Non Violent Movie of the Week #1 – Searching For Sugar Man

Searching For Sugar Man

We are starting a new series here on Creation Is Love. We will review and recommend great non violent movies for the masses to watch where they wont be bombarded with drama and Fear, which lowers the vibration. Where you may even walk away feeling great about life.

Well I just watched what was likely the best documentary that I have ever seen. It was the life story of Sixto Rodriguez, one of the 1970’s greatest rock stars that you likely never heard of. I surely had Searching for sugar man posternot until yesterday. This documentary movie by a young aspiring Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul had everything…even a twist. There is a great twist to this movie that will melt your heart and you will relive some amazing moments from way back in 1998.

It is based on this amazing musical artist who creates one of the best albums of all time, yet because he is Mexican, his album does not sell in America, land of the free. But in Capetown South Africa, considered at the time to be the most racist country in the world, this album is discovered and Rodriguez becomes almost like a musical God. Quite a paradox huh? That’s just the beginning of what this film offers.

Rodriquez was around during the time of The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan and in many places around the globe he is considered bigger than them all. Why because his music meant something to them. It helped them shape their lives and their nations at the time where there was great change.

This brilliant story first took top awards at all the film festivals then went on to win the Oscar for Best Documentary. And it deserved it. It received for much time a 100% rating on, but now its at a piddly 96% :-).

If you get a chance, run, don’t walk to see it. It is available on Netflicks and Itunes I’m sure, but the above here for Rottentomatoes has a few links where you can buy and watch this magical film.

Hear his music and his voice which is piercing and memorable:

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