Hemp & Marijuana Fully Legalized

Below is an excerpt from Tom Moore’s news letter.
He channels Gaia, the soul of the Earth
Gaia says this will be controversial even for my readers, whom I consider pretty open-minded. So I will begin by saying that I have never used marijuana in any form—have not even “sampled” it as Hemp & Marijuana medicinal usage to be legalized in futureperhaps many of you have. I had my astrology chart done many years ago and I was specially told to stay away from any drugs, and that’s what I have done—except for my glass of red wine every night for dinner.

I was led to learn more about this subject when I was reading my November copy of the Sedona Journal of Emergence, which I do a monthly column for. There was a channeled article by Edna G. Frankel. The link is https://www.beyondreiki.com/articles/articles_part49.html

Hemp CropThere was a lot of interesting information about these plants. I have also read about them in Wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemp . I really recommend that you read these two articles and add to your knowledge.

As I’m involved with TV advertising in placing what are termed “Per Inquiry” advertising with TV stations that take my movies and TV series, guess what commercial returns the most money? It’s a commercial advertising for clients who have had problems with Avantia and would consider an attorney representing them. Big Pharms are gouging U.S. citizens, and the drug commercials are just laughable with all the legal points they make at the end of the commercials warning of side effects.

Just across the border in Canada you can buy EXACTLY the same medicines for one-half to one-third as much as they cost here. I would highly recommend anyone who has trouble paying for their meds in the U.S. to check out Canada. Just start Googling Canadian Pharmacies and read how to recognize a legitimate pharmacy.

So I decided to ask Gaia about the legalization of these two plants as it appears we are slowly headed in that direction.

Gaia, when do you see the use of hemp and marijuana being legalized in the United States?

Medicinal Marijuana Yes, Tom, that is not a tough question, although it will certainly be somewhat controversial for your readers. Both hemp and marijuana or cannabis have excellent attributes to them as long as they are not abused. Hemp especially has a myriad of uses and it is silly that it be lumped in with cannabis as the potential uses far outweigh the .3% THC content [compared to 6% to 20% for marijuana]. This will be restored for use naturally in less than 5 years.

Marijuana, on the other hand Tom has two groups making enormous profits off of it—first the big Pharmaceuticals who know that the qualities of this plant means they will sell fewer artificial drugs to the population, so they “protect their turf” shall we say by supporting enforcement of laws banning its use. And then there are the drug gangs who are earning literally billions of dollars by supplying it to the American population and they certainly don’t want it to be legalized. So they contribute through individuals and corporations they own or have their fingers in to support those politicians against the legalization. Again, it’s done on a profit motive for them, just as well as the Big Pharms as they are called.

So it will take more years for marijuana to be legalized, as both groups will fight tooth and nail to keep it from being legalized. Certainly it will take up to 10 more years, but possibly as few as 7 to 8 years. First will come the legalization of its use for medical reasons. That will take some time but it is already beginning to happen. This will obviously take time to work its way through the various state legislatures.

At some point the Federal Government may step in and speed the progress if enough support is given. But again, much money will be spent to prevent this as long as possible and they will try and keep it criminalized as long as they possibly can. The public needs to be educated to the positive uses of these plants, as the older generation are mostly ignorant of their uses and benefits and are afraid and I might add, brain-washed.

I find Tom’s newsletter fascinating. To see original newsletter or to sign up, visit Tom’s website at: https://www.thegentlewaybook.com/

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