classic reproduction of all the harmonics and frequencies of the Celeste that are available to you on the ascending Earthplane. It is a harmonic symphony carrying all the frequencial notes of the Ascension. Within this magnanimous complex every octave, every major and minor scale is played.

There are energetic lines here that cross and spin rapture that reboots and expands you. It is an area capable of revealing that within you that does not harmonize. Listen closely and you will hear the notes within your present consciousness that require tuning and refinement, or indeed that require elimination and new creative composition in order to rise into higher octave. It is the harmonic cave of creation, crucible and transformation.

And just as your conceptual mythical stone age Neanderthals ventured out of metaphorical dark caverns into the sparking sunlight of the green earth, so there is a place and a time for each soul to willfully venture and explore greater knowledge of his or her subjective reality and system of belief. Masters it is the time and the place to explore the higher dimensions of Divine Selfhood. You are offered the opportunity to courageously renew and go beyond the comparative chambers of human experience in which you have now mastered. You are the pilgrims of Divine growth, you are students of the University of man, and this becomes your graduate school of Mastery. Whether you visit in dream state or in physical consciousness, if you are on the Hallowed Path, you will visit these energies and receives its transformational code.

The Land : Bosom of the Earth-Mother

In a very evident sense, the combined vortexial matrixes of Yellowstone-Grand Teton National Parks are a nurturing refuge of the Animal Spirit and Nature Spirits so revered by the Indigenous. The true spiritual core hearts of the revered Buffalo, Wolf, Bear, Elk, Hawk, Eagle, Coyote, Antelope, Cougar, Beaver, Moose, Deer, and Badger are nestled in totem within this energy. Yellowstone is the Serengeti of the West.

Despite its intensity and occasional erratic pulsing, these very occurrences benefit the land and create the life force that nurtures all creation in this Bosom of Gaia.

Here the hearts of the sacred four legged and winged family still soar, still exist in untethered earth, living earth, protected from the modernization, as much as is possible in your present time. Their unique energies are quite robust and merge symbiotically with the elements and directions within this sacred land.  And while the elements are quite raw in this area, and cyclically quite harsh, it is this very ‘unbound’ primordial aspect that in fact weaves into place the creative healing and nurturing that enables this area to be the Bosom of Gaia. It is quite appropriate then that the exquisite spire peaks are called the Grand Tetons because these living cathedrals do exude the etheric nurturing essence of Gaia, the mother’s milk of life, Akash. But we will tell you, the primary fountain of Akash is the geysers. We will speak more on this later in this assay.

The Elemental Kingdom and Obsidian Falls

The elemental devic presence in this area is particularly rich and tangible. These include that of the Fae, Elfin, Dragon-salamanders, Sprite, Rock Trolls, Gnomes, Undines, and Sylphs. The Sylphs are particularly present in the area of the obsidian cliffs and Beaver Lake.

With the five elements so vividly present how could the elementals not be so as well? That you term as the dragon energy within this area, is most benevolent, and care giving, on par with that of Mt Shasta.

We will mention quickly that the obsidian within Yellowstone is worthy of note. There are cliffs and flows of crystalline columns of volcanic glass, obsidian throughout Yellowstone. These are in 3 primary clusters. This obsidian here is very  very special, extremely ‘positive’ in energy emanation, and in fact provides much of the neutralization and softening of the energy here. The areas of the obsidian, particularly Obsidian Falls is amazingly rich in faerie , elfin and sylphen devics. The empath can easily sense their lightness and crystal-chime  laughter. The obsidian in this area has long been cherished by the indigenous and its outcroppings considered most hallowed.

Crown  Chakric Resonance

In a relative metaphoric conception, Yellowstone promotes and exudes the fire energy of the first 3 chakras, and the Tetons-Jackson Hole exudes the upper three, both exude heart. But do not misunderstand, there are indeed energies and pockets throughout Yellowstone that have always been fully crown level energy.

