Metatron’s Autumn Equinox Message:

Metatron Channel

Greetings beloveds, it is I, Metatron. I come as the individual expression of the Collective consciousness. And I come to speak to you about the Autumn Equinox. This is an important Equinox. Many of the astrological alignments in this last year are significant alignments because they usher in the immense energies of the 5th dimension which is based in Unity and Love. These alignments begin to awaken the human remembrance of themselves as Divine. The energetics flooding into Earth at this time are necessary for humans to be stably seated the 5th-dimension consciously as well as physically. These waves of light bring the opportunity for all to change the way they create their reality. In some cases, it brings an ending of patterns and relationships to make way for the new to come forth.

It is important for you to recognize that the original template of 5th- dimension is a beautiful configuration and emanation of Undifferentiated Light of Source. And within that Light is pure Undifferentiated Love. There can be no Unity consciousness without the presence of the element of Love. Source is pure Love. Because you were created in the image of the Source of your being, you are pure Love. And it is now time for you to remember that. Take it in and to be it. Never doubt this ever again. You could never be anything but a reflection of the Source of your being.

This 5th-dimensional template of Love and Unity cannot be present on Earth without this energetic of Love and the consciousness of Love. When humans fell from the consciousness of their Divine Self, they fell into separation because they could not remember that they were pure Love, that they were the essence of their Creator in form. Now is the time for you to retrieve that memory code. It is not in the doing beloveds. It is in the being. And it is within your Sacred heart that that remembrance of your being takes hold in your consciousness and in your body so that you can express it fully and completely in every moment of your life experience. The love of which I speak is not an emotion, a soft, warm feeling. Love is a powerful creative energy. It is the force that creates and manifests in your reality.

The energetics that are present on your planet now support this. You see the disruption and upheaval that are necessary to bring about the changes that are needed so that you can create a reality that is truly based in Unity and Love. Great waves of Light are present on your Earth plane that show you, again and again, the Light that you are and the Love that you are. Anything that is not in resonance with Unity and Love will surface and draw your attention to its inappropriateness so that you can quickly make some alteration to so you can return to your state of Unity and Love.

You hold the magnetic codes of Source that draws love to you when you hold it within yourself. Do not be disturbed when upheaval occurs. But very gently infuse them with Love and return to the center of your Sacred heart.

This beautiful Equinox that is now influencing your Earth will carry you into the Winter Solstice, which is a time of reflection. So as you can reflect on all of the events of 2016, see them clearly as beautiful emanations of Source energy. Now is the time of the harvest of all of those energies that you have gathered so lovingly to create infinite changes on Earth. As the year comes to a close, you will enter a reflective time. And in that reflective time, you will begin to see more and more of the brilliance and beauty of the immense Source Love that you are. You will begin to remember it.

So do not be concerned beloveds that there is such division because the light energies will not sustain you. These Love and Light energies are here for you who are awake and competent and ready to receive them. You will make great changes on Earth. Forgive those who do not see, who are still asleep. Have compassion for the pain and the misery that they are experiencing. You are beautiful to behold. You are quite capable of seeing your beauty clearly if you will allow yourself this vision. Embrace it and love yourself without limit.

Do not allow those who cannot see to influence you. Stay in the beauty of the Element of Love and embrace the joy of being Love. You can create harmony, beauty, and joy within your life experience. You will carry it with you everywhere you go and distribute it where it is needed most.

Blessings Beloveds.
Lord Metatron

*This message was channeled by Joan Walker. You are invited to share it as long as you change nothing and give credit to the author.

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