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I have seen what is going on in this country regarding health care. I have in particular noticed the concerted effort against it being demonstrated by some. I thought it odd and peculiar that people would do this. I started thinking why they would choose to be against helping others and themselves? I kept coming up with the same answer. It was even quite obvious to me. But I am me. My truths are my truths. What is important is what the majority of Americans feel think and choose, because that is probably what will prevail.

In my opinion the people doing the protesting are not sincere. They have an agenda. They are a well organized mechanism. What makes their organizers do what they are doing? Fear. One word behind all the hate and anger. Fear is always the root cause of negative emotions. For there is only Love  and it’s opposite fear  in existence in this world.  So what does not come from love, has to originate from fear.

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That’s why there are only 2 types of people in this world.

1. Those who are considerate of others.

2. Those who are considerate of self.

Those that are considerate of others come from the vibration of love. Those who consider themselves, are coming from the vibration of fear. What do they fear? They fear that if they help or consider others, that they will be giving their power away.  This however is falsehood as in actuality, the more we help each other, the more we empower ourselves also, as we are part of the whole are we not? As above so below. It’s basic physics when you think about it . But when we are afraid, we don’t always think straight.

Now you know why opponents always try to use fear tactics against their foes.  It’s a sound tactic.

Now you know why there is always 59 minutes of bad news and only one minute of good news on the major news networks. Someone considers us the enemy and they do not want us thinking straight. Hence the fear based news. “9 people killed today in a bank. Baby kidnapped again. Breaking news”. I wonder if it’s good news? “Hurricane Doris is forming off the Atlantic”  Even the weather? You are scaring me with the weather?  But the weather never goes away. “Neither will our fear”. To learn more about what I thing of weather and fear, read this article of mine.

So now you see what is going on and why you should not be scared, as there is nothing to fear. Fear is seldom in my toolbox anymore as I now choose the opposite of fear, love.

Back to the health care fear based protesting with the overly angry mobs who are rude and extremely negative. Why are they against free health care for all? The costs? I don’t believe so. First of all where were they when we went to war? How come nobody’s mad at the cost of a war that has not done much but make a bunch of war mongers richer?  So it is not the costs, we have an unlimited amount of money. After all we just print it and spend it it seems like. To get the answer we have to go back to when last we saw this kind of grouped based negativity and hate. During the Mccarthy hearings. Then it was against communism. This time it is against community health care kinda, so it is kinda the same thing. Back then it was against communists. Let’s look at the root of that word, communist, from community. Comm Unity. Common unity.  Now we are getting somewhere. Back then, there were people who were against common unity, in any form. These people were capitalists. They believed, forget the common unity, we don’t want it. We want to be able to capitalize on whatever we can do to better ourselves. Does this sound familiar?  We have simply fear and love, or service of others or service of self.  It always break down to one or the other people. Always.

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So back during the old days. There was a choice to be made in the world. Communism or capitalism. Service or others or service or self. There was a concerted effort made by people in power to have service of self  be the choice. They created a fear based propaganda which as I have shown you is designed to not make you think straight. It worked as we bought into the fear and wanted no part of this common unity. We wanted to be able to capitalize for ourselves. That is what we chose and the rest was history. We are either happy with our capitalist history that we chose or we are not. It is what it is. Now for some reason, here we are again faced with the exact same decision. It’s like creation is saying “what you resist, persists”.  And after we have slain the capitalist presidents and their trying to capitalize for themselves some fortune from their wars, we have decided we have had enough of that and voted them out. We voted for this new guy. Well this new guy wants us to be more unified. He feels we have tried service of selves plenty and now he wanted to give service of others a try this time. He feels, like most, this is the way to go. I was voted in, this is where I say we go.  And out of the wood works here comes that same old fear tactic, that same old stuff we saw during the Mcarthy hearing where we are supposed to be afraid of the bad old common unity. Just like before they say in very angry tones how this is bad and how we can’t do this….What is important to understand and see is how it is simply the same thing. Same anger, same negativity, same outrage, same support from all the major newspapers and media. But will we buy it this time. I certainly am not.

I have made my decision and will sit back and see what America chooses this time around. We know where the capitalist, fear based, service of self road leads. We have been down that road before. We know eventually creation is going to ask us to make the same decision again eventually to see if we finally choose love, finally choose service of others. Will we finally realize. or see with real eyes, that when we empower the whole, we as part of the whole are also empowered. When we empower others we empower ourselves. there is nothing to fear, except fear itself.

Am I afraid, no. I say free health care for all!

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