These then are merging in the Cosmic Trigger to form an enormous self generating grid of energies in balance. A mega mastiff of emerging inimitable equanimity and divine collaboration, in which the entire complex of the Infinity Portal now resonates the frequency above the crown.

In not so many years past the energy of Yellowstone and Tetons-Jackson Hole were indeed separate, and while there was perimetry interface, there was not a merging, not a blending. As such the energies were succinct, quite different in frequencial aspect. This difference was quite tangible to the sensitive empaths and Earth-Keepers among you.

The afore energy of Yellowstone flashed sequences of energy resonance that were quite forcefully raw and somewhat overpowering, as volcanic regions such as Kona and certain New Zealand locales project in cyclic pulse.  This energy in extreme cyclic phases could be intense, erratic and somewhat imbalancing to many visitors to the area. Those new to the area could often feel quite exhausted and off-kilter after a few days within it. This was due to the frequency differential between the intense volcanic hi-frequency pulses, and the comparatively lower median frequency of the visiting humans’ aura.  The result was a mechanically induced fissured human EMF leading to energy depletion or ‘auric-bleeding’.

Yet this was minimized to an extinct by the healing harmonics of the geysers. (Within the new system, this effect is beneficial in that it amplifies the development of the MerKaBa, enabling the seeker to accelerate the fitting of the new light body.)

However, within the relatively nearby energetic of the Grand Teton-Jackson Hole vortex, quite a different resonance prevailed. The Grand Tetons are actually one of the youngest mountain ranges in North America, yet nearby in the basin of Jackson Hole surfaces one of the oldest metamorphic rocks on the planet, that your geologist age at over 2.7 billion years old. The granitic spires of the Tetons energetically helix with the crystalline morphed gneiss to create an extremely benevolent harmonic, a harmonic of heart thru crown frequency. It is why the area has drawn artists and religious groups for years.

Indeed it is why the Etheric Cities of Light exist in the area, and why the beloved Saint Germaine, Lord Lanto and the Ascended Masters gather there. It is an enclave of the Cosmic Council of Light, that which you have referred to as the Great White Brotherhood. As Archangel Michael has told you via the Mastersoul Ronna Herman, the ‘Brotherhood’ is up shifted in the new format to the higher level of the Cosmic Council of Light. This is a direct benefit of the Cosmic Trigger, and the resulting merger of the two vortexes into the infinity pattern of ONE.

Helix Counter Spin Flow

That which has been in place is revamped, nothing is lost, quite the contrary. But the new super vortexial complex births new patterns, new flows and new energies. Energies not seen on the Earth in unfathomed millennia. The vortexial energies will not just spin, but counter-rotate and their energies will helix in 12-chord strand in a great complex weave, unlike any other complex of the planet as yet. It will fully aligned with the 144-Grid.

And we will say to you that two decades ago, this complete balance was in potential embryonic status, but not in place. It took the Cosmic Trigger, the coded electromagnetic release to initiate and actualize this new flow. This will merge more fully in the coming summer solstice.  Indeed this new flow will emerge into being one of the most powerful Earth-Mankind Chakras of the new planet earth. This has been foreseen by many of your ancient and modern-day seers. It is why so many religious orders have been drawn to the area. Its role as a place of healing, transformation and pilgrimage will expand. The Etheric City within the region will shine more brightly. Many of you will receive its call more clearly, and be drawn to visit the area in your own time. Not just etherically, but physically in conscious state.

The process will initiate to in four stagings. The first  on the summer solstice of 2009, and complete in increments in 2010, 2011, and in full flow and stage completion on June 21st, 2012, heralding the Ascension of December 21, 2012.

It should not surprise you to know that the four elements of fire, earth, air and water also uniquely merge here with the fifth element of Ether or Akash (life force particulate).
The Retreat of the Cosmic Council of Light

Now, there has always been, in your terms, an Etheric City of Light anchored within the energy of the Grand Tetons. Indeed many humans on the path of Mastery have experienced the dimensional gate aspects of Shasta and the Grand Tetons, and have read of Guy Ballard’s (Founder of the IAM Movement) exploits with the Beloved Saint Germaine and the Ascended Masters in the Etheric Light Cities above and inside these mountains.

