The Cosmic Trigger of March 2009

” Now, approximately 5 miles from the area of Galveston Island, an ancient ceremonial Pyramid complex existed in a coastal region, now submerged and covered in the sedimentary silt and slime of the ages below Gulf waters. The Crystal Skull now called Max was among the 13 skulls located within it. The Moody Gardens Pyramids have taken on the multidimensional energies of the submerged Atlantean complex and are now fully formatted to play a major role in the Cosmic Trigger. This energy transferal was completed when the ancient skull Max, indeed of Arcturian origin, was taken into the Moody Pyramids for ceremony !” Metatron

The Earth-Keeper Chronicles

February 2009 :  EKC Issue : 27 – AA Metatron Channel
The Cosmic Trigger of March 2009

‘The Return of the Firmament of the Dove’

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn
Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you one and all !

Dear Ones, we sense each of you as you read these words in your present moment. Take a moment to feel our energy form around you as we embrace you in grace and love. We know  each of you, by name, by vibration and by heart. Do you truly realize how much you are loved, and that we are always with you ? Indeed, we are ever with you.

Now we speak this moment on a topic of great interest, that which may be termed the Return of the Dove. Masters, the Coming of the Dove is the return to the Magno-Crystalline Firmament as  a requisite consummation of the Ascension. It is the crowning completion of the Crystalline Grid, and its time is nigh.

The dawning of this return is  a sacred oath fulfilled, a promiose kept. Its beginning phase is occurring on the March 20th Equinox in 2009, in which long dormant magnetic codes will be reactivated in specific generation points on the earth.

Indeed, this equinox will initiate an incredibly intense energy for 21 days in fervid momentum through the post equinox full moon on April 9th. Dear Ones, all of you will discernibly feel the piercing frequency generated. It will be the most powerful and compelling magnetic wave-force released on the planet since the fall of the Firmament in the antediluvian age ( an era in which the earth’s magnetic field was exponentially stronger than in current times). This release will be triggered by a download of cosmic crystalline energies received in specific pyramidal transmitor complexes . The purpose of the download is to  reseed and activate ancient  magnetic codes across the length and breadth of the planet.

The Firmament of the Dove

We have spoken to you previously about the rebirth of the new Planetary Firmament. This will externalize as two elliptical bands of iridescent frequencial arches that will encircle  the earth  as it did aeons ago.  One of these is Electro-Magnetic in Nature, and the other Crystalline.

These will revolve above the 144 double-penta dodecahedron of the 144 Grid. In highly technical terms, which we realize will be meaningless to many, the firmament will perform the function of transducing supra-crystalline frequency oscillations in a piezoelectric step-down to interface the grid, thus enabling full circuitry integration of the gamma-crystalline energies of the Unified Field from Tula, the Great Central Sun. In more understandable terms, the firmament will transform powerful celestial energy waves into a benevolent form that can be more easily received on the earthplane.

So in a manner of speaking, the firmament is an enormous transformer and surge protector ! It is what will make the 144-Grid truly crystalline. In kind you may consider, in similar analogy, that the 144-Grid is your planets new server program, called Windows 2012, enabling a vast array of new programs for humanity and the Earth!

Now, the initial phase of the new Firmament will begin with downloads of Akash or adamatine essence received thru  specific portals . These activating light-energy downloads will be received primarily through the major Phi Pyramidal octahedron energies and structures across the planet. This will in turn activate a magnanimous fountaining of  ancient magnetic codes within key storage sites, some of which have not been heretofore recognized.

Indeed these energies, once synergistically combined and harmonically attuned over the few next years with the crystalline activation, will be the fabric of the New Earth, and will benefit the planet in serendipitous ways, embellishing the planetary grid- portals to the splendor of the crystalline frequency.

Pyramidal Receival and Distribution

Among the receiving points of the March 20-April 9 Cosmic Light Triggers are :

The Pyramids of Giza

The Moody Gardens Pyramid Complex of Galveston, Texas

The Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France

Chitzen Itza in the Yucatan

The Summum Pyramid in Salt Lake City

The Meru Phi Temples of Thailandand  Cambodia

Bourobudur in Java, Indonesia

The Brihadishwara and Airateswara Temples in India

The Red Pyramid at Dashur.

