Hailey won the Jumbo!

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Who won the Jumbo? Hailey won the Jumbo!

Allow me to share with you a joyous moment in time. Moments are important because they are all that exist, as time is an illusion. Fabrics of the one moments stitched together to appear linear. Picture if you will a small family is on vacation at Rehobeth Beach, Maryland getting in a little rest and relaxation. They consist of a mother, her 3 daughters and a family friend. Ages are 37, 12, 9, 12 and 6. Rehobeth Beach is a well known tourist beach. Picture the family as they ride all the amusement park rides in sight.  They are on the boardwalk trying out all the arcade games in the area. They have been there for hours paying a dollar a piece to race the horses by throwing the ball, you know that game. They are shooting the water pistols at the target to win another race to the top. They are hitting the head of the hedgehog as fast as they can to win a prize. After a while everyone has one something. be it small or medium or an occasional large. They win so many small prizes that they trade up to mediums mostly.

After a while the picture looks like this:
But no one has won the Jumbo. All bets were on Mommy or Natalie the oldest. Or even Emily the strange one of the bunch. But no, it does not seem like anyone in the entire boardwalk will every win the Jumbo. No one even expects to ever win the Jumbo really. It’s just that huge eye candy they put up there to make you think you can win, but the odds or so astronomicaly high, no one ever does. No one ever wins the Jumbo.

It’s 11:30 PM now and the kids have ridden on every ride and played every game in site. they have won plenty of small and medium prizes and all hearts are content, for now. For what is about to happen will change everything! Why?

Because little Hailey, the 6 year old is about to win the Jumbo.

To shed some light to the magnitude of this moment, lets go back to their earlier dinner at about 8:15PM. After stuffing herself at one of ocean City’s finest buffet, Hailey is seemingly delirious from being full. The family notices that she is mumbling a word over and over in spanish. MAMACITA, MAAAAAMACITA, MAAAAAMACITA.  Over and over little Hailey is almost chanting the word mamacita. After everyone notices this and all laugh, her mother Jackie asks her “mommy why are you saying Mommacita? Everyone laughs again. Little Hailey answers “I’m practicing for later when all the cameras are on me”. Everyone starts to really laugh hard now. This is just Hailey being Hailey. We have all become used to her making us laugh from time to time.  She does so love to pose for the camera.IMG_2953

So with that premise in mind, we are back to the boardwalk arcade area and its about 11:30PM. There is this one arcade game that everyone has tried at one time or another for a dollar. It’s the cup game. You know, the one where you get 4 plastic whiffel balls for a dollar. In front of you is a field of white cups. A few are yellow and even fewer are red. And there is only ONE grey cup in dead center. Everyone aims for the grey cup in the center because that wins you the jumbo prize. The unthinkable prize. The biggest most lovely stuffed prize in the entire world! It’s the grand daddy of all prizes. Hence the reason there is only one grey cup. The guy that works there knows that no one ever wins the jumbo, but the hope of winning is where they make their money. Everyone tries and everyone fails due to the odds.

Now our little family is no different. Mommy gives them all a dollar and they all get four balls and they all throw and they all fail. Everyone now and then someone wins a red or a yellow.

That’s a small and medium prize.  Hailey gets her 4 balls and on her first throw, it goes right into the grey cup. And just like that Hailey has her moment. Hailey has won the JUMBO! Her mother goes crazy. Her family goes nuts. All the people nearby are congratulating her and taking her picture, just like she predicted. Out of the thousands of people who have tried, a 6 year old has won the JUMBO prize.  And she could not be happier. As the camera’s flashed and Hailey posed, her mother keeps asking her “who won the jumbo?” Hailey answers “I won the jumbo!” The moment seemed like the skies opened up and Angels came down to witness the miracle. The air is electric with love and joy because little Hailey has won the JUMBO!

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