How The Ascension Is Affecting Non-Integrity

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Before I get into what is going on with Tiger, Toyota, the Bankers, and British Petroleum, a little filler information is appropriate.

As you may or may not know, the the Earth is undergoing an ascension process. Meaning on this world, we have finished playing one game, the game of forgetting who we are, and we are going to play another game, the game of remembering who we are.

In the game we played for the last 13,000 years we have:

  • forgotten who we truly are
  • forgotten where we come from
  • forgotten that we are all connected
  • forgotten that there is one creator
  • Disregarded what the creator asked us not to do.

Like he asked us not to kill for example and presently, killing is a common professional occupation, legal and tax deductible. People graduate from collage and become professional killers. We are even encouraged to support the people who choose to do it. In fact we dedicate most of our tax dollars to support this killing. All we needed was a good excuse. And money was as good of an excuse as any. This can be considered being out of integrity.

Now as the old game is over we are waking up and remembering. This remembering is facilitated and accompanied by a little divine help which is in the form of waves of energy that are stripping away all that is out of integrity. This has to happen because anything out of integrity can not exist where we are headed.

In the times to come, past 2012 and beyond, the energy or vibratory resonance of the Earth will be raised so that it can support the new children coming in or incarnating. These are new souls who could not exist at our current vibration, but as the Earths vibration continues to rise during the ascension, they will be.

Tiger Woods:
Well he was a famous figure doing what many wealthy people are doing, lying and cheating big time. So his integrity issues were brought to light. I want to point out though that Tiger is an amazing spirit that chose to be the famous figure that reflected this type of action to us, so in a way he is providing a service to all of us and for that he should be commended, but that’s from my POV.

Well, I guess we have too many cars on the road or something. Who knows. But what’s clear is Toyota used to be the symbol for “customer Service” remember? They brought that guy over to train them how to put the customer first and it was a big success. I guess they no longer put the customer first. Funny how they can’t seem to figure out what is going on with their cars computers. Its like there was a divine intervention or something. :-) last I checked, Toyota still has no idea why this is happening. I do know this, on the days after Toyota was embarrassed in front of congress and the huge media scandal, they were advertising sales on the same cars. And get this, people were buying them. I saw it with my own eyes. So I guess Toyota’s integrity can be summed up in the fact that they are still trying to sell cars when they have no idea what is wrong with them.

The Bankers:
Where do you start? Banking on this planet is simply a big pansy scheme. It all originates at the federal reserves. The federal reserves is about as federal as Federal Express. It is a private organization. About 90% of the planet is not aware of that.  A private corporation that lends money to the good old USA. Its America’s ATM that charges us interest on all those trillions they lend. Now there is information you will never hear on CNN.

The reserve gets an order for dollars from our real government. They in turn enter that amount into a computer and by doing so create money. They then authorize our mint to print that amount. Money is printed after its put on the federal reserves books. Now here is the onion. After they create and authorize the new money, they are allowed, according to the banking laws that they wrote, to then lend that money out multiplied by 9. And each bank in turn gets to borrow from them and then they can also lend out 9 times what they borrow. Research it yourself. I do not want to spoil the surprise ending  for you when you see who is behind this corporation. Who gets the money. They are out of integrity.

British Petroleum:
From my point of view they are at the top of the food chain, hence the term British, in the oil scheme that has been going on for the last hundred years or so. We are lied to, schemed and forced to use an out dated mode of energy that we have had the technology to replace years ago. All so a few greedy people/cartels/groups/corporations can have ATM machines that dispense gold. Exxon mobile who is not even the top player in this game makes about 120 billion in profits a year. They are out of integrity and now as easy as they took the money, they have to give it back.


Now you can see that Tiger, Toyota, The Bankers and British Petroleum are being brought back into integrity. Think of it as someone turning on the lights in a roach infested kitchen. Anyone with eyes will be able to see if they have roaches, how many roaches, where the roaches are and they can address the situation appropriately. The energies of the ascension is bringing all our dirty laundry into plain sight for all to see. Anything out of integrity, any lies, any fraud, any cheating, any corruption, any greed or disrespect of any other persons will have to stop.

As we awaken and head to 2012, you will see many and massive changes. The world on 12-21-2012 will be greatly different than it is today, and I’m talking much more exciting, surprising, amazing, changes than the one change that has already happened, like a black president for the United States of America. If you think that is a huge change, wait until you see what is coming. I’m getting goose pimples just thinking about it.

Predictions to look for:

  • New Children refusing to fight wars like we did. In 20 years war will cease on this planet.
  • Dick Chaney’s activities will come to light. You will be amazed at what all is revealed.
  • Huge revelations about the secret activities of our worlds Intelligence services like CIA and MI-12
  • Major Governments will admit to knowing about UFO’s.
  • UFO’s being seen by many. (As early as 2010. By 2017 everyone will believe)
  • History of Earth will be revealed to all. Specifically the Atlantean and UFO origin.
  • All humans will remember their spirit connection.
  • Many people passing away due to new energies. It will become more obvious.
  • People will become more loving and work together more for the good of all.
  • We will make huge strides in free energy. No more utility bills.(why do we charge ourselves for electricity and water? in a free society?)
  • Many things will be free.
  • We will replace the old systems with new systems that support the whole and not just a few
  • The new golden age on Earth will arrive. Love will be the new Democrat & Truth the new Republican.

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