Although in truth, these light cities are neither above nor below in a directional sense, rather separate programs occurring in the same spaceless space, and accessed by Dimensional-Portals anchored to the specific energy matrix of these locations. These areas, these etheric light cities are very key coding points on your planet. All of you will at some point spend time within them. Consider them graduate schools. Access involves the same mechanism as time gates. Well to visit these areas and exercise consciously what you already know how to do in subconscious dream states. Indeed you visit these areas quite often in dream states.

And so we tell you that the transformation, merging and emerging of the ‘Infinity Ascension Portal’ makes the access more pertinent and the energy of this realm is indeed up shifted to greater frequency. In this new energy seekers of the path now have the beckon and beacon to enter this realm more consciously, in waking state.

Question to Metatron: It has been said the ‘Royal Teton Retreat’ is a gathering of the Ascended Masters, and a retreat of Masters occurs here on the summer solstice, Can you speak on this?

Metatron:  Indeed! That termed the Royal Teton Retreat, congruent with the Grand Tetons near Jackson Hole, remains the fulcrum convent of the Great White Brotherhood on the North American continent. This etheric overlay is a timeless, ancient focus of great light where that termed the ‘Seven Rays of the Elohim’ are enshrined.

It is indeed expanded, and may be appropriately called the ‘Sanctuary of Infinite Light’.  And while we will confirm that this portal is a gateway-fulcrum of Ascended Masters and that you term Angelics, its matrix also in amplification contains the energy of that termed “White Eagle’ and ‘White Buffalo’.

In terms of the retreats occurring on the summer solstice, this is verified, yet we will add that The Cosmic Council of Light, Saint Germaine, Lord Lanto and the energy of the Ascended Masters are ever present. It is perhaps more accurate to say their energies become imminently more prominent and accessible due to Cosmic and Terrestrial alignments and magnetics during the solstices. As such the effecting beacon code of transformation is the summer and winter solstice, albeit the June Solstice energies are somewhat more so.

The Unique Healing of Geysers

Over half of the planets living geothermal geysers are within this mega vortexial system and in many ways that you are not aware, these healing vents define the energy of this sacred place. For they not only fountains of pristine crystalline waters, but they flow forth great vitality units of Akash, the basis of what you term Chi and Orogonic life force itself.  Over 10,000 geothermal features contribute exquisite life force in Yellowstone.

The gurgling heat and hissing steam has been misconstrued by some to be a negative force. Quite the contrary, the bountiful and vital life force these fountain are incredibly rejuvenating. Truly the ‘Fountain of Youth’, with remarkable ability to charge life force and well being to all life within its field. Those with specific ailments, those greater in years, will indeed experience and increase in vitality, libido, lessening of chronic arthritis and rheumatism as well as a renewed   ‘joyeaux de vivre in this energetic area.
The land within this area, is so wondrously unique, and so spiritually invigorating, that this vortex can heal hearts and offer inspiration thru etheric light portals that can change and enrich one as if the culmination of  a sacred pilgrimage. And that is exactly what it is to those of the Yellow and Violet Rays!

The New Ascension Infinity Vortex-Portal

The merging of the Grand Teton massif with the volcanic waters and lands of Yellowstone is now occurring and expanding over the next 3 years to 2012. The two have been separate vortexial complexes for aeons, but are now combining, and intertwining with divine purpose. Spurred by that we term the Cosmic Trigger, a coded electromagnetic energy that has been dormant since the fall of the Firmament, has been released and is releasing immeasurable energy beyond your wildest imagination in this vortex. We have shared this information previously, and spoken of the  of 14 sacred springs that would release this coded electromagnetic beginning its initial stage with the March Equinox of 2009. These areas are:

