Archangel Gabriel: Sharing the Light

By Archangel Gabriel, channeled through Cathleen Chase

Souls are awakening in “beautiful measures” all around the world. And, to the many that are awakening, spirituality is taking on a new meaning. For many souls, what worked before in terms of a connection to God, the Creator, no longer feels the same. The changes appear as shifts in thought patterns and the questioning of religious practices or spiritual connections.

Many souls are at a crossroads and some do not know which way to turn. Some are overwhelmed with the advanced spiritual concepts, and are hesitant to believe this is their true path to enlightenment. For others, many are open to finding new expressions of connecting to God. In either case, many souls will be seeking a new way of looking at life and experiencing the love of God within.

Not all souls will question as many will awaken in a big way – it will suddenly all make sense – the “big picture” is suddenly there. But, for those souls who are just experiencing the light going on in their hearts, they will need to find answers through love and compassion.

Many of you will be called upon as “teachers of the light.” Pay attention to subtle questions or discussions. There will be small openings to share a spiritual concept in a gentle or non-threatening way. First, stop for a moment, take a deep breath and open your heart to not only hear, but to speak from your heart. This will allow you to be able to listen and to feel the energy of the soul and understand where they are coming from with their question or comment.

Second, ask for the inspiration, and it will come through you. If you truly open your heart, we will speak for you. You will not feel the pressure to come up with the right response as it will allow spirit to truly give those souls what they need at that moment in time. It will be your voice, but our words that will be appropriate for each person or group you are sharing with in conversation. Just have faith and allow that inner voice to come forward. We will be assisting you.

The inspiration will also come in your energy, in the tone of your voice. It is going to come in certain vibrations that will be given appropriately for each soul. And, this is where the heart comes in, by opening your heart it will allow all those spiritual attributes to come through.

Do not fear if the conversation does not go further. Or, if you may think the message was not well received or understood. Every question or comment will be poignant and it will have purpose. Even if the question or comment is challenging, the soul is thinking. Just know you started a “spark” of light within that person or group and we will continue to work with them.

Pay attention to these moments. You may feel us gently “tap” you on the shoulder. Pay attention and follow-up with your instincts on right action – it will be appropriate. Again, open your heart, take a deep breath and allow us to work through you in words or deeds. The appropriate connection will be made. There is so much love to be shared – so much love channeled through each of you – just allow this energy to flow freely to assist others at this time.

You have heard that people are settling in places where they are needed. For some, this means moving or changing jobs. For some of you, change does not have to be so severe. Many of you are already placed to make the difference to so many. Now is the time to start listening to your intuitions and being available to have God’s love and light work through you.

Dear ones, we are calling upon you now. The time is here and your assistance on earth is what you all have come here for – the bringing of heaven to earth – the great shift of love and compassion. Be ready; be willing, as we know you are able and capable to help other souls find God’s love and light within.

Go in Peace.

About the Channel

Cathleen Chase is a spiritual author and inspirational writer. She has been working with Archangel Gabriel and the Divine since 2002. Cathleen has co-authored Archangel Gabriel’s book, Look Within: You Hold the Power to Inner Peace, written for those souls beginning their spiritual journeys. Cathleen also maintains a blog entitled containing many messages of love, hope, and inspiration from Archangel Gabriel.

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