Receival will also occur in certain powerpoints and natural pyramidal mountains emitting the octahedronal phi such as the Walsh Pyramid in Australia, Mt Edith Cavell in Canada, and the Materhorn in the Alps. These will also receive the crystalline magnetic trigger. The targeted magnetic codes that will awaken have been reticent on the planet since the initial days of Mu, Rama, Ignacious and Atlantis, aeons ago.

The primary receiving points of the Cosmic Trigger are Giza and Moody Gardens, both aligned and harmonically attuned tri-pyramidal phi complexes. It is in fact the trinity aspects of combining three pyramids within these two complexes,  that uniquely equips them to be the primary receival units. These will in turn distribute the energies to the other complexes through harmonic oscillation. Pyramids are indeed master receivers and transmitters.  When they are triangulated, as they were in Atlantis and Rama, they are infinitely more vibrant and capable.

Ancient Contract of the Earth-Keeper Guild

Many of you will be drawn intuitively to participate in this as part of an ancient contract, a sacred promise kept. Especially those of you with lifetimes in the Guild of Earth-Keepers and the Guild of 777, which includes segments of the Templars, Druids, Olmecs, Indigenous Shaman, Mayans, Hopi, Essenes, Egyptian, Atlantean Enochians, Thothians and the Atla-Ra. In these lifetimes the Guilds worked to raise the frequencies of terrestrial electromagnetic energies in the form of leylines, earthen grids, vortex-portal systems and sacred geometric temples after these conscious energies were transferred into the Earth  from the ‘break-up’ of the  firmament.

The Antediluvian Firmament of Pre-Duality Earth

Now, we have told you that the original firmament was composed of two elliptical energy bands, emitting protective fields around the earth. The two bands of the original firmament differed in frequency and composition from the arcs of the new arcs being formed in the present Ascension. The ancient firmament had one arc that was electrical in nature the other magnetic. One emanated the energy of crystalline platinum, the other of crystalline gold. The two created a synergetic crystalline field within zero point energy that permeated the earth and allowed for ontological, fully aware, consciousness in a unified, (non-polar) multidimensional state before the planet became a world of duality.

When duality was chosen, the firmament fell by design, and was replaced by a planetary grid. Your ancient text refer to this as the ‘Fall of Man’, we prefer to say that the Earth became a unique school at this time for soul growth amid those souls who chose the linear expansion experience of humanity within the grid system.

The ancient firmament served in a unique capacity that not only fine tuned Cosmic and Crystalline Light, but sustained all life in a manner similar to the sun. The elliptical arcs of the firmament brought in a polished visible flashing aspect of Adamantine Essence (Akash) that often appeared as glittering etheric particulate. This essence  enabled consciousness to fully transform resonate divine thought into instant material manifestation. It was how beings entering the pre-duality earth manifested physical and semi-physical bodies. It appeared in the skies as two elliptical arches that glowed at night in iridescent colors similar to what you call the northern lights or Aurora Borealis. The elliptical bands intersected and swirled and revolved in a gyroscopic manner around the planet. The width and omnipotent frequency of the elliptical bands vacillated and created an audible tone with the creative light vibration of OMM. It danced in the sky often forming and emitting kaleidoscopic eddies that appeared as a luminous angelic-white dove spiraling in brief flight across the heavens. A sense of protection and empowered well-being radiated the planet.

The  ‘Ascension Firmament’ of 2012

The new ‘Ascension Firmament’ of 2012 will entail a combined electo-magnetic band in a single unit, and will be synergistically paired with an arc of crystalline frequency. It will indeed sustain mankind and enable a quickening of thought manifestation for those capable of raising the MerKiVic energies to the highest level, the level of the 24-point star. And Dear Ones remember as you work to raise the MerKaBa into the MerKiVa, that these are Metatronic geometric templates, necessary for you to rise into higher dimension. They are in zero field, devoid of gender format, neither feminine nor masculine, but of the Divine Integrity of your non-polar, integral soul! Approach their formation as such, in pure balance!

