Dr. Patcrick Flanagan AKA: Nikola Tesla

Dr. Patrick Flanagan

This is an introduction to an amazing human being and Scientist, Dr. Patrick Flanagan. Time magazine said he is one of the best scientists on the planet today; which gives much credence to the idea that he is the re-incarnation of the great Nikola Tesla.

When he was 2 years old his mother let him “play” with a bottle of mercury. He ingested some of it as he played with it and he developed a form of Autism and did not speak again until he was 5 years old. As he recovered, he would stutter because his thoughts were moving so fast for his speech.

He discovered he could read about 1400 words a second and so he read many many books. He read every book in his local library and when he asked for more, they pointed him to a basement full of books that were to be burned due to lack of interest, and he read ll of those as well. Not only could he remember all the information in the books, he had an uncanny ability to see and make connections between aspect of things that on the surface didn’t appear to have any connection.

He received his 1st patent for a science fair project he made at the age of 11. It was a device that detected guided missiles. He was contacted by the DOD, who bought his device, and swore him and his “If-you-wish-to-understand-the-Universe-think-of-energy-frequency-and-vibration.”-Nikola-Teslafamily to secrecy after threatening them with treason and a firing squad if he ever talked.

So, needless to say, Dr. Patrick Flanagan is a man of amazing talents and abilities as it pertains to unraveling and bringing in, the many secrets that the Universe has to offer humanity, for humanity’s benefit. You can read more about his history on his site.

This article will focus on a few of his videos, which explains what the good doctor has to offer, to those that choose to believe. I hope you find him as fascinating as we do.

Oh, and by the way… he is the apparent re-incarnation of the great Nikola Tesla. And he kinda lives up to it.

Star Power – Megahydrate


He can clean up Fukashima


Nikola Tesla Is Back!


And so it become clear how all the changes on Earth will be coming about for the Golden Age of peace in this Age of Aquarius. As the bible says:

Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing , ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the Earth shall cast out the dead.

~Isahia 29:19

This is reincarnation. Visit Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s website at PhiSciences.com. His Youtube channel is simply amazing! It inspired this article.

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  1. Mary Ann Harrington December 22, 2019 at 14:46 · Reply

    Last night I saw an interview with Patrick Flanagan on Gaia. I was unfamiliar with him. In the interview, he said was Nicola Testa reincarnated. I work with nonverbal people with autism. Through typing and an atypical method of telepathy, channelling, or simultaneous knowing, they bring information through me or with me. Unfortunately, it is tempered by my own knowledge base, vocabulary, and perhaps bias. I feel Patrick Flanagan might gain insights from meeting my friend or friends, and also offer insights into their seemingly expanded awareness. I would love it if he would contact me for further information.

    If interested he can use the above email or call me at 414-232-3090.

    Samples of info on Tesla:

    What did Nicola Tesla mean when he said universe is composed of energy and vibration?

    Energy is the composite of the universe. Vibration is its pulse. Frequency determines how the energy identifies molecular structures which quicken the pulse of creation. Creation occurs when these systems align in your solar system. Key to understanding lies in acceptance of joining force fields with the center point. Center point is the unifying cohesive force-God. Stagnation in evolutionary process occurs here on earth because blockages of living treasures occur.

    What do you mean by living treasures?

    Living treasures are soul opening frequencies moving through human spirit. Mankind journeys inward to reach the keeper of universal principles, but often hesitates to see truth. Open hearts more able to evolve because great force field assists in getting to greatest momentum of energy particles vibrating in mass distribution. Frequency highly accelerated when heart driven. Hope this keeps occurring so we can perpetuate a kinder way of being. Great hope I have for human kind. Just like a flower opens to the sun. Man can open to God, the almighty principle of creation.

    Tesla was able to bring universal principles into his earthbound awareness. When he was earthbound, he heard the healing truth by absorbing information from the core of boundless possibilities. His genius laid in hearing the vibrations in sync with identifying principles that orchestrate movement of particles, fine tuning curious ideas to penetrate the human mind. Just remember souls unite in an effort to evolve mankind. They generate the universal principle of order heading toward multiple dimensional thinking where many vibrations sync together to best find the creative impetus that will guide mankind to persist in moving creation forward.

    Like Tesla, you need to listen to your inner voice. Line up energy streams. Journey inward until you begin to absorb truth of creative potential trying to break through. Difficult to look inward. Logic interferes.

    True genius moves beyond logic -portal to divine assistance. Great genius open to those ready to leave logic behind-easier said than done. Heartfelt knowing reward for journeys of the soul. Tesla was capable! Teasing others to engage in experiments with unpredictable outcomes. (Anthony Brown 9/23/2014 ECC typed with Mary Ann)

    Tesla understood Knowledge is in the soul deep within our DNA. People can open themselves to truth through kindness. Kindness is a heart felt vibration that keeps us united with truth of the soul. Open your heart and you will understand the depth seen by autistic souls like me. Heal others, as you heal yourself. Bring God home. Do not lock him out.

    Tesla wants principles of Energetics to be incorporated in small amounts to advance current systems in place. Tesla is aware mankind now doing a poor job of sharing resources. Sees opportunity real soon. Dreams of a time when power and greed subside to a make room for advancements. Brave new kindness moving into alignment. Beginning to take hold in small increments. Time is going real fast right now, Preservation of our planet is at stake. When man is aligned and ready, technology of free energy will appear. Now is not the time for development. ( Anthony Brown typed ECC 6/02/17 )

    PS. Planetary shifts create new opportunists for heart alignment to move mankind to place of service. Advanced technologies assume great Responsibility. (Anthony typed 6/02/17.) abc

    Hope to hear from Dr. Flanagan. My intention is set:). I am hopeful with the help of my nonverbal autistic friends , we can advance each others perspective. Sincerely, Mary Ann Harrington

  2. Marguerite Lippert January 7, 2020 at 20:39 · Reply

    Dear Nikola Patrick Tesla Flanagan ~
    Thanqueue for everything . You and your work are an electromagnetic powerhouse of grace and brilliance . Enjoy your Bardo . And keep on keeping on .

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