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Humans are Frugivores – We’re Designed To Eat Mostly Fruit
June 12, 2016, 39 Comments

Guest Writer: Joe Dubs of Humans are designed to eat mostly fruit. We’re frugivores, just like monkeys ...

Adrienne Goff
Four Crystals to Help with Ascension Symptoms
April 13, 2016, No Comments

By Adrienne Goff Have you been feeling out of sorts lately? Ascension symptoms are on the rise again as a result of incr ...

Johann Hari at his TED Talk on Drug Addiction
Everything We Know About Addiction Is Wrong
July 11, 2015, No Comments

The Opposite of addiction is not Sobriety, its connection. What really causes addiction — to everything from cocaine t ...

The Healing Powers of Obsidian
May 21, 2015, 11 Comments

I rarely have “bad dreams” or nightmares or anything like that. But when I sleep with my Obsidian ball, I le ...

Robyn O'Brien
TED TALK – GMO Foods Overview
December 22, 2014, No Comments

I just discovered this video. I can not believe I had never seen it. She gave this talk 3 years ago. This should be requ ...

Are You Getting Enough Enzymes?
November 27, 2014, No Comments

Eating is one of life’s most satisfying pleasures. We love to savor the aroma and taste of a delicious meal that satia ...

Patrick Speaks
November 23, 2014, No Comments

Patrick Otema, a 15 was born profoundly deaf. In the remote area of Uganda where he lives there are no schools for deaf ...