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Robyn O'Brien
TED TALK – GMO Foods Overview
December 22, 2014, No Comments

I just discovered this video. I can not believe I had never seen it. She gave this talk 3 years ago. This should be requ ...

Prime Radiant, has consciousness, indivisible element, is existence itself
The Prime Radiant
December 21, 2014, 2 Comments

The Prime Radiant is a phrase that explains creation. It explains the nature of what we humans call God. How life, creat ...

image says its 3Am, someone breaks down your door, would you grab your gun or your phone?
Would You Kill If You Had To? Here Is Why I would Not.
December 18, 2014, Comments Off on Would You Kill If You Had To? Here Is Why I would Not.

So I am on facebook and I see the above image and the question it asks.  There are many comments along the line of R ...

Patrick Speaks
November 23, 2014, No Comments

Patrick Otema, a 15 was born profoundly deaf. In the remote area of Uganda where he lives there are no schools for deaf ...

Martin Hurkens
Would You Tip Him & How Much?
November 9, 2014, No Comments

Comment if you would tip him and how much? Now after you experience the video, you can now learn, as I did, that he is M ...

Walter White, from Breaking Bad
Love Is All There Is, There Are No Bad People
November 6, 2014, No Comments

The only reason why people might wind up in those kind of circumstances, where they are considered to have done somethin ...

Pictures of a girl as she transforms herself into a boy
We Are SPIRITS having A Human Experience! And Spirits Have No Gender.
November 4, 2014, 21 Comments

The following is MY truth, not THE truth. I saw someone ask on Reddit, Why do Gay Men talk and act like Girls? I more or ...