Female Indigo Children in action

Make no mistake about it, today’s children being born and the Masters about to enter ARE a new species. They are not like us. They are remembering more than us when they come in through incarnation, of who they are. They are a more purer vibration of  love (God), which is unconditional.

In India, 3 out of 4 children being born are female. In their ignorant splendor, Indians are aborting these young saviors who were sent by divine dispensation and who are coming to save them, out of the old masculine beliefs and energy that a male child is better.

But in the end these little saviors will save us from ourselves, because, it is written, how long can man defy his maker?

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Notice if you will how many females are being born. Notice also how it seems everyday now more and more people are dying, more often. Last few weeks were Michael Jackson, Farah faucet, DJ Am, Patrick Swazey, Ed Mcmahon just to name a few of the famous. There is a shift taking place. Out with the old energy, in with the new. This age of Aquarius is the end of a grand cycle of 25,000 years. Beings from all over are looking at the Earth in awe. Why? Because the Earth is ascending from 3rd dimensional consciousness to the 5th. It would seem that the promise of Yeshua has come through. The Christ consciousness is returning via our children. It’s not  a matter of which child is the Christ, they are all the Christ. Heaven on Earth is happening. The heavily masculine Earth is being brought back into balance by an in pouring of feminine energy. Our children are mad as hell, and they are bringing divine love with them.

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