Belief = Creations gift of Free Choice

Free choice is very important when it comes to creation. Matter of fact it is why there are so many skeptics and cynics. We have free choice to fear the unknown. We have free choice to believe the lies that are told to us by people without integrity, or even the free will to do absolutely nothing.The way creation is set up everyone gets to choose and this is done through your belief system.

We all have our own belief system and this is the fail safe method used by creation. For instance, I myself believe in extra terrestrials and life after and before death etc. But many people do not for reasons of their own. Guess what we are both right, due to the fail safe system of beliefs. Creation wants to ensure that people who choose not to believe in ET’s  have that choice respected, so guess what, everything about the existence of ET’s are presented in a manner where the existence of ET’s relies on your belief of the evidence that is provided. Think about it. Many have seen with their own eyes and believe. Many have only heard and believe the evidence provide, others no matter what you tell them, they are not buying it. But in the end we find they either exist or don’t; we will find out one day together.

Case in point is when people thought the world was flat; remember that? Remember when our world was flat? Hard to believe but go back in time with me for a minute and put your self in the mind of the scientists back then and the layman. What were they thinking? What were their fears? Do you see how fear of the unknown played a part in their beliefs. Even as the evidence would roll in, people were hard to change their beliefs. And as people got bolder and more evidence poured in, the people holding on to their fears got belligerent even. As I recall some people lost their lives due to their preposterous beliefs that the world was round. I mean the blasphemy of it all! How there they! Well you get my point so I’ll tone down the dramatics.  :-) The point in the world WAS flat back then because that is what the majority of people believed, and the world stayed flat until their was a global shift in the belief. Once the global consciousness of the planet shifted to choosing to believe that the world is round, THEN is when the world became round, until THEN, we all had our own personal belief. this is how creation works.This all falls under all the laws of creation actually.

  1. You exist.
  2. The one is all and the all is one.
  3. You get back what you put out.
  4. Everything changes.

Consider what I have said above and how each law has an application in it. The world went from flat to round because everything changes except the first three laws. We believed the world was flat because that is what we put in. Once we started to put out or believe that our world is round, viola! we got back plenty of proof that our world is round, even nice pictures. Now who can deny what they see with their own eyes.

What I’m here to suggest, and I am not alone my friends, is that WE are not alone. A flat world didn’t make much sense, and neither does a universe where we are the only people growing together. Learning to get along with each other. Surely we are not the first world and wont be the last. Is there proof out there of other life? Yes tons. Just Google “Phoenix lights” on Arizona is a hot bed for ET activity. But what about “If they existed the government would have to cover it up and they would never be able to keep a secret.” That’s right they can’t and they didn’t they is plenty of information out there that has slipped out, just Google “majestic 12”  and read. Now you see evidence is just a small part of it. It comes down to belief, and as I mentioned earlier, people beliefs are hard to change because there is a fear aspect there. fear of the unknown, and we as a global consciousness need to be slowly, very slowly eased away so very gently away from those fears. And all the evidence in the world wont change a thing. They need time. After all this is a much bigger step than believing our world is round, we have to now believe that we are not alone. This is quite scary on levels that are not conscious levels.

So yes, one day. One day soon mind you, as we are all ready, after all we are all one; when we are all ready, we will move on to this great big scary universe, and meet our new neighbors. By the way they are very nice. They have already come together in peace on their own worlds so they do play nice with others. They have been waiting patiently for us to play nice with each other here on Earth. They have much to tells about ourselves. How we have lied to our selves about our own history, about the bible, about Jesus and how Mary was his chief disciple and how she taught the others; but I’m going too fast, all that will be revealed, when we are ready. Trust me, after all, look around. The world is not flat anymore is it?

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