Obama 333 & The crashed U.S. Airway Flight

An update on 333 is in order here, in perfect timing. I was reading the brilliant site of David Wilcock and he brought to my attention a few things I will share here about the synchronicity of 3:33:

First of all a little reminder of the opinion out there that this physical reality is an illusion and therefor “pliable” if you will. It therefore allows itself to certain coincidental (2 incidents) events. It manifests in what awakened people call synchronicity, which is just 2 events seemingly magically lining up.  Here are some synchronicity found by David Wilcock to world events and 3:33.

We all know that there is some serious new energy that brought about the presidency of Barak Obama. I did notice this but at the time I was seeing 333 everywhere, so I paid it no mind, as I may or may not have mentioned, for a 2 week period I was awoken as 3:33 shone on my digital clock. So the following was nothing new:

333 electoral votes puts him over 51%

333 electorial votes puts him over 51%

which spouted sites like this one here. 333 everywhere. Weather we are aware of it or not this 333 energy spread to our subconscious a bread crumb, a sign marker, if you will,  signaling us at very deep levels to “WAKE UP”. It’s that time to wake up. That’s what 3:33 did to me “literally”. :-)

Here is the second observation mentioned in David’s  brilliant piece:

The U.S. Airway plane that crashed landed safely in the Hudson, was us once again reminding ourselves that although times will look dire ahead, know that miracles are the natural orders of things. The outcome will be safe because your reality is an illusion that is malleable. And once again to remind us subconsciously and get us used to the 333 pattern, the entire incident is caught on tape by the coast guard and timed. The plane splash lands at 3:31 and by 3:33 everyone is out of the plane and standing on the wings. Twice a day the clocks strikes 3:33:33 and this obvious miracle takes place on the world stage during one of them.

Plane at 3:33

Plane at 3:33

by 3:33:33 everyone was safely out of plane

by 3:33:33 everyone was safely out of plane

If this is not enough to convince you, that’s not its job, the OTHER 3:33 events are the ones that will happen over and over and over again and at the points where we each individually realize and say to our selves, hey, this is more than a coincidence, THAT’S the awakening. It happened to me, others and it will happen to you.

If you enjoyed this little synchronicity tid bit that we sent ourselves to help with the ascension and waking up, why not check out the entire story on David Wilcock’s site, devinecosmos.com.

And those that start recognizing the 3:33 being prevalent everywhere, drop me a line if you want and I can point you to answers.


2 Comments on "Obama 333 & The crashed U.S. Airway Flight"

  1. Michelle August 8, 2011 at 00:54 ·

    Thank you for this post… I've been seeing 3:33 everywhere lately, and it has been happening for over a year. It has been a mystery to me for a long time, because I wasn't sure exactly how I should respond – it propelled me to start studying synchronicity and also made me realize "it's not just a coincidence." When I see it, I'm still slightly mystified but also comforted.

    • Norman August 9, 2011 at 00:02 ·

      Welcome to the party. It appears this is how many of us are being awakened. Our guides are trying to get our attention the best they can and this sparks our curiosity and makes us look more closely into this thing called life. To pull back the curtains and question why we are here? Who created us? How does this reality work? And when you start seeking, you start finding, and it is one fantastic adventure, that literally never ends.

      We are all waking up in the matrix!

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