1) Mull, Scotland
2) Chan Chan, Peru
3) Tumuc-Humac, Brazil
4) Nagasaki, Japan
5) Huesca, Spain
6) Ekaterinburg, Russia (Ural Mtns)
7) Bethlehem, Israel
8) Yellowstone, Wyoming-USA
9) Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
10) Iceland
11) Kona, Hawaii
12) Mt Cook, New Zealand
13) Great Artesian Basin, Australia
14) Sri Lanka

And so if you observe the locations of these sacred source springs, note that only Yellowstone offers this flow in the lands of North America. Consider that for a moment.
Can you then imagine the scope of this mission, and the energy occurring there? It is vast! For that vortexial system is very capable of generating sufficient torsion to amply serve the entire continent of North America. Indeed since the Cosmic Trigger it is doing just that.

The Elixir of Life

One very unique and extremely pertinent attribute of the Yellowstone-Teton energy matrix is found in the living earth itself. This area is indeed a spring of pristine life-force, quite similar in that aspect to the Grand Canyon and islands of Hawaii and the land of New Zealand. We have told you before that volcanoes are capable of holding greater dimensionality within their matrix and the super volcano of Yellowstone is exceptional in this regard. The presence of Akash within the Yellowstone-Teton energy matrix is enormous, and second only to the Grand Canyon, yet within the vast caldera of Yellowstone are colossal pockets of Akashic life force that offer great creative energies to the land and life itself within it. Yellowstone is a cornucopia of life. It is verdant and flowing, rich in all aspect. This etherium vital is real, and can quite truthfully be said to be the ‘Elixir of Life’ . And indeed, it beckons you, renews you!

Accordingly the energies of Yellowstone and of the Grand Tetons offer many unique benefits to mankind in the now. And these are offered in trinity level, to body, mind and spirit. The merging of these two has been ongoing in preparatory flow-coding for the past decade and is now actualizing and accelerated by the initial phase of the Cosmic Trigger. This is precisely  why so many Earth-Keepers and Lightworkers have been drawn to this area in recent years. That draw will now exponentially increase, as the importance of this major vortex-portal complex comes into full focus. Many more will be drawn to this area for self exploration, review, balance and renewal. Each will receive the renewal code in download. The energy itself provides parts of the 5 key codes of the MerKaBa and MerKiVa in much the same way that this was done in ancient times in the Pyramid of Giza, you see?

Question to Metatron: Some a geologists have observed land rising and sinking and the buildup of magma in the Yellowstone lava-chambers and have concluded that an eruption is imminent. The geologists believe the Yellowstone volcano erupted 2.1 million, 1.3 million and 650,000 years ago, showing a release cycle of approximately every 650,000 years. Is the next explosion overdue?

Metatron: First we will say that we are speaking of not only a super volcano, but a super-consciousness. Indeed it is a feminine energy, and an extremely aware ‘Being’ that has taken on a mission. Many of your religions especially among the Hindu, Buddhists and certain indigenous have long recognized that volcanoes carry tremendous sentient energy-fields, and appropriately recognized them as Earth expressions of Deities. We have spoken previously about the role of Mt Shasta as balancing the energies of Atlantis and LeMuria, as well as housing etheric cities of light, and underground civilizations within its multidimensionality. We will say that Yellowstone has taken on many similar roles of equal importance. The primary of which is to surge tremendous frequencial ‘kundalini’ life force  energies into the EarthPlane and in so doing balance the polarities of North America and indeed the planet.

Yellowstone is extremely active, brilliant engineered and  embellished with unimaginable energy forces and these are being tuned and coded for release onto and into the earth for the purpose of upshifting frequencies to balance and raise  both mankinds’ matrixial resonance and the planetary energy for the Ascension. It is one of several global vortexes  in this role.

Now in reference to your question, is an eruption imminent? That would depend on many factors and time references. In terms of geologic time we will say on your current path it will not occur for some time. But in geologic time, there will be an eruption. We will say it would not serve the mission of Yellowstone, nor the Ascension for a cataclysmic eruption of Yellowstone to occur in the next few millennia.

