Welcome to our Bashar page. Bashar is getting more and more popular on the internet as word spreads. The concept of Bashar and the concepts he present are a big step for most. Your consciousness will explode. As Bashar says, it is not necessary to believe he is real, just if the information helps you is all that is important. It has helped countless.

Bashar is a multi-dimensional being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka from what we perceive as the future. In that sense he is also an Extra-Terrestrial. Bashar explores a wide-range of subjects with great insight, humor and profound understanding of how reality creation occurs.

Here Bashar speaks through channel Darryl Anka and comments on our future and ET contact:

Living in unlimited joy by following your passion, your highest excitement. This is truly how we are all meant to live, all the time. It’s also where we are headed.


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4 Laws Of Creation:

Infinite number of parallel Earths!

Infinite You-Nation of Magicians:

Bashar on Being afraid

Visit Bashar at for much much more. There are literally hundreds of hours of Bashar audio and video available and the information presented is vast.  He does live events every month or so. :-)

8 Comments on "Bashar"

  1. Jayson Nessi July 23, 2013 at 00:19 · Reply

    Hey Darryl, my name is Jayson Nessi– we’re supposed to help one-another save the world, of this I have known for no time at all. Please contact me at so that we can keep this wave flowing.

    • Darryl April 8, 2016 at 00:24 · Reply

      thanx jayson looking forward to hear from you about bashar beautiful words it touches me a lot and learn from it.. Regards to everybody out there.

  2. joseph l ayaso July 29, 2018 at 09:54 · Reply

    Hi, last night awoke from dream state …. names remembered as of now .. still coming… bashar, anshar , enoch, huge bioluminence caverns citiy within. high density earth, sun to axis th 20242012 ..firestorms volcsanoes tsunami a renewed huiman earth conscious 4th 5th 7th … 4 th 5th I know dimensional beingds … hundreds of humanoid tall short colored wings birds prominent ….
    don’t know yet 7th … wrote to friend 7tj will awash humanity… I know from my awakening through my personal channerling … j is jesus t is holy spoirit … but 7th what does it mean …. I always since awakening spoke of 9th triglogy consciousness God expands always exponentially …

    spontaneous spiritual awakening june 26 2009 …. immediatedy feeling Christ … his pain his sorrow .. all my life furthest from religion and still am … never read bivle or theological books works… and didn’t wish to do so after awakening not to influence that which speaks through me.

    I attacked priests, bishops any clergy wearing lavish robes, while millions starve praying for a morsel to eat.

    I know earth will become garden of eden on easrth as was measnt to be,,,
    I also know individual humans must earn their wings ….
    jesus lesson …courage to let go

    my purpose upon earth at this pivotal point in human history

    I may sound craxy ,,, yeah … been gthere … my story I don’t believe is unique .. or perhaps is…
    spoke with eastern philosophy western licensed pyshiatrist … after 20 minutes speaking.. he said … joey joey stop… Here im thinking hes gonna send patty wagon as mom family coworkers and friends wisdhed upon me…. to my complete surprise says,,, joey in all my 40 years I have never heard anyone closer to center source, you need to speak to the masses…. my reply no … I am burnt out fron the isolation… everyone thinks im crazy…. I know I am insane … meaning my correlation of in love and in sane …. much greater state of ….

    please help me decipher messages … since my awakening I have asked my bestie she being of previous catholic … no longer but holds much knowledge of so called saints I have dreamed of… but this is very different.. this dream… she claims a lucid dream …

    two days agpo suffered a powerful vertigo still in midst of … I awoke feeling much better… remember saying please don’t go…

    just returned from outside … I sat near my concrete angel and suddenly above a red tail hawks… nothing occurs by coincidence …. connecting dots so to speak…

    joey Luciano

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