Physical Reality is an illusion

parallel realitiesIf you are not already clear on how we are all one and how everything is creator God. then you should check out my article on the Prime Radiant. This explains how God IS “all there is”. Now we will add to the idea of an infinite creator, that all things already exist.

You hear a lot about manifestation and how we manifest our reality. But what does this actually mean? How does it work?

The idea is that we do not create anything. Everything already exist. In this reality everyone calls me Norman. In another reality everyone calls me Richard. In this reality I am 6 foot 4 inches tall. In another reality I am 4 foot 6 inches. In yet another reality am yet another name and another height. These are parallel realities. There are an infinite amount of parallel realities. We learned about “infinite” in “the Prime Radiant“, so we know how this is easily possible.

Physically Reality is an illusion

Physical reality is an illusion. There is no linear line of things that happen per se. Everything  we experience happens dynamically, based on the vibration we are giving off at the moment combined with what we believe to be true. There is no true linear movement, as all appearance of motion is an illusion.  There is only now. There is no past occurrences or future occurrences. Just infinite now.

Prove to me there is such a thing as the past. You can’t do it. If you show me a photograph, when are you showing it to me? Now. You definitely can’t prove there is a future. ~ Bashar

Our reality;  physical reality, is set up so we experience it from moment to moment because that is all there is, one moment. What we do is we experience slight changes from one moment to the next. This continuity of slight changes occur at infinite speeds. This gives the ultimate appearance of movement, motion but it is just an illusion, albeit a very cool one.

The movies

It is not unlike the 35mm film we experience at the movies. On the screen it appear that there is continuous movement and we enjoy the experience and it looks very real. But no one wants to think of what is actually happening or it will ruin the effect of the experience. What is really happening is that you are viewing film that contains many individual  moments or frames of about 35mm wide. These individual frames or moments are then shown to you at a high rate of speed. This gives the appearance of motion and being real. It is an illusion.

As above so below. As we employ illusions to make individual moments appear continuous on the screen, so do the creator Gods who created this world we now experience. So now that you have the idea of how we are only changing the one moment slightly, lets see how the next moment is selected.

Vibrational alignment

The Universe loves us unconditionally. There is an element to reality I call “the Holy Spirit”. It’s that 95% of reality that you do not see, but its there. It is a very intelligent consciousness. Its main purpose is to make you happy by giving you more of what you are or what you focus on. This “holy spirit” decides what that next moment is for you.

For example, if you are happy and in joy, and feeling grateful in the moment, the holy spirit will guide you into the parallel reality, which already exists, that is most inline with your last moment of being in joy, happy and grateful. And in the ensuing moment to come, you will continue to get the appropriate amount of same. So in a sense, the holy spirit acts very much like a mirror.

Think about that for a minute because it is very profound. If this is true, it never really serves us to focus on negativity, spilt milk, sadness, or anything for that matter that we do not want to experience, because the holy spirit gives us more of what we focus on, whatever that may be. Remember, everything is possible and already exists, we are just shifted or presented that which we are most inline with vibrationally.

You get what you focus on.

So it does make sense to think positive and just be happy. But how many of us stay this way all the time? How many of us always look away from negativity and always look at things positively. Always see the silver lining? always know that we are connected and loved by creation? Not many, and that has been why we have had so much negativity and things we do not want to experience in this world.

We have been focusing on our fears.

That is why we manifested or found ourselves in a reality where our governments protects us from our fears. There are extra terrestrials that have contacted our government but this information has been kept from us due to our fears. We are currently in a reality where our governments have kept many a truths from us. These will all be revealed soon, once we tell our governments that we no longer need them to protect us from our fears.

My experience

What I have done since learning of how creation really works is change all the old belief systems and replace them with ones that serve me. I no longer lie, cheat, steal, judge worry, blame or have enemies etc. What I have found is that when I have given everything, and I mean everything, a positive meaning, I have received a positive experience from it. I have found that there is a holy spirit that is reading my vibrational resonance and using that to create my next moment, or create my reality.  My life has totally changed and my experiences are much happier and inline what i truly want. There is no negativity in my life. it has all gone away. Its simple physics, the mirror allows us to experience what we are.  We can not experience otherwise.

So all those ancient sayings are correct.

You sow what you reap. And eye for an eye. As above so below. What you do to your brother, you do to yourself. What you put out is what you get back. What goes around comes around. Do onto others… etc. etc.

I have found that all that goes on around me, from the people I meet, to the environment I live in, is all based on my vibrations. If anything that you do not like happens to me, I know that it is something that I need to change within myself because I am only experiencing what I am giving off.