But we will also say that the mass fear-attention of a cataclysmic eruption by mankind to the potential could in fact attract it to move it forward in time. Just as your news media initiates massive fearful attention and focus on hurricanes and their ‘expected’ landfall vector influences where they will land and flow, so would the fear of millions of mankind’s expectation of a cataclysmic eruption in Yellowstone actually attract the experience. Do you understand?

We have told you that the super hurricanes that are occurring in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico are actually beneficial for increasing and equalizing the frequencial harmonics of the oceans, and are not meant to devastate the lands. And if left to their designed flow patterns, would not do so. It is in fact the fearful attention focused on where they will land that pulls them off pattern and draws them to land in the media forecasted pattern, viewed by millions. Now, ebbs and flows  in the earth’s energetic grids and leys system cause surges or short circuits in these EM energies, which can result in a magnetic discharge or a magnetic low-pool, requiring the balancing of a tectonic shift, eruption or quake to equalize surges, and a tornado or hurricane in the case of a deficit. Yet these in themselves are generally of smaller scope, and are in truth reparations and prevent a greater cataclysmic event you see?

Question to Metatron: Is this why there has been a recent increase in Earthquakes?

Metatron: For Yellowstone, yes. However, this has not exceeding the normal occurrence in this area. The magma swelling and compression in Yellowstone shakes the earth in the area somewhat like the teetering lid of a boiling pot. Hundreds of smaller quakes often occur in the area every month, and this has been occurring for millennia.

However the global lands of your Earth do indeed quake more and the reason is two-fold.  Those in recent weeks are the natural reaction to the Cosmic Trigger, the global release of electromagnetic codes that are the initial phase of the new firmament. This we have spoken of, and it is primarily occurring in what would be termed the volcanic regions, and is the lesser quaking.

The second scope represents the greater quaking, and that which will increase. It is due to the imbalance within the center of the planet, within the very core, as to how the core spins both clockwise and counterclockwise. So then there must be a balancing upon the earth as well.

Accordingly with the earth moving into its higher octaves and preparing for the higher dimensions, without such balancing of the electromagnetics, there would be even more earth changes.  They would be first an earthquake, then the hurricane and tornado to balance, you see? Then another earthquake, then the hurricane and tornado creating a pattern of its own which would not be of assistance.  In this way, then, there is an anticipatory energy of how electromagnetics move about the planet, circulating about the grid system and then permeating the earth and then balancing within as well.  It is not done necessarily to prevent earth changes, but to bring balance where balance is appropriate.

A Place of Healing

Now, the geysers and volcanic of Yellowstone create an interesting, potent and unrecognized healing matrix in the area of the new infinity vortex.

The water that is spewed out of the geysers at Yellowstone is a unique cocktail of crystalline water, containing trace element content of both SiO2 ( silicate quartz) and sulfur.  The geysers at Yellowstone in the concentrated valley and indeed at Old Faithful, offer unique benefits to the human energy field.

Sulfur is an extremely healing non-metallic substance. Its yellow aspect vibrates to the resonance of hertzian theta, and works synergistically with the silica on the solar plexus chakra. It enables a significant shift in the soul’s understanding of itself, connecting to other souls, becoming aware of the higher aspects of consciousness that come into the physical that help redefine the soul. This aspect that brings through an awareness of one’s own personal power in this regard is of much benefit. It allows you an awareness of the personal power of humanity, it’s greatest gifts, what it can do in an awareness of entirely new potentials, and new ways of communication, new ways of interacting with itself.

Certain compounds of the aerated sulfur and silica are capable of forming a healing sheath, insulating the auric field in a manner that assists its geometric expansion and healing. We have spoken previously about the fissure cracks occurring in the human EMF due to the requisite increasing of the earth’s background resonance. The enormous energy field that occurs in the actual releases of certain geysers in Yellowstone insulates the auric field and reformats the field into the MerKaBic format. This due to the silica and sulfur components mingled with the Akash.

