Man Says No To God no to god

Man Says No To God

God says yes and man says no.

God says man know thy self, and man says no.

God says do not kill, and man says no.

God says do unto others…, and man says no.

God says love is the answer, and man says no.

God says seek and ye shall find, and man says no.

God says “you have got me all wrong”, and man says “no.”

God says be your brothers keeper, and man says no.

God says do not covet your neighbor, and man says helllll no.

God says honor thy mother and your father, and man says no.

God says all prayers are answered, don’t tell God how to answer them, and man says no.

Man says that God said: “fight fire with fire, and an eye for an eye”, and God says “what?” “no!” “fight fire with water”. and man says “no! you said burn the entire world down and blind everybody”.

“We say yes to that”. And God says “nooooooo!”

How long does man think that he can deny his maker? Wait, that means man IS denying his maker. God is allowing man to say no to him. Very interesting. I guess that is because of all the free will thing that man has? cool! So that would mean man can do anything he chooses, including lying to other men, and destroying himself. So when man looks around and sees constant war, he can only blame himself, right? Same with crazy stuff like nuclear weapons and stuff; when they melt down, God is not to blame right? Same with the crime rate, hunger and homelessness, oh!, and how about heart disease? over 200,000 people die each year from the normal American diet, God can’t have anything to do with that, it is all a product of the choices of men.

Ya know, when you think about it, if man made entirely different choices with his free will, there would actually be heaven on Earth, when you think about it. Man would live to be hundreds of years old and there would be nothing but peace and joy, if we chose that. But why do we choose not to do that? Could it be that:

We somehow do not believe that it is possible. Maybe because we have never looked at it from the perspective that it was our own fault. Maybe we blamed someone else. Maybe the devil made us do it kinda thing. That would mean we are not thinking straight. We are confused. So how does one get on the right track? How do we stop hurting ourselves. I am not sure, but lets start with asking a doctor, a shrink. One of those doctors that treat teenagers who cut themselves. Those kids are treated and eventually stop hurting themselves right? Lets get some help, and treatment. And we will know when we have recovered. We will stop harming ourselves, and we will say yes to God. And we will have heaven on Earth.

~The End


Not sure if this is  poem, or short story or what. “My ma wasun too big on skoolin’ “. If anyone knows what this falls under please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks.

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