When you think about it, this is a very loving and fair system. One that loves you unconditionally and allows you free will to choose what you experience. God has really taken itself out of the equation , paradoxically. We all decide or choose what we experience and the universe supports us unconditionally.

Vail of forgetfulness

We were all aware of this when we first came to play on Earth, but over the years and due to the fall of man, we have forgotten how this all worked. Now we are in a time again where we are awakening to these truths. this is why you are reading these words.  They are many who remembered all along and chose to keep these truths to them selves. They wanted to experience power and control over others. they knew that they could never really make you experience anything you didn’t choose to experience for very long so they had to trick you into choosing to experience the reality they wanted.They realized that if they forced their choices on you, like in the days of the inquisition, that they would not last for very long. They learned to use other methods like the ones you see today. Democratic or republican. about 50% choose to be one or the other. That adds up to about 100% being controlled and never actually getting to experience the infinite possibilities available to us. instead we have been tricked into choosing #1 or #2.  And so for a very long time the creator gods sat and watched as we creation slowed down to a halt. Millions were succumbing to the choices of the few in so called power.

Anything is possible

Now as we awaken, and after reading this article, you should know that you can choose to experience anything you want. All you have to do is be of that vibration or focus on it and it will be given to you to experience 100% unconditionally. And there is nothing no one can do to stop you. It is divine law. If you can truly believe it, you can anything we wantexperience it.

Don’t believe anything is possible?  How about a people who were totally enslaved and controlled in a world where they were mostly hated and considered the least? It took them only a few hundred years to where one of their descendants were basically in charge of that world. I speak of President Obama of course. This was simply because they more and more decide to choose and believe and they were supported 100%, unconditionally, by creation.

Remember there are an infinite amount of realities. This is just one. And the illusionary linear line we are on seems to be getting better and better doesn’t it? Keep choosing what makes you the happiest and is in the best interest of all concerned, and watch where the next moment takes us.

where we are headed

If we can choose anything and be supported, why don't we simply choose world peace? And anytime anyone speaks against it, no matter what, we know they are trying to trick us. again.

9 Comments on "Physical Reality is an illusion"

  1. William D December 25, 2012 at 10:43 · Reply

    Very Interesting. Thank you for sharing

  2. Rodrigo May 12, 2015 at 06:54 · Reply

    “It is not unlike the 35mm film we experience at the movies. On the screen it appear that there is continuous movement and we enjoy the experience and it looks very real. But no one wants to think of what is actually happening or it will ruin the effect of the experience. What is really happening is that you are viewing film that contains many individual moments or frames of about 35mm wide. These individual frames or moments are then shown to you at a high rate of speed. This gives the appearance of motion and being real. It is an illusion.”

    Can you give any source of evidence that this is true?

    • Norman May 12, 2015 at 08:33 · Reply

      Hi Rodrigo,
      Proving something of this nature is a challenge. One that I may not be able to do for various reason. The fact that reality is a hologram created by the Elohim is just one concept a waking human needs to understand. There are others for it to make sense. One thing is that humans have free will so if there is 100% proof, everyone HAS to accept this and there is no more CHOICE. Same with GOD, God can make it clear that he exist to humans, but it does not. It can but wont. Because of the law of choice for the Earth game. There is absolutely no smoking gun to prove to the EVERYONE that there is a Creator. But there is enough to prove to the individual that believes first. That asks God for prove. This individual who takes a leap of faith first is then introduced to more than enough proof. Once I started believing first, I saw all the proof I needed. I saw and heard and was taught by Angels. I spoke to an Angel called Michael last night in Meditation very clearly. I can not prove this to no one, but to myself I am 100% certain.

      But there is a preponderance of evidence. In law one does not need to prove something, one can show a preponderance of evidence. So each much look at the evidence and see if its is enough. Do Exta Terrestrials exist? There is not enough proof for many, but for the majority their is proof enough as 80% of the people belief in ET’s and that they are visiting us. Most also believe in a Creator.

      That being said, for me, I have seen this reality, act un real in many ways, once I started believing it was. I learned this from higher dimensional beings like Bashar of I advice all to study this material. I have extensively. For instance I have seen things show up as I have asked for them, as I needed them. I needed $2500 to repair my vehicle which would not pass inspection. In 2 weeks I received a notification from the dealer that they are doing a recall on my model and to bring it in for inspection. When I did they said they have to keep the car and gave me $5000 check to buy a new one. :-) On another occasion I needed money again and for some reason I had this strong urge to go upstairs and search the linings of my suitcase, where I found $2,000 that i had hid from the local housekeeping while on vacation in Jamaica 3 years prior and I had forgotten it was there. This was my Angelic guides guiding me to it. I had no idea it was there.