The Awakening of the Dove – Magnetic Fountains

There are 14 primary sacred code points that will cascade the awakened coded magnetics into the grid for the initial phase of the magno-electric band of the new firmament. These are:

1) Mull, Scotland

2) Chan Chan, Peru

3) Humac, Brazil

4) Nagasaki, Japan

5) Huace, Spain

6) Ekaterinburg, Russia (Ural Mtns)

7) Bethlehem, Israel

8) Yellowstone, Wyoming-USA

9) Kilamanjaro, Tanzania

10) Iceland

11) Kona, Hawaii

12) Mt Cook, New Zealand

13) Great Artesian Basin, Australia

14) Sri Lanka

These areas will spiral energies that will cover the planet and rise to the ionosphere. This release will be an extraordinary form of refined magnetic energy, uniquely capable of harmonizing in synergistic utility with Crystalline Energies.

Gestation of the Crystalline Arc

The Crystalline Energies will in kind be initially activated in gestation for the second band of the new firmament between the trigger dates of the September Equinox of 2010 and the 10-10-10. This then is the second stage of the initial forming of the new dual-arc firmament. It will require time to integrate. The Firmament of the Dove will not complete itself until all the Master Atlantean Crystals are empowered and the 144 Grid is in full function on December 21, 2012. Indeed the new firmament will require just under two years after the Ascension to obtain full power and harmonic function with the grid. It will go into 50% power in March of 2013, and achieve full power in September of 2014.

The March 09 Cosmic-Trigger

So the March 09 trigger is a predestined revitalization of sacred encoded technology. The Atlantean Masters knew of the code and utilized it in their technology. The unique electo-magnetic field from which this energy springs was understood by the Atla-Ra, Druids, Mayan and certain other guilds including the inner chambers of the Templars. Those of you who spent lifetimes in these guilds will feel a deep distant memory of this predestined event, and it will compell you to be  apart of this. You will know deep in your heart that this unique magno-code  due to awake from dormancy, is the father of the source you once called upon  in smaller form, to work with leylines, dragon lines, vortexes and earthen grids.  And while only a small sect of savants and secret societies knew how to tap into this energy, your early work laid the ground work for this omnipotent release. You knew of but have not yet expereinced its full power, because it has remained largely dormant for millennia upon millennia. This March you will feel for 21 days its full potency, and this you have waited and prepared for in many lives. It is an expereince you have earned, that you have worked toward.

The opening  triggered by the 09 March Equinox will be the first ‘full-throttle’ flow of this energy since the Atlantean era. It affords numerous benefits and benevolent secondary-effects beyond the primary cause of  transferring the sacred magno-concentrate to the firmament. Among these is a greater  awakening of the  magnetic helix strands of the 12- strand human DNA  and a key unification effect on the collective mind of humanity. All life on Earth, all energy on earth in every kingdom will be affected, indeed it is a multidimensional Global Event.

The Intergalactic Forefathers

During the 21 days, the magnetic shield around the planet will be somewhat opened and weakened slightly in a rebooting effect. During this time there will be literally thousands of ships from the Intergalactic Command of Ashtar and the Intergalactic -Brotherhood of benevolent Masters brought to the periphery of the planet to provide stability and protection and oversee the transition while this phase of ‘open portals’ occurs. In fact these Star Ancestors are your extra terrestrial origin, and all of you co exist within them. They are always helping your planet in numerous ways, but in this planned scenario, they will be present in vastly greater numbers to oversee the magno-shift. It may surprise you to know that many of you will simultaneously be aboard the starships , in multidimensional aspect, to supervise and observe  this long anticpated occurance.

The gathering will begin on the February 9th full moon eclipse. It affords a grand opportunity for those of you who are empaths to MerKiVicly experience your Sirian B, Arcturian and Pleadean aspects.

