Teleportation according to Bashar

Teleportation using location as a property

You already have that ability. It’s a matter of understanding a few ideas. You can give yourself a technological excuse for letting yourself teleport. It’s a crutch. Beings do it all the time. We do it with our ships as well.

Take a small quarter in one hand. Understand that that object has certain vibrational signature. That signature is what makes it what you perceive to be a quarter, that equation, that energy equation vibrational signature in your understanding of consciousness allows you to perceive that object as a quarter. Now, take that quarter and put it in your other hand.

That’s a different quarter!!!! It’s not the same quarter!!

It now has a different vibrational signature. Why? Because it is in a different location. And here’s the key. Remember first of all that continuity is an illusion that you create with consciousness. YOU are creating the illusion of continuity that says it’s the same quarter, it’s the same quarter that was there but now it’s over here.

That phrase ‘BUT it’s over here’ contains a lot of interesting information. What it actually means is this:

An object does not exist in a location; location is one of the properties of the object.

The equation of the quarter in one hand is not the same as the equation of the quarter in the other hand. The variable in the equation that has changed is the locational one. It’s a different equation and thus a different quarter. But continuity is created with consciousness between them.

Now, teleportation is this idea and how we have applied it to our spacecraft. And in a sense this is how beings use it who do it natural.

When you understand that location is a variable of the equation of the property of the object, if you are capable of figuring out some way to change that locational variable to represent the signature of another location, by definition the object must cease being in location A and must suddenly start being in location B, because you changed it’s equation without traveling in between. The idea is that any point in space has a locational equation to it.

You simply need the vibration of location A and the vibration of location Z and you don’t need all the locations in the middle, then you can have an object with vibrational location A, and impose upon it somehow the vibrational location of Z, and it will simply stop being here and start being there without going through all of the middle points.

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