      Once you see enough and believe in Angels and God and a non physical realm this opens everything up. You start to see that the non physical realm had to create the physical realm. This fits in with the law of CAUSE AND AFFECT, which states, everything is caused by something else, even if that thing is a thought. Nothing happens unless something else causes it to happen. Think about this. This is how reality works. You just learned about the unbreakable law of cause and affect because I was writing this response. I wrote the response because you asked me a question. You asked the question because you read an article I wrote. I wrote it because I like sharing. etc. etc. etc. I am here because my parents had a baby etc. This goes back to all occurrences. how the Earth was created, by the explosion of a mighty star, and all stars cool and form Galaxies and planets etc. And it all came from an even bigger explosion that formed all of physical reality. But this law shows us that something also had to create this big bang that created our physical reality. And that my friend is non physical reality, or the Spirit world. We hear talk of Spirits and a place called heaven etc right? Is there positive proof? No. is there a preponderance of evidence? For me and many Yes, I just gave you one in the law of cause and affect. You as an individual on his spiritual journey have to decide and choose for yourself and investigate it for your self if you find it important as I did. I have studied much. Like the books in the book section of this site.

      So seeing that I believe in Spirits, and Angels and Higher Dimensional beings like Bashar, I have listened and read what these “higher” beings say and are teaching about the nature of reality and they all say the same thing. It is a hologram created to provide an experience. That only the experience is truly real. The reality itself is a “dream” hologram we are having. We dream in the spirit realm and wake up in this physical reality. Once we go to sleep here, or we die here, we actually wake up in true reality, which is the spirit realm.

      This would be inline with Yeshua(Jesus) who said we can have life eternal. And not to fear death. He came to show how the spirit lives on even after death. For many this is proof enough, but to some they do not even believe that Yeshua(Jesus) exist. :-) You see all believe is a personal choice. But I assure you, everyone goes to heaven regardless of their belief. We are all eternal in nature. For a spirit has no body and it is only the body that is finite. Spirit is made in the exact copy of its creator and is therefore infinite. Happy learning. Blessings.

  3. Rodrigo Gallinari June 8, 2015 at 19:18 · Reply

    Norman, you wrote, wrote, wrote and nothing to prove that sentence …where is the evidence that the movement is illusory? It’s not what the evidence visual proof, nor evidence outside the body says (NDE, OBE) even our spirit are always moving

  4. Rodrigo Gallinari June 8, 2015 at 19:29 · Reply

    and isn’t static.. if you put a camera, or anything to see deeply motion, you’ll see that It is ALWAYS occurring, and isn’t like Zeno says, or quantized motion, MOTION is MOTION, continuous motion.
    At the physical plane is like that, whether we like or not.

    In another planes may be different.

  5. David May 29, 2016 at 16:53 · Reply

    Thanks for the aticle. There is something I still do not understand. It all makes sense if I d be alone on this planet, but there are 8 biilion more humans/souls on this planet. And I am living in a human society, so dont they influence my decisions and my life and the way this society is going?

    • Norman May 29, 2016 at 17:01 · Reply

      The answer is YES, but also NO. Remember, creation is built on Paradox, thee is no this OR that, there is this AND that. Remember, there is truly only ONE thing in creation, pretending to be everything else. Once you see and understand that, then you can see that life here on Earth is a CO-CREATION. You creating your reality, in your room, alone, and everyone else is also doing the same thing. We are doing so in this software that has rules that we all agree upon, like gravity and breathing oxygen and we cant fly…yet. etc. So we have to play withing those rules and change them together by agreement. For instance we have agreed to ascend in consciousness into the Golden Age, so we are doing that.

      So we create a VERSION of all the others, from our perspective and belief. That’s why 2 people can observe something and feel 2 different ways about that one thing.

      Add to this that there are an infinite amount of timelines, so as we differ in opinion or choice from another, we can bring a version of them into our time line and leave them in their timeline. We are playing a game of infinite possibilities with each others and this is how it looks. :-)

      We are learning together all this complex stuff as we grow in consciousness. A dog can not understand time, and so its challenging for us to wrap our head around this new stuff. Just practice it. I get this all from Bashar and Adronis so study their material.


  6. the dreamer August 19, 2017 at 09:02 · Reply

    Reality is an illusion of your consciousness, but after you die it’s over. Only that spark keeps you alive. Philosophies often tell you existence doesn’t exist. I don’t believe it, it exists in your mind. If you can feel and see it it’s real. The illusions you create is everything, even the disgusting insects. It’s from your suspicions that monsters appear, if you’re conscious an animal might attack you then it’s likely to. If your consciousness creates being weird until you piss people off, it happens. Reprogram your mind!

    • Norman August 19, 2017 at 09:27 · Reply

      Thank you for reading, and sharing. :-)

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