In 2011 I Became a Vegetarian

In 2011 I became a vegetarian. No cheese meat, milk or eggs either. Not sure if that makes me a vegan or whatever. Started from 2010 where I was cutting back on red meat and just eating chicken and slowly made its way easily and

Vegetarian football game snack plate

Vegetarian Football Snacks: Hummus,french briquette,almonds,broccoli, onion,organic almond butter and organic jam

effortlessly to being a full vegetarian.

It all started with me realizing that organic food is the way to go. I learned that organic food is the only way to make sure that you are not eating genetically modified foods. I found out that genetically modified food is rampant and there is no way to tell specifically what they are because those that produce it make it illegal to need labels for it or even to test its effect on humans.

I also learned about the dangers of eating hydrogenated oils, and if you check the labels of the stuff you eat, it’s everywhere. In darn near everything.I’m not going to give all the dangers of eating hydrogenated oil products. I will mention though that heart disease is the number one killer of Americans (not terrorists :-) ) and these oils, which are not natural, but altered chemically, and contribute greatly to articular sclerosis.  Also when you drop meat, you eliminate the second major cause of heart disease, cholesterol.

Combine that with the need to avoid saturated fats, one is left with little choice but to cook for one’s self and avoid most prepared food.

Once I started cooking my own food, I found I saved a ton of money, lost a ton of weight (figuratively) and gained ton of self-respect and a peace of mind.

So yeah , I’m a vegetarian now & life has never tasted this good. I find new recipes all the time and cooking them is fun.

When one takes into account that our air, food and water are all highly toxic as depicted clearly in this article here; the choice seems to be no choice at all but to love myself enough not to put crap in my body ever again. I guess this is whats meant by the road less traveled, because it’s already made all the difference.

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