Higher Dimensions

Creation is all about the creator experiencing himself, as it is ultimately the only thing in creation. We as its creations experience all there is at the various levels of creation, or dimensions.  These dimensions have different levels in and of themselves.

The first dimension

deadliest of the carnivoresOn planet Earth, first dimensional life is plant life. It starts from the simplest form of plant life, maybe something like green algae, to the most complex form of maybe the Brazilian rain forest, or maybe among the amazing carnivore plants that exist.

…the carnivores, or meat eaters, that use the sneakiest of tricks to trap their insect dinners. Take bladderworts, for example. They appear so small and delicate growing in a quiet pond. But these are the fastest-known killers of the plant kingdom, able to suck in unsuspecting mosquito larvae in 1/50 of a second using a trap door! ~National Geographics

Second dimension

On planet Earth second dimensional life can be said to be that of our animal kingdom. It starts from the single cell protozoa organism, up to our most intelligent chimps or dogs.

Third dimension

Earth has for a long time now been a 3rd dimensional planet. Third dimensional beings on our planet are humans and Dolphins. Many spirits incarnate on Earth as both Dolphins and Human interchangeably.

The third dimension is said to be in a box. Someone in the 3rd dimension does not believe in anything they can not see, feel, touch, smell or hear.  Their 5 senses is their reality, their physical reality. Look around you. Everything you see, can touch, hear or smell is said to be physical reality.  A third dimensional being will not believe in anything outside of that box, no matter what.

Fourth and higher dimensions

In the fourth dimensional consciousness, one discovers realizes (real eyes) that physical reality is only 5% of ultimate reality.  Just look at an atom under a sound microscope, it’s mostly space.

Beings who are said to vibrate at a frequency of dimension higher than 3rd was once plentiful on Earth.  We are entering a time where once again she will be inhibited by beings who vibrate at higher dimensions. Many on our planet, of who I am proud to be one of, are what is said to be 4th dimensional. The forth dimension is said to be of thought. But what does this mean?

In the forth dimension, one thinks outside of the  5 senses and starts to believe in things that exist outside the box, and that these things are very real. There are many such things, but we will focus first on the 2 most basic and important. Love and God. But wait you cry. Many people on Earth believe in both love and God, so they should be 4th dimensional. The answer to that is, people who vibrate at the 4th dimensional level are aware that love is unconditional. Also when you vibrate at the 4th dimensional and higher vibrations, you start to understand that you are always connected to the creator, that you and he are one. And as you can see just be reading the news, many humans apply condition to who or how they will love. They also choose to NOT love many of their fellow humans. They also do not believe that they all are Gods, whey then would they treat each other with such disregard.

Some brief examples of how many on planet Earth are truly vibrating at the 3rd dimensional level is:

Crime, fraud, lies, greed, murder, hate, judgment, corruption, war, killing, disrespect, intolerance, rape, robbery, torture, exploitation, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, misinformation, propaganda, hunger, selfishness, pollution, slaughter, bullying, bombings, shootings, stabbings, harassment, and cheating. Just to name a few.  One would not choose to commit any of the above if they truly understood that love is unconditional and that they and their fellow humans were all one and the same at a very basic level. No, that kind of behavior comes with applying one’s own conditions to love, and being totally ignorant of being one with the creator.


My point for writing this piece where I gave a basic understanding of some of the basic elements of ultimate reality and the makeup of the different dimensions was to illuminate that there is a vast difference in the consciousness of a plant from that of an animal. There is an even bigger difference from an animal to that of man.  Recall how man sees and views the actions of wild animals and how they choose to behave and live their lives. We consider many of the choices of animals to be consciously unacceptable to say the least.  Now imagine a species that is as different from us vibrationally as we are from animals.  Consider how they would consider it to be unacceptable to love only if certain conditions were met. Imagine if they knew that they are the birds, they are the bees, they are the plants, they are the trees. What if they chose not to kill, lie or even have a negative thought? That my friends is the 4th and higher dimensions. That is where the human species is going and that is what the ascension or the Earth raising it’s vibration to that of the fourth and then to the fifth is all about.

Added facts:

There are up to 256 dimensions in ultimate reality.  On Earth right now is just 3rd and 4th. There are plenty of adventurous times ahead for the eternal milti-dimensional beings that we are. :-)

Angels and Archangels assist us as we play in creation by ensuring that we always continue, when we are ready, back up the ladder and back home to the creator.

You more than likely started off as the lowest form of first dimension, but you did not have to, you can choose to jump to any dimension. Spirits have free will and can do whatever they wish.

The creator projected itself off as us in order to 1. experience itself and 2. have companionship.

These are my truths, my beliefs from what I’ve found on my personally spiritual journey. All beliefs are valid.  That’s what tolerance is :-)

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  1. Angela July 6, 2010 at 12:24 · Reply

    Thanks for the article. I needed this today after listening to the bickering of the political parties most of the time (what I do). Unfortunately, too many people in the political realm don’t have this conscious awareness, and our world and its people suffer for it. However, I am seeing some politicians who do seem to be enlightened in this way enter into public life. It gives me cause for hope for the future of this planet and those who are still stuck in the 3rd dimension. Thanks again.

    • Norman July 6, 2010 at 12:36 · Reply

      thank you for commenting and vibrating with the information.
      I think David Kucinich is one of the true few, the good and the brave. :-)
      We will all be ok. It has been determined that Earth will go to 5th dimension, so all the so called bad people will have to change or go away. Just enjoy the show.

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