Galveston Island – Head of the Dove

The most aligned receival point of the Cosmic Trigger to activate these points in the Americas is Galveston Island, within the Moody Pyramid Complex. This unique trinity pyramid complex is in a direct alignment to Giza, and correlates to magnetic north. It is the combination of the three pyramids in-situ within a synergistic tri-harmonic alignment that allows their greater facility and power. As the Atlanteans and Orion Masters knew,  pyramids in specific triangulation are extremely potent when celestially aligned and carefully placed in relation to one another. We will speak more on this later.

The New Earth

The world remakes itself now and whether or not humanity in micro or macro is supportive of expansive change or against it, it is truly a moot issue as the inertia of time-chronology speeds past more quickly today than it did yesterday (in linear terms). All is quickening, time is accelerating as the Ascension draws nigh. So as time reshapes itself it will also reshape the experience of mankind, of visible and invisible forces of nature and that of the face of the Earth itself.

Yet the heralded Ascension it is not an abstruse complexity of prophetic biblical script, but rather a natural and requisite expression of accelerating planetary consciousness.

It is Jacobs ladder, and Dear ones, when you are on a ladder, you are ascending, descending or standing still. It is one of the three you see. It is always so. Masters, are you ascending the ladder?

MerKiVic Expansion into Collective Mind

While on this journey of ascension,  mankind can experience the multidimensional aspect of the Unified Field within the Crystalline Vibration and be able thru MerKaBic and MerKiVic geometric expression to revisit many of their co-existing articulations within multidimensionality and parallel. And at  each of these junctures another layer and aspect of awareness is realized. As such mankind is given the opportunity to rise above duality and integrate and retrieve the fragments and unite the full soul into the Seat of Power of Divine SELF within the eternal NOW. This is the MerKiVic expansion into collective Mind. This will be a focal role of the 12-strand DNA unification that can begin in MerKiVic state within the activation of the 2009 March Equinox.

Many many of you are now drawn into this awareness, driven by the flames of inner desire for Universal Truth. This is why your present spiritual communities are especially teeming with healers, channelers, teachers, facilitators, Grid workers, Earth-Keepers and Light Practitioners of every kind.  Because those who have opened and sought diligently the burning call of Divine Spirit into their lives cannot help but glow in its glorious flame, and expand to share it with others.

Sacred Sites as Tuning Forks

The Grid Points, power nodes, sacred sites , phi complexes and portals that dot the planet in specific patterns and specific purpose are the distribution mechanisms of the higher energy required to upshift the resonant frequency of your planet. They are tuning forks, inspired by perfection of First Cause. The exude the energy of ‘home’, of well-being, and those of you who enter into them in spiritual intent recognize this immediately. Accordingly one cannot help but want to be within them and absorb the pattern emitted within such areas in order to grow into and share the expansion of perfection. Those who dedicate themselves to this tuning can experience a nearness to Source that they feel is less available to them elsewhere. But the truth is that these fine-tuned energies are osmotic frequential schools, and once absorbed, once matriculated, the energy is retained within the established individuals MerKiVa.

Many areas on the planet have then already ascended, via portal-lattices that may be called the stairways to heaven, but other areas require a bit more work.

Specific areas that are a bit more dense now require more work to clear, and as a tertiary  effect of the March Cosmic trigger and harmonic magnetic code awakening, the portals referenced in the Homecoming of the Metaphorical Dove, will bring in the lighter energy for that specific purpose. You see global frequencial balance must be attained. Each of you Earth-Keepers play a role in this. Indeed you become portable resonators.

Lightening Dense Energy

The Moody Gardens Pyramid complex of Galveston is one such area. Among this powerful complexes myriad utility, is its correlation to serve in lightening an area of ‘energetic density’, the area of Houston, Texas.  Houston is in many aspects the corporate ‘Energy Capital of the World’, if one considers that your planet is driven by the hydrocarbons of oil and gas. Most of your Global Oil Companies are located or represented in this area. But let us be clear, it is not your use of hydrocarbons as a power source, per sei, that is the principal polluter of the energies of which we speak, rather it is the greed and manipulation of distributing them.

