Archangel Uriel on 2010

2009 was a year of closure and endings. Whatever we had not finished with since 2000 and before we had an opportunity to decide that we would be finished with it this year. And what a year it was. If we thought that previous years had brought the ghosts out of the closets, we were certainly surprised in 2009. Everything that contributes to the density of the third dimension has been brought to light, with more to come in 2010. The earth’s vibrational energy is now high enough that all support has been removed from these dense energies. They may still be active but they have little energy supporting them.

A Time to Choose

This is the time for us to decide whether we were going to be on an ascension path of expansion and new adventures or of healing and limitations. There is no pressure for the choice except that which we put on ourselves. As we release the dense energies we also release everything associated with them. This is the ‘end of the world’ which has been predicted, but it is not a physical end of the world, just an end to living in third dimensional limitation.

Everyone has to make these choices and they are presented every day, in all situations. Each choice for a higher dimension releases all aspects of the lower dimension. It will be difficult to see loved ones who cannot choose the same path we are on but everyone is sovereign in their life and this will be a strong theme for this year. We will be called upon to offer acceptance to others and be removed from their path or else be brought back into their healing journey.

New Portals and Energy Surges

There will be six new portals in 2010 and with them will come energy surges, which are great shifts in the energetic vibrations on the earth. These energy shifts will be concentrated in places where they are most needed but will be felt by everyone. As of this moment, the greatest shifts will be focused in Asia, Africa, parts of Western Europe and the eastern most part of Eastern Europe. These areas carry large amounts of karmic energy, hold many dark secrets and all of these will come to light in the coming year as well as into 2012. Some of these shifts will result in earth changes, such as earthquakes, strong storms with heavy rains and flooding, shifts in temperature and unusual weather. The purpose of these shifts is to re-balance the energies and the most disastrous of them can be avoided if people will learn to connect and work together. They are a message to learn tolerance, to heal, to accept each other, to

The new portals will be in the following months:

February is a strong action month, following the rest and healing of January. It is a time to be clear on what you want. While the opportunities to take action may not be fully present, it is definitely time to be prepared with a clear intention and focus.

March is a time for courage, because much courage will be required of those know that they can no longer continue on the path they are on but who have not yet decided on how to change it. Once the choice for change has been made, the shift will release the connections to all limitations and the path to change is opened and cleared.

June’s portal is more peaceful and calm and the shift between those who have done their work and those who have yet to realize that this is their purpose. At this time, there will be a noticeable difference between those who have completed their healing work and those who have not.

September’s portal is a shift into the new energies of 2011. While 2010 is not yet completed, many will be ready to move on into higher dimensions. And this portal will allow them to do so, not by leaving the planet although that will be a choice that some make, but by shifting completely out of the third dimensional energies.

November’s portal brings in both peace and chaos. This is the beginning of the portals that close the third dimension so it may not be felt by those who have already shifted out of that energy.

December’s portal is a final clearing for this year. It can evoke a mixture of feelings, from relief to anxiety to disinterest, depending on where they are on their path. All of the energies of 2010 have been focused on disconnecting from the third dimensional aspects and those who feel this shift with disinterest are those who do not need a reminder that it is time to disconnect.  This portal sets new energies for 2011 that will be focused on the 5th and 7th dimensional energies.

New Partnerships

Many people left partnerships, both romantic and others, in 2009 and some found new partners in that year. More will find partners in 2010 because the clearing work that was necessary to have partnerships that resonated with a higher energy than that of the third dimension has been completed. Two things determine whether this can happen:  to be open to having a relationship that is grounded in a higher energy and to be willing to receive a partner.

The Year of Miracles and Blessings

As the third dimension loses power it is replaced with dimensions that resonate at a higher vibration. For eons of time most of humanity resonated with a single dimension. At this time, those who are shifting out of the third dimension are moving into many other dimensions, bringing those energies into the earth’s vibrational matrix. This allows miracles and blessings to occur as the limitations that are part of the third dimensional energy are released and the possibilities that exist in higher dimensions become available. This is a time of powerful manifestation—ask for what you want and know that it will come to you in the highest and best way possible.

Happy 2010, and I wish each of you the blessings of your heart’s desire and an abundant, joyful, miraculous year.

Many blessings,

Jennifer Hoffman and  Archangel Uriel

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