Dr. Greer Disclosure update Webinar

This article is all about sharing the link to the new webinar Dr. Steven Greer just did to update us on stuff. You can listen to it here.

On August 22nd 2012, Dr. Greer held a webinar where you could hear him give an update on The Disclosure Project and the Sirius movie project.

I found it to be very interesting as he revealed a bunch of new stuff that he had never revealed before; or at least I had never heard of before. Like I knew about the Phoenix lights, but I never knew that his group had done a session and was calling for ET’s to making a big showing so that everyone would know of their presence and they appeared directly above where they were holding the gathering! This makes me even more confident that disclosure is going to happen and I can see how it will.

A recording of the webinar is available here.

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  1. Chris September 28, 2012 at 11:50 · Reply

    I do have a question: If Steven is in contact with aliens and we need cheap energy….why doesn’t he just ask them for it and get the Technology from the aliens so we can make this happen ?

    • Norman October 19, 2012 at 18:11 · Reply

      Good question Chris. The answer I have seen many times is: These ET’s are loving respecting being. And loving respecting being do not impose their will on other societies. Many people do not even believe in ET’s and if they came down and showed themselves they would be imposing into the beliefs of those people.

      Once more people or everyone believes in the existence of ET’s and that they are loving (many believe in what they see in the movies) then they will make first contact pretty much like the Vulcans did in Star Trek.

      Also our elected Governments already know of the existence of ET’s and of the availability of these technologies. And have been keeping it from us. So ET’s see it as we have to fix some in house issues and realize we are our governments. If our governments are saying no to ET’s they will not land as our government represent us. So we have some work to do in that area, which is what the Occupy movements are all about. Which is what changes in the middle east where the people are ousting their leaders and replacing systems etc. All is on track for first contact. It will happen.

      Blessings for this great question

  2. PT Rothschild February 28, 2016 at 22:11 · Reply

    I listened to several of your vids on youtube and found them fascinating and informative. I released my memoirs in 2012, ISBN 9781478318217. The whole book is absolutely true though some of the names were changed to protect the guilty. However the last chapter, Chapter 20, is a mix of philosophy, prophecy, Biblical discernment, and a riddle. It’s entire content is directly taken from two epiphanies that were sent from the Moirai. I was wondering if you have any experience with these Immortals. To me they fit across several visitation scenarios but are different from each while having elements from them all. I have never run across anyone else who has any modern day knowledge of them. Thank you, Dr.

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