Bad Behavior or Indigo Children

There is a TV show in the UK called Bad behavior. Appears to be a reality show about children behaving badly, but i beg to differ. Well the idea of this show is for US to show to OURSELVES that today’s children are different, and they are.

For the last 20 years or so, the souls incarnating into physical reality are being called Indigo’s or Crystalline. You can Google these with the word children and read up for your self as they are many sites.

In a nutshell, they are encoded a little bit differently that previous humans and they come in with slightly different coding. They are our future. They will be able to do things we could not.

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We are interpreting them as different in a negative way and have not recognized that they are supposed to be different. They come in to resist our present negative way of being. They only manifest to this degree to reflect what they perceive to be negative energy. They magnify and will go into revolt mode as you can see. This may not happen to a parent who provides an environment that is considered loving and spiritual. We have mistakenly tried to change them to how we are by medicating them and this is a very bad idea. We need to be more like them and give their expanded consciousness more room not less. They are the future. If you watch the complete show you see that the methods of love that are introduced works 100% of the time. They will eventually lead the way to where we are going. Provide them a loving environment is the key. They are here after all to break us out of the box we have been living in. They are only reflecting back to us, what we are giving off. We had a very negative and angry society. Notice how after the parent changes, they do also.

See these children below. Now is the cup half full or empty? You choose. Why is God sending these “UPGRADED” souls? Time will show the gift that they are. 2012 is approaching.

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  1. Carl February 28, 2009 at 08:44 · Reply

    All they need is a ass whupping. We ALL were like that in our younger years but our parents were not having that so they “channeled” our energy through a belt and fierce loud words! LOL

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