Jon Stewart at his best

Watch the entire video, it gets better.  Remember that at airing of the below show, the DOW was  near 9,000. Now it’s near 6,000. I continue to say it will go to zero because the stock market has to go and it will be replaced by what we hold more stock in, ourselves.

The world is getting more positive or nicer,  but dishonest people are still around, being selfish. They are making a last grab for your money, so be cautious of the people still protecting the system, they are scared. But have no fear, all will be ok in the end. The crooked market going away is a good thing.

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Enjoy Jon Stewart

The stock market is going away. It will be replaced by a better, more intergrity based system that takes into account helping others, serving interest of the whole and not just those who choose to serve themselves. We are waking up.

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