Here you will find a collection of  truths as it relates to creation. We share them because it brings us joy to do so.

The main theme will always be that we are all one. By we I mean you, and by all I include God. That love is the bond that holds everything together for God is love. The Universe is literally made from it.

It is a very exciting time. So get excited, but also remain cool.  After all,  to become enlightened, one must simply lighten up.

This is an opened minded site and covers a broad spectrum of ideas and concepts. Take from it what vibrates within you and follow that excitement; and try not to judge the things that don’t vibrate within you.  If you see something here you believe to be true, congratulations, you have remembered more of yourself. If you see something you do not believe to be true, congratulations, for once again you have found more of what you are.

Now that you see that you can only find more of yourself,  live your life to the fullest, follow your dreams, fear nothing, bring joy to your life with integrity and grace and know that you are truly loved and never ever alone.


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