The Secret Behind Abundance

7 steps to manifestation

Today was a big big day for me. Something that I placed a lot of importance in, an appointment, has come and passed, and it went well. Even better than I expected, and it felt great.

I now think back on how I got here and what it took. I had to use the total sum of all the knowledge I know. All the information I have learned during my past 3 year sojourn into spirituality and metaphysics and consciousness.

I had to use my knowledge of how physical reality is not empirically real, that it is just a mirror that reflects back what you put your tension on or where you put your attention.

I needed to put my attention at finding work so I became the vibration of work. I had to BE work, not do work. We are human beings not human doers. And so it is our state of beings that create our reality.

Now I have known this for years, but I have been having not so impressive results the last year or so because I did not NEED what I was trying to manifest in my life. I had money and shelter and food and so the need was not there. I was trying to manifest what I had no need for, so there was no passion there. Passion it turns out is the secret ingredient to the secret.

Once the money was gone, and there was soon to be no food or shelter, my attitude changed drastically because now I really needed to work. I really needed food. I became passionate, I became focused. My consciousness was now like a coherent laser. I became the harmonic resonance that is equal to the vibratory state of being that wants to work and earn money.

This vibratory signature was sent out into the etheric intelligent consciousness that some call air, but what is more truly what others call the holy spirit of the creator.  And it was repeatedly and continuously being transmitted by each of my heartbeat.  Yes, each time our hearts beat it sends out an electro-magnetic pulse which is the frequential sum total of the state that we are choosing to be at that moment. The heart takes a snapshot if you will of our frequential vibratory signature and sends it out into the ethers of our reality. We are all literally bathing in each others energy. We are truly one and connected.

This is the physics behind how we create our reality. Imagine if we are often vibrating and sending out through our hearts, to the universe that we are angry, frustrated, disappointed, and not ok? What are we telling the Holy Spirit that we want to attract more of? Now do you see the importance of keeping a positive and upbeat state of being? There is a saying among those that understand the metaphysics behind things: “Your thoughts create your reality, how miserable do you want to be?” Choose wisely my friends.

Choose wisely is what I did now that I needed to get work and earn money. And guess what? It didn’t take long for the Holy Spirit to pick up on my new vibratory state and spin into motion and pull to me the synchronistic events, people and experiences I needed to match my vibratory signature. Of course first I had to take action. I sought out the guidance of a friend who channels her higher self and asked her what to do. She informed me to “start looking for a job tomorrow “, and I did. I went to and updated my resume. I called some of my old bosses and asked if I could still use them as references, I even submitted applications for 2 jobs online. For the entire day I was focused and working passionately on finding work so I could earn money, by all means necessary. It has been a while since I was in this kind of mode and energy.

In the middle of this entire process guess what started happening? I got a call from an old friend who knew someone who needs help and wanted to know if I would consider working with her for a small fee. I then received and email out of the blue from a client who I did some programming for prior. He wanted not one but a few things done. Then my phone started to ring and it was someone who had seen one of my ads online. You know when you submit your business to one of those sites that list your work online, which is where this lady got my number from. That had never happened before.  Turns out she is starting an advertising agency and is looking for local people to send work to. She says there is a potential of her sending a lot of work my way.

So at the end of the day my head is spinning as I start to realize that this is just simple wonderful physics. This is just the nature of our reality and how it works. It is as simple as 1 + 1 = 2. It always has and it always will. This is the secret behind the secret. It’s just that easy.

Our wise and benevolent creator, being of the vibratory resonance that it is, that which we call love, created a reality for us where we can choose what we want to be, what we want to experience; and ensures that we will get it. It accomplishes this assurance by making it a law. In some metaphysical circles this is known as the third law of creation, or “what you put out, is what you get back”.

So today I made a final presentation to the owner of the advertising agency and all went well and it appears I will be getting a lot of work from her. Tomorrow I also get work from the guy who called and wanted more work. And after I type this, I will talk via skype to the lady who I have been helping for a few days.

I am a witness that if you change your vibratory resonance to the state of being that you prefer, and then you take action, you will find that your physical reality will change to match that state. It has no choice but to. You life will unfold in spontaneous synchronicity and your head will spin. You will have abundance, or always what you need when you need it.

So, what you put out is what you get back is the 3rd law of creation. How many more are there and what are they you ask?  Oh alright, here is a tease.

So, take due notice thereof and conduct yourselves accordingly. And so it is.

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