It’s 01-11 everybody.

Well its 01-11-08, one of the special days of new energies coming to Earth in 2009.  In numerology, the number 11 signifies change, 13 of course is transformation and 33 is truth. That’s why people are more and more noticing the clock at 11:11 and 1:11. The Earth is ascending from 3rd dimensional energy, through the 4th and into the 5th. This is an unprecedented rarity in creation.  As the masses wake up to their spirituality, many will see 33 a lot like 3:33 or 11:11 etc. The number patterns can also show up anywhere, not just on clocks but everywhere you look you will become conscious of them. This is based on the fact that your consciousness is starting to realize more and more the truth of their being a one God source from which all life emanates from and all are always connected to, hence the one. I myself, as I was waking up in consciousness, started to see 1111 everywhere!

When you multiply ones, say 111 or 1111 or even 11111111 times itself you get a pyramid like 123454321. The pyramid is the number 3. Now the number 3 leads to the number 4, the tetrahedron. You all know what that is, it’s a triangle with 4 sides, like the great pyramids of Egypt. The fabric of our physical reality is formed by tetrahedron’s. It shows up in water crystals or ice or crystallized blood under the microscope. The star of David is just 2 triangles, one facing up and one down, which symbolizes “as above, so is it below”. Or we are all one.

For more 11:11 goodness and how shakesspere was right when he said “the world is a stage and all of us are just actors”, checkout this video below, and remember whatever you believe, is correct:



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  1. John Jamieson January 15, 2009 at 17:28 ·

    Norman, there’s no comment option on the Man On Wire page, so I’m just going to write here what an awesome and inspiring movie (/documentary) that was for Leela and me. Thanks so much for point us towards it…

    We mavericks gotta stick together and encourage each other – thanks for playing your part too.

  2. JoAnn January 18, 2009 at 11:31 ·

    thought you would enjoy an 11:11 transmission, since you are into 11:11

  3. JCan January 23, 2009 at 14:34 ·

    I stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed it.

    I have been fascinated with the number 10:01 for sometime now and always thought it was the simplicity of it. Could there be another reason?

    Just wanted to say your blog is grate and I hope we are able to come to a new level of understanding sooner rather than later.


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