The traces of sulfur breathed in through the lungs and received on the skin is additionally very beneficial for the kidneys, lungs and liver. But we emphasize the trace quantity, not the excessive. But that which occurs in Yellowstone is indeed beneficial and not excessive, quite the contrary.

Question to Metatron: Is this similar to the healing qualities you have spoken of in crystalline silica springs, such as Stewart Mineral Springs in the area of Mt Shasta?

Metatron: Yes, very similar, although the delivery mechanism to the auric field is different, and the sulfur content is far greater in Yellowstone. As we have said it is in the perfect aeration balance, and is most beneficial on the physical level for lungs, skin and kidneys. Detoxifying on both the physical and indeed electromagnetic field.

Question to Metatron: Is this effect throughout the area or is it specific to the geyser fields?

Metatron: The sulfur effect is specific to the geyser fields and is most effective, exponentially more effective in the immediate vicinity of the geysers when the actual spray is actively being spewed, is energetically discharged. However, the effect of the Akash, the Orogonic or Chi energy is throughout the area of the double vortexial matrix of the Yellowstone-Grand Teton field. It is why flora and fauna are so abundant within the area.

Here is truly a land where the geology defines the ecology. The rivers that flow in this area, especially the Yellowstone River and the Snake River, are sacred flows of healing energy. Hydrolines of plasmic anionic fields tumble within and without the charging blue green waters. These waters absolutely are healing to the human field in their own rite. Well to bath within them in the shallows.

The Yellowstone River free flows almost 700 miles and creates an incredible canyon, 1000 feet deep betwixt two generating cascades. The energy of this area is palpable and extremely beneficial in energizing the human field and heart. It exudes a sense of well being and joy, in symbiotic balance to the steam vents and geysers.

Now we will tell you that the ionic ratio of anions (negatively charged particulate) to cations (positively charged particulate) in the areas of the geysers is quite different from the normal ratio. This can create a sense of initial imbalance and temperament among the people in the area. However, it also offers a different magnetic effect to the human field that can and does open doors of dimensional perception. We will say that it facilitates what may be termed out of body experience and a sense of time distortion. Yet the same can be experienced in a more balanced format in the areas of the Grand Tetons.


The Grand Tetons have long been recognized for the interdimensional energies present. It is in fact the proximity to Yellowstone and the volcanics that makes the Grand Tetons so powerful in that regard. That is also the case with Mt Shasta. The rock around the base rock of the Tetons and bedrock of Jackson Hole is ancient, vastly older than that of Yellowstone, and the very metamorphic crystallization of the ancient rock emits a pristine electromagnetic field that enables the balance of the area for the Etheric Cities to be anchored there.  As we have told you, the rocks that make up the part of the Teton Range are Precambrian gneisses and granites as old as 2.7 billion years!

It is far more than the National Parks of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. It is the sacred Bosom of Gaia and a hologramic graduate school for the seeker. While it offers great beauty, energy and renewal, it is a frequency of both gentle and intense frequency. As this area contains the full electromagnetic spectrum, there is then by definition the requisite presence of negative and positive energy fields.  It is an octadehedronal amplifier of what you are and what you think, and offers itself as a purification crucible of what does not serve you. When you visit this area, maintain positive thought. The ability to bath in the thermal springs and be amidst the thermal geysers offers great protection, and great healing.

The super vortexial portal complex that will emerge on the (June 21) summer solstice of 2009 will vault this area into new and greater prominence. This area is one that many of you have visited in what we will term the dream state. It will now emerge as a new pilgrimage site and allow seekers the ability to experience the Etheric Light of the Cosmic Council consciously.

The sentience and spirit of the Ascension Infinity Portal will interact with you according to your degree of Light Quotient, and according to what each seeker, who enters in pure and open heart, requires.

You are Beloved! I am Metatron and I offer you these TRUTHS.
And so it is.

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