Happy Allowing / Halloween

Halloween originates from the destruction of Atlantis on November 1, about 12,500 Years Ago (11/1). The eve of this was October 31. Their fate being sealed, many Atlanteans had an ALLOWING. Where they allowed themselves to have fun despite their fate. Allowing became Halloween. There became an air of: “dine and be merry because tomorrow we die”.

Since many of us today had past lives in Atlantis, we have decided to soften the blow that we feel and remember at a subconscious level by celebrating and having some fun the day prior. We even remind ourselves to choose government leaders wisely by holding our elections, by no coincidence, on November second, the day after the destruction caused by the poor choices of our then leaders.

So as you celebrate Halloween year after year, know and feel the energy from it’s true origin; the “allowing” prior to Atlantis final destruction. And also choose wisely as you select those who decide your fate as we symbolically start anew every November second by holding our elections. So Boo!….Happy Halloween!

Note: I’m aware that many are not even consciously aware….. yet, of the existence of Atlantis.  For those who have became still and asked their inner guidance if Atlantis was, and got back a “yes” and are ready for more, I have found no better a picture as that painted by Arch Angel Metatron in this channel by James Tyberonn where we are reminded of the final destruction of Atlantis.<–not for the profane.

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