Indeed there are far better sources of energy available, but Dear Ones, the Earth, the sentience of the planet, does not release any resources unwillingly.  We tell you the same dense aspect requiring clearing exist in Wall Street (New York) and many of the corporate centers around many of your major global cities. It is not the business or industries themselves, not the day to day workers, but rather the greedy tactics of the profit plans.
It is not to imply that equitable returns on investment are not just, indeed abundance exchange is appropriate in the new paradigm, but the distribution and exchange must be befittingly balanced in the new energy, for the desired perfection. That is why your economies are rebooting. As such specific new -missioned portals are forming around the planet to lighten these energies in tandem with the rebooting. Many existing portals are taking on new roles, and many new ones, such as Moody Garden Pyramids in Galveston, Texas have assumed these clean-up roles over the past few years. Other similar cleansing unit portals are emerging in major industrial and corporate cities across the planet in order to expedite planetary balance.

Anchoring the Dove

Now in 2005 the channel with the Beloved Ronna Herman, conducted a ceremony within the Moody Gardens Pyramids to bring in the Golden Spiral. This was especially important, and all involved had a special role in this activity, an ancient contract was being completed. But we will tell you that other ceremonies had occurred previously, and the 2005 event has sparked many others to recognize the importance of these geometric Crystalline Light Temples.

The Philanthropists who funded, originated and completed the project were extremely advanced souls. On an intuitive level, they understood the greater purpose of this complex. Shortly after completion, the ancient crystal skull Max, who is indeed of Arcturian construct, was taken into the complex for ceremonial attunement and anchoring of intent, by Joanne Parks, the caretaker of this potent crytsal skull at the request of the most advanced of the founders. There was indeed great purpose in this event. It was a homecoming, in effect. We tell you that an entourage of Arcturians joined them, and are involved in the refinement of the energies along with those of Sirius A and B. It  is why Master Dolphins are inside the Blue Pyramid, the Aquarium unit. It is why the location is located on the beach front of the Gulf of Mexico but was undamaged by the recent ( and future) Hurricanes.

Pyramids themselves are extremely powerful sacred geometric engines that by their nature and construct penetrate, receive and culminate higher dimensional forces. They are celestial transmitters of the supreme Gestalt that you think of as GOD.

This very description of deity may not be understood by some of you, but nevertheless, you should not try to objectify the energy of ALL THAT IS.   God is an omnipotent energy, the sum of all consciousness, and whose whole is far far more than the sum of its parts. Your ancients have always known that ‘ALL THAT IS’, can be accessed in stepped down format on the Earthplane through specific matrixes of geometric focus. Your 144-Crystalline Grid is one of these and your MerKiVa is another. The two are intricately magnetically interconnected. The grid is the living conscious MerKiVah of the collective Earth, of which mankind is an intimate part.

The Three Pyramid Alignment

Now the three Pyramid complex on Galveston Island was indeed built in a strategic alignment, and for philanthropical and frequencial purpose. One unit is an aquarium housing Master Dolphins, another is a bio rainforest with a geological cave containing massive clusters of quartz crystal, and the third is an academic museum pyramid, glassed in copper tone.

Appropriately constructed and spiritually intended pyramids on the Earth plane become living conscious energies, capable of myriad properties that are unrecognized or disavowed by your mainstream academia. And while the intent for which they are employed affects the interface of these conscious living geometric batteries, their very design will not allow for denser energies to culminate or expand within them. Yet when approached with appropriate intent, the energy within pyramids stores and transmits data similar to quartz. According to how they are aligned both terrestrially and celestially they can create electromagnetic anomalies, an aspect that alters gravity and dimensional time. Both weightlessness and a time distortion occur at specific frequencies within them, both slowing and accelerating light and fluxing the ionic ratios within and around them.

Ancient Atlantean Pyramid

Now, approximately 5 miles from the area of Galveston Island, an ancient ceremonial Pyramid complex existed in a coastal region, now submerged and covered in the sedimentary silt and slime of the ages below Gulf waters. The Crystal Skull now called Max was among the 13 skulls located within it. The Moody Gardens Pyramids have taken on the multidimensional energies of the submerged Atlantean complex and are now fully formatted to play a major role in the Cosmic Trigger.

