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Metatron Channel
Metatron’s Autumn Equinox Message:
September 22, 2016, No Comments

Greetings beloveds, it is I, Metatron. I come as the individual expression of the Collective consciousness. And I come t ...

How to Respond to Global Tragedy
July 22, 2016, No Comments

Matt Khan speaks on how to respond to global tragedy.

The Unified Federation of Earth Logo - a clean blue illustration of Earth surrounded by the circular words Unified federation of Earth
The Unification Of Earth Under One Government
December 30, 2014, 1 Comment

This is an idea that is coming. It is predicted by the Angels and many 5th dimensional and higher beings like Bashar and ...

image says its 3Am, someone breaks down your door, would you grab your gun or your phone?
Would You Kill If You Had To? Here Is Why I would Not.
December 18, 2014, Comments Off on Would You Kill If You Had To? Here Is Why I would Not.

So I am on facebook and I see the above image and the question it asks.  There are many comments along the line of R ...

Martin Hurkens
Would You Tip Him & How Much?
November 9, 2014, No Comments

Comment if you would tip him and how much? Now after you experience the video, you can now learn, as I did, that he is M ...

Here Today video
December 11, 2010, No Comments

Paul McCartney sings a heart felt rendition of “Here Today”, A song he wrote for John Lennon.