Breakfast with God

“Breakfast With God”

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well. Writing this article was not my idea. It was God’s, and here’s how it happened.

This year I began a year long class on “Mastering Alchemy.” Included in this class is a strong emphasis on “Living Words.” Given a list of more than 100 words and traits that carry a very high vibration, we are asked to choose and live three of the words and traits daily. It’s a very powerful practice. Anyway….

Nearing the end of last week’s class we were asked to choose and embody three words (without thinking) that we would “wear” if we were going to lunch with the Creator. I chose the words powerful, gracious and kind. (No thought.)

I went to sleep having the image in mind and heart of God, and me together, at lunch. Upon awakening, I entered my morning meditation (with journal and pen next to me,) and guess who joined me? God.

I felt the presence that I have come to know as God, ‘come over me’ before the words were telepathically impressed upon my consciousness. “Would you like to have breakfast with Me?” I simply smiled from the inside out and said, ” I would love to.” I noticed, very quickly, that I was still embodying the living words powerful, gracious and kind. Upon consciously noticing my state of being, a burst of Love palpably moved through my heart. I had the sensation that God was mirroring me, by being powerful, gracious and kind, to me.

I spoke my feelings about that out loud and here, in part, is what I received.

“You have just experienced, ‘there is only One of us.’ I have long told you that you will only teach that which you experience. You yourself needed this reminder, so you could remind the many. Who you are, is who I Am. How you Be is how I Be. How you love Me is how I love you. We are One.

Now you have a deeper awareness of why I ask all of you to create time for Me daily and come to me open-hearted and filled with love. Only through love and intentional contact can you access Me, hear Me, feel Me, know Me, collaborate with Me and make your way gracefully through your life; particularly through this next year.

Humanity is well within the energy field of 2012. Make no mistake about it, and do not take this lightly. What has been written thus far about 2012 has engaged many minds, now you must engage your hearts, so you will not miss what you have incarnated for, which includes meeting many Beings of Higher Consciousness that you have had a ‘through the veils’ experience with.

The timeline of the third dimension has collapsed, more quickly than anticipated. Your Beloved Mother Earth is in a most fragile state and has chosen to birth her ascended state now. She is doing so in great part to move herself up to her next level of consciousness, as she is dying in the former one, and in great part to push each of you into your next level of consciousnes, for you to, are dying in your former one.

The year ahead will be the most fascinating of any that you have had in your human experience Beloveds. From meeting your space brothers and sisters, Archangels and Angels, to the many moments of alchemy and magic, apparent tragedy and transcendence, each of you will live the year in front of you being beckoned moment by moment to choose love or to choose fear, purposefully.

Your state of consciousness is being put to every test now, and for good reason. What you choose in each moment will determine where you will live in the new order outside of time. Whatever you choose, is where you will be and where you will be will mirror that which you choose.

The new earth is mandated to be duality and polarity free. The same is true for each of you in order that you ascend. You have been told before, via the one that writes this, that you are positioned to become heroes in a transition stage. Only through love stabilized, consistency and communion with Me, are you able to hold the frequency of the new Earth and the fifth dimension without falling back into another deep sleep of separation.

You are each surrounded by vast Legions of Light Beings of the highest order that are positioned to help you, as well. Each ask that you strengthen your rapport with them, ask for what you need, participate in your ascension and claim your victory.

It is also true that energies of a Dark nature still linger, attempting to win your affection. Circumstances are ripe for them to enter your lives each time you choose fear over love, regardless of any experience you are in the midst of. Come and sit with Me and I will tell you the Truth about any of your experiences, if you will listen with an open mind. I will bring you into a state of love and wisdom, rather than fear and lies, if you let Me.

You will be well served if your stories that you continue to claim as the reason for your despair and malfunction have Light cast upon them, not the mortal minds repetitive shadows. In the Light you will see Truth. In the Light and with my Love and your devotion to your shift, you are made capable of transmuting patterns of fear, patterns of repetition, change genetic coding, alter your DNA, and shift your entire ancestral lineage.

“How am I to do that,” you might ask, “when I am jobless, uncertain and my abundance is dwindling?” You choose to stop believing that you are jobless or without abundance and you will stand in the middle of your own transformation.

Be of good service to others, and you will have a job. Give and you will receive. That is the Law and the Promise. You have no need for the details. It is already written. Trust Me, or trust your mind. You choose.

Humanity has had a perception challenge for millennia. Stop perceiving anything. Let the former notions and perceptions seep out of you until you are empty. Empty. And when you are empty, I will fill you up with the nectar of a God, not a human playing small, but a God playing Big. You choose. Yes I know this is a big stretch for many. So be it. Stretch and empty yourselves, and see what you find. You have nothing to loose but a state of mind that has killed off many a Truth.

Choose love and love is what you will get. Take your mind out of everything it has formerly invaded.

Where you take notice of a conflicted nature, sit down and breathe. Connect to The Great Central Sun and the crystalline grid of Mother Earth, with your breath. Learn how to run stabilized energy through your bodies as easily as you put food into your mouth. Get into your body and compose yourself. Come to Me and I will lead you back to yourself and prepare you to enter a Higher Order outside of time.

I have told you this before and I tell it to you again. You are Gods in human form. You are loved beyond your deepest imaginings. You are My heart beating, and I love you.

Believe Me and come forth.

Copyright Maureen Moss 2010. Please feel comfortable to share this with others. I ask that you include my name and websites as this is part of a greater body of work.

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