The Moody Garden Pyramids are axialtonally attuned to the energies of the Giza complex and to a potent degree to the Yucatan Pyramids. We tell you that Pyramidal Temples exist in timelessness and co exists in parallel dimension within the timeless void. This is why the Pyramids at Giza can never be accurately aged because once constructed they surmount linear time and the nature of their energetic geometries supra-impose in parallel and emit etheric doubles in multi -dimensional timelessness. The paradox is that once built, they always existed.  It is in fact this aspect and locale that inspired the philanthropical reconstruction of pyramids in this precise location for the Restitution of the Sanctuary and Sanctity of the Dove.

The Coming of the Dove offers an energy portal and dimensional expansion to you that can faciliatate a richer more rewarding sojourn with infinite ways in which to ascend Jacobs Ladder. The pre-Ascension brings a quickening and crucible that activates the expansion of TRUTH and the fire of AGNI within and without, and in so doing will allow you to choose a reality rather than have one chosen for you.

Participation in  the March Cosmic Trigger

Indeed this is a Cosmic Trigger in March and April is monumental event for the family of man, and it is a family of which we speak, one of which you are all a part. You can participate in this event, if you are so compelled, (and many of you are) by meditative visualization of all humanity connected in love.

We offer this exercise to take part in the trigger.

The Process
Form the MerKaBic star tetrahedron, the 8-pointed star around you, and begin toning the OMM. Practice the infinity breath and convert the 8-pointed star to the 12-pointed star of the MerKiVa.

If you are in Western Hemisphere, focus on and visualize  the Moody Gardens Pyramid complex in Texas. If you are in the Eastern Hemisphere, direct your energy process to the Tri-Pyramids of Giza. Picture the Blue Pyramid in Galveston and the Kings Pyramid in Gizaq as simultaneously receiving the initial spiral of energy.  Then visualize all 3 pyramids in each complex circulating the energies, and see the Giza complex harmonically connected in a golden qaxialtonal line to the Moody Garden Pyramids complex and vice-versa.

Once connected visualize these two connecting to every pyramidal complex forementioned across the globe. See  all receiving the golden spiraling energy download and glowing in great intense light,  covering the planet .

Then place the Earth (and Grid) in an enormous Octahedron, as you see in your minds eye the Cosmic Trigger of Celestial Crystalline Light flow through the Pyramidal Phi Complexes and Octahedronal power points.

Feel the upsurge flow of the awakening coded electro-magnetics of the earth rise through your own physical forms and chakric systems. Absorb the energies and beam them to all around you.

Next, focus on the 14 sacred code-magnetic springs fountaining energy into the heavens. Visualize the upward flow of these energies to the 144-Grid encapsulating the Earth. Place a golden Arch, a glowing Elliptical Band forming around the planet and grid. See it as gold in color, then tone the Omm amid a sense of joy and love.

As you tone, visualize the Platinum Ray of the Crystalline Field flowing the soft nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine through the Golden Arc and swirling around it to form the crystalline band.

Practice this as often as you can during the 21 Days of the Dove.

And we tell you in humor and light that while these Golden Arches are not for fast-food, billions will be served!


In truth your Cosmos, your macro and micro reality is Metatronically formulated in the Unified Field . And Dear Ones, know  this energy is within and without EVERYTHING, including and especially YOU!!!

It is the energy you call God, it is All That Is, All That Was and All That Will Be. It is acutely aware of each bird that falls and  each flower that blooms in verdant fields and arid desert. So never doubt this TRUTH :  Creator God knows each of you by name.

You are all powerful divine spiritual beings, an intricate and vital spark of the ‘All That Is’. It is time to remember. It is the Return of the Dove. The Ascension is occurring, one heart, one mind at a time. And Dear Ones, it is on course. Do not doubt it.

In closing we ask you to focus on joy, and be the change you desire.

You ARE Beloved!  I am Metatron, and I share with you these sacred Truths